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 Monster Faction

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PostSubject: Monster Faction   Sat Apr 04, 2015 10:48 pm

Name: Odan's Palace

Purpose: a safe house for monster. Think Hotel Transylvania but not a hotel not Transylvanian and open to all monster....also humans are killed on sight unless guards are told not to.

Leader: None, mearly an organization that owns an area that is a safehold for monsters. Noone is the leader all hold equal power.

Location: Okay, 1st you go past the old abandonded Disney World in Disney XD JK

seriously though, it its self exists in a pocket dimention, created by the founder, Odan. If you are wondering why, Odan and his wife where witches (or in Odan's case Warlock), who had trained in magic enough that they become sorcerers (like earlier his wife became a sorceress). They both had a soft spot for monsters and at the time, people were even worse to them then they were now. So they combined their power and created a small dimension, barely managing to fit a castel in it. The only way to get there is to go to a graveyard that ONLY appears in the desert in night time. If you are a human wait till midnight and you can chat with an undead to see if you get let in, if you are monster walk right in, if you are a witch, turn the **** around. If you are insane....hi. Then go through the forest of darkness which basically will radiate lots of madness if the zombies have not given you permission to pass. This madness wavelength is made so it doesn't effect monsters, though it is unknown how. Then there will be a portal that looks like something out of mine craft, walk through it and you will appear in the dimension. The dimension has a never ending amount of food and supplies, which seems to be because of everything being grown and the fact it takes like two days for a tree to grow to give you an idea on growth speeds for food and all that. there is what seems to be a never ending stream that leads off far beyond what anyone can see. Sadly once you get here, all humans are killed on sight if the zombies did not inform anyone of someone coming. After that is a castle that has all of the luxuries of home and more. All guards have a memory of every person that is allowed entry so once you've gone in once, you can go in, and if you are human you are given a potion for your next visit, that will negate the madness of the forest.

Description: most of it is described above.

Requirements: Be a monster or have permission to join.

"Kamina: We brawlers are sustained by willpower! Even when mocked as reckless and crazy!
Simon: If there's a wall in our way then we smash it down! If there isn't a path, then we carve one ourselves!"
-Favorite part form Simon and Kamina's final speech together, and words I try to live by. (and I'm 90% sure I'm failing though :/)
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Monster Faction
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