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 Jason Wolff

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PostSubject: Jason Wolff   Sat Apr 04, 2015 2:50 am

Name: Jason Wolff

Age: 21

Gender: male 

Species: werewolf, He has two forms:
Feral form: It's a light grey cheetah sized wolf, it's slim build is made for speed more than strength.

Metahuman form: This form is where he's standing up like a human, but has the main.body features as a wolf, his body is completely covered in light grey fur, the claws are an inch and a half long. 

Appearance: Jason has short, light grey hair, heathly pale skin and icey blue eyes. Jason has a handsome face, a slim build, and a very sweet, charming, dazzling smile. Jason has one of those voices that seems nearly impossible not trust or find comfort in. Jason is 5ft 9inches and usually wears a black jacket with matching pants that have two red stripes going down the outside sleeves of the arms, the sides, and the pant legs, and witch this jacket he wears a pair of black leather gloves and black tennis shoes. His casual clothes usually consist of black, baige, grey, light blue, navy blue, and white, for example, he could wear a sweater vest that's blue and tan with white sleeves, and a pair of white dress pants with a pair of black dress shoes. Jason's outfit when experimenting is a black t-shirt, black jeans and a white language coat.

Personality: On the outside, Jason can appear be a sweet, caring, sensitive individual person that thinks of others and is very gentle and kind. Don't let it fool you. Jason can be very cruel, overly sadistic, extremely perverted and ultimately ruthless. Jason loves to experiment, and is fully aware of the pain and fear his subjects feel, and he thoroughly enjoys it. Jason can be a shameless flirt and can make suggestive jokes. Jason wouldn't feel shame or remorse in beating the living daylights out of someone, and he dies every cruel thing with a sweet smile. The sweeter the smile, the more sadistic he is. However, despite this Jason is actually capable of befriending others, and smile at them without evil intent behind it. Jason knows when to act kind and gentle, but this is usually because of a specific goal or personal want that requires him to be sweet. In short, Jason pretends to be sweet and kind to get what he wants, the exception is if he actually wants to befriend someone, and if you aren't his friend you should fear his smile.

Likes: Intelligence, torture, women, flirting, scaring people, making others feel stupid, intimidating his victims, being an assassin, biology, wolves, being bilingual, winning, cute things.

Dislikes: Stupidity, ignorance, being treated without respect, being bored, when his experiments resist him, when his victims resist him, broccoli.

History: Jason was born in a big family that consist of all werewolves, he was the youngest of five children. Jason's family wasn't really public with the fact they were monsters, and they seemed like any other family, but except maybe the fact that they all had high IQs, were overachievers, and were very ambitious. Two children were masters of competitive sports, the other two had graduated from highscool at young ages, however, Jason was the only child that excelled at both academics and athletics. Jason loved to win, and making his parents proud, but mostly, he loved to see others loose, he got a grim, almost sadistic satisfaction out of seeing the disappointment or rage that his opponents had, and even if his foe competitors weren't poor sports and congratulated him, he had to try his hardest to keep the smile on his face from looking smug.

Just like his other siblings, Jason graduated from highscool and was flooded with scholarships and wonderful opportunities, Jason and his family were living a wonderful and successful life. Until one day a group of vengeful monster hunters found them out. In the dead of night their house was raided and Jason's family was murdered, the only reason he wasn't caught was because he happened to be on the roof. Why was he on the roof you ask? Well, Jason, unlike most of his family, was more interested in his monster side, he loved the idea that he was genetically built to be a werewolf, and he liked to sit on the roof and look at the moon as he thought of all the other biologically wonderful things of the world. Anyway, back to the point. Jason saw the hunters leave, covered in blood, after he was sure it was safe he got off the roof and rushed inside to find his family members slaughtered in their beds. Jason was horrified and filled with such rage and sorrow, he went back outside, and howled to the moon.

The next day the death of the family was all over local newspapers, the stories stated that their death was a "tragedy", for the town didn't know of their monster side and thought they were just an unfortunate family that was subjected to brutal murder, and the children prodigy Jason was presumed to be kidnapped or dead, seeing how he wasn't found at the house that day....

Jason wondered around the woods for a few weeks, trying to figure out what did do, he wanted to kill the hunters, but his formal upbringing advised him against so, and soon his feral and refined ideals started to clash, then Jason started questioning his morals, and reality itself. He was slowly losing his mind. Thankfully, he was able to think of a conclusion before going crazy, however, he had to garden his heart to come to this revelation. He decided that the world was a big competition, the ones who woman were those who were ruthless and ambitious, smart and cunning, intelligent and heartless, and though the death of his family still enraged him, he knew he didn't have the ability to do anything, at least not yet...

Jason came out of hiding, and was instantly greeted with the press and sympathetic civilians, who he knew only acted nice for the cameras. Jason went to college to be a doctor, dabbling in biology and science on the side, he was actually intrigued by the anatomy of living organisms. One night, as he stared out of his apartment window at the full moon, he thought of his childhood thoughts about the structures of living things, and he looked down at a lady who happened to be walking down the street. Jason started thinking about how amazing monsters could be, and thought how humans could be physically altered to have wonderful abilities also. Jason suddenly got the idea of actually altering humans into something greater, he thought with satisfaction on how much of a fun side project it could be, and how it could be a great way to channel his anger into something "productive".

