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 A Little Lost Kitten

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PostSubject: A Little Lost Kitten   Sun May 24, 2015 2:48 pm

Name: Cat (full name unknown)
Age: 16
Gender: female
Weapon: N/A
Appearance: Cat is a fairly average looking girl by her own definition, not seeing herself as very pretty because she tends to be overlooked and blends in with the background.
Her hair is cut short to just above her neck and curls out at the ends naturally. It has a bright pink colour that fades towards the tips slightly. She generally has it tucked behind her ears although sometimes she uses a headband or pins it back with hair clips.
Cat's skin isn't pale or dark, nor even tan, but rather somewhere between tan and pale, spotted with freckles. Her nails are always clipped short unevenly because she bites them, but sometimes they will have scratched-off nail polish instead. Cat has a relatively slender hourglass form, standing at about 5'4 and weighing just over 140lbs. She isn't very thickset, but she isn't stick thin in the slightest sense of the term.
Generally, Cat has no specific style. She doesn't have much of a fashion sense but she prefers to wear sweaters overtop of t-shirts and jeans. She isn't against wearing skirts but isn't fond of shorts. As for shoes, she tends to wear running shoes or sandals, and on very rare occasions she will wear heels - sometimes for no particular reason but generally only when she's wearing dresses or skirts.
Personality: Once upon a time, Cat was a happy girl, who lived without much worry, but after she lost her memory she has become severely depressed and rather reclusive. She tends to hide in places where there are a lot of people but doesn't want any contact with them because she has convinced herself that she should not exist in the physical world. Cat won't react well to people approaching her with any intent, and shoves away anyone who tries to help her.
Once she has somehow accepted you as a friend, she is soft spoken and will slip into and out of conversations easily but only for short periods of time. She tends to cling to the people she trusts with an iron grip until they do something that shatters her heart, and then she will hide from the world while she cries.
Cat is very anti-violence, reduced to tears if she even has to practice fighting on someone. She is easily wounded both emotionally and physically, but if she is given help then she recovers much quicker than the average person.
Likes: warm hugs, fluffy cats, teddy bears and cute plushies, colourful things, and pineapple.
Dislikes: being ignored, being the centre of attention, large dogs, and scary looking people
History: Cat was once a typical small town girl, with no particular talents or special traits to make her stand out. One day she merely fell asleep, then woke up alone in the park inside Death City with no memory of who she was or where she was from. No traces of her could be found at all and no one had reported seeing her at all before, anywhere in the world. The only part of her name she remembered was the the syllable 'Kat'. Nothing else came to surface no matter how hard she tried. It is decided that medically speaking, magic included, that she will never regain her memory. She steadily grew into a depression and has tried on a few occasions to end her life...
Other: Cat unknowingly has a constant anti-madness wavelength surrounding her, generally very weak and ineffective but strengthens the happier she is.
Have you read the rules?
"I don't know how to deal with this"
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PostSubject: Re: A Little Lost Kitten   Sun May 24, 2015 3:26 pm

Alright, everything seems to be good.

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A Little Lost Kitten
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