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 Vel "Sota" Lucifer (Done)

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Brussel Sprout

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PostSubject: Vel "Sota" Lucifer (Done)   Sun Apr 12, 2015 6:21 pm

Name: Vel "Sota" Lucifer
Age: 10
Gender: Boy
Weapon: None

Appearance: Vel is a very young meister, he is 4'5 in height and has very pale white skin, his eyes are a dark orange and his hair is  black. He has a scar on his left cheek and a star birthmark on his right hand. His wardrobe is a very simple one, normally consisting of a over shirt that is black and a white shirt. His pants are normally just black or blue jeans, his shoes are just simple running shoes that are a dark grey. (Outfit in pic is his normal look, above is school)

Vel is a very silent boy, he doesnt really like to speak up around people and he avoids as much contact with hoomans as he can. He is a really smart child, he is probably one of the most hardworking ten year olds you will ever meet. He is also very sly and cunning for a ten year old, he was known to manipulate people even when he was five year old. He seems to show no fear or anxiety, nothing seems to bother him, not the dentist nor the dark. He is still a kid though, he likes to play puzzle games and video games. Any games that challenge his mind are games to him, he likes anything that involves using his mental power. He has major anger problems, like a bear punchinga shark, if you prove him wrong, deny his request or anything like that his calm wall will shatter and he will start to slowly get angry.

Getting what he wants
Witches and Monsters

Being proven wrong
Smart asses (that arent him)
Shinigami (They make him concerned about his own safety)
Being poked
Loud people

History: Vel was found in an ally way by a meister of the DMWA, he was curled up, almost dead and unconscious, it was thought that he was not going to live but through some miracle he survived. When he awoke he didnt know much, only his name and age. It concerned people when it was found out that his last name was lucifer but it was quickly disminished by the fact that the child was so innocent and also the fact that it was proven that alot of people have the last name Lucifer. Once all concerns were diminished he was openly welcomed to the home of the meister, there he was fed till he could later be moved into the home of a teacher of the DMWA. There he was taught by the teacher all the things that the teacher knew, through what he heard he got really intrested in witches and monsters and more concerned about shinigami for the fact that gods or god like beings lived so close to him. He was later brought into the DMWA with the teacher, really just to learn more, when he is normally seen in class it is normally near the teacher. Students like to give him nick names, some nice some not, the nice friendly ones are Velly, Velnilla and My Little Sunshine. (The teacher) Some of the mean ones are Pet and Devil.


He is nothing special

He is more concerned about himself than others.

He lives with a teacher.

The teacher is currently injured and wont be seen in class, but he still visits.
I don't know how to.....meh
(put answer here)


"Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree it will live it's whole LIFE believing it is stupid." ~Albert Einstein
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PostSubject: Re: Vel "Sota" Lucifer (Done)   Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:00 pm


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Vel "Sota" Lucifer (Done)
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