Jason started out on experimenting on animal, splicing them with others to make new monstrosities, studying their attributes to see which ones would match up better to create more advanced beings, and seeing how long different combinations lived. Jason found that he enjoyed experimenting, and also discovered that he was also a sadist. Jason wanted to move on to experimenting on humans, but his more human like side made him afraid to do so, but his feral side kept the desire nagging in his thoughts. After Jason graduated he got a job at a local hospital as a doctor, and was a successful one at that, but he noticed that his busy schedule kept him from doing most of the experiments he wanted, which irked him. One day, Jason was examining a patient when the patient started rambling on about how they wished they could fly. Jason's mind started to ponder on the possibilities as well, and got an idea. The next day he was to check on the patient he brought a large suitcase with him, and locked the door behind him as he went into the patient's room. In the bag were a bunch of intimidating looking operating tools and a pair of large wings...

Jason spent hours in the room, and the other staff began to worry, and soon they were knocking on the door. Jason cursed then under his breath, he had drugged the patient and was halfway done infusing the wings with the patient and now he knew he had to bail, so Jason gathered his tools and went out of the room window. The staff came in to see a horrific scene, a half conscious person with one wing fully attached to the person's blood covers back, and another wing half attached to the body.

Jason knew he couldn't go back to that hospital after what he had done, though he felt no shame, only disappointment that he couldn't finish, so that same day he gathered all his important belongings and notes and decided to take a flight to Europe. There Jason used his saved up money to get a reasonable place to stay while he contemplated on what he actually wanted to do for a career. Jason would often wander around the small town he moved to, in deep thought. One evening he happened to stray into the "bad" part of town, and noticed a want ad that was written in a mixture of Latin and French, thankfully Jason took the time to learn different languages and Latin was one of them, and he already knew French. The ad said "Assasin wanted". Jason never really killed anyone before, but for some reason the idea of killing for money seemed interesting. Jason went to the address that was on the ad and met a man named Esteban, who was immediately impressed with the fact that Jason was able to translate the ad in the first place. Esteban asked Jason what his skills were, and Jason listed that he was intelligent, a very fast learner, and a werewolf. Esteban wasn't shocked by the fact Jason was a monster, in fact he's was intrigued by this, and decided to give Jason the job. 

Jason was told he had a month to kill a man who was a rival of Esteban, it was a low level job but the amount of money he offered Jason was still more than generous. Jason decided to use most of the month preparing and planning, taking shooting lessons and using the information he got from Esteban to track down the target. In the final week Jason found the rival sleeping in his bed, and since it was a lovely night the windows happened to be open. Jason decided to use a snipper gun weapon partner do his first kill, and with careful positioning and calculating, Jason shot and killed the man in one hit, right in between the eyes. 

Jason went back to Esteban to retrieve his money, but of course Esteban sent someone to check that his foe was actually dead. When it was verified that Jason actually did the job he was paid. Jason asked Esteban if he had any other jobs for him, he enjoyed the thrill of assassinating. Esteban couldn't help but like Jason's enthusiasm, and gave him a list of others he'd wanted dead.

Jason started to do more and more jobs for Esteban, sometimes keeping the victim for experiments with Esteban's approval. After a year or two, Jason started taking jobs from other people, and soon he went solo and people started to hire him, for he was known for his precision and skill. 

One day, he was told he was to assassinate a witch named Alisha Thorn, Jason took the job, wanting to have the witch's body for an experiment. However, Alisha was more clever than Jason had thought, and had managed to overwhelm the assassin. Jason gave up trying to kill her, impressed with her power, and the witch took a liking to him as well, she liked his handsome face and cunning intelligence. The witch insisted that he worked for for and Jason didn't even need to be forced to ally with her. Through Alisha Jason found a group of others who enjoyed to experiment as much he did, and happily joined the group.

Jason currently works for Alisha and experiments with the group of people that calls themselves "The corp".

Jason is able to see in the dark, track a scent like a wolf and has acute hearing.

Jason is very good at storing nearly all information in his long term memory, and can bring it back up when needed.

Enhanced speed: Jason run around two miles faster than an average wolf, his body was built for speed.

Enhanced strength: Even though it slows him down, he's able to carry the weight of two grown women, but carrying the weight makes it where he can only really jog.

Enhanced reflexes: Jason is able to react faster than any human can, for example, he'd be able to easily dodge basic moves like an anger driven punch or kick, if the opponent isn't calm or clear minded during battle it'll be easier to dodge.

Numbing claws: Jason's claws are engulfed in a light blue light and if it comes in contact with the foe that area will become numb, the area would be no bigger than the amount of space a flattened baseball would take up on the body, but it can affective if the opponent is hit in multiple spots.
The numbness lasts for three post after a total of five places have been numbed. It could also vary as a basketball sized spot on the body if Jason keeps his hand on that part of the body for at least a post, this can be used if he has to stich up that person.

Striking claw: Just like above it covers an area about the size of a flattened baseball and after affected up to five different areas or one basketball sized area the feeling will disappear after three posts. But unlike the above ability it make the area very tender and sensitive and a pinch may feel like having nails being stuck into the area.


Silver: burns, and if stabbed in a vital place with it he'll die

Wolf's bane: Is poisonous to him

Other: Out of all the languages he's learn, Jason prefers German.

Have you read the rules? I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS!

My Characters and development

*note to le self, addth ur chars as you go, and update n stuff....

Enter at your own risk: Seven deadly sins philosophy

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PostSubject: Re: Jason Wolff   Sat Apr 04, 2015 1:00 pm

Alright everything here looks ready to go.


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Jason Wolff