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 Mezheri Vahnon

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PostSubject: Mezheri Vahnon   Tue May 19, 2015 10:53 pm

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Name: Mezheri Vahnon

Purpose: The family of mayan psychics plan to recreate their "god", a powerful kishin named Ah Puch

Leader:The family is led by the currently unknown head of the family, who has the strongest psychic powers, along with the strongest psychics of each of the seven branches.

Location: The family is located all throughout the world, having developed and grown over several centuries. Notable family manors can be found in France, Russia, and Canada, as well as in America. A large hotel in Death City is also under their control.

Description: The family originated from a small village in south america over eight centuries ago, the precise country is unknown. They worshipped a kishin as a deathgod, naming him Ah Puch. The kishin would, before he had consumed too many souls, enter the village and have his way with whatever woman he wished. The children born of these encounters, females in particular, had powers seen as godly which in present day are called psychic. The kishin was later killed by Lord Death and the family has since searched for revenge.
In present day, they have expanded all across the world, with millions of members, albeit many of them unknowingly being so. There are seven branches within the family, one on each of seven continents. They are found in every single country, in nigh every single town, city, and village.

Requirements:The family does not accept outsiders in anyway into their group. All members are born into it, and only those born into the familes of the council know about their true intentions.
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PostSubject: Re: Mezheri Vahnon   Wed May 20, 2015 12:58 am

Approved for use. And I am not saying that because there is a psychic with a knife pressed up to my neck. ^^' hehehe......

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Mezheri Vahnon
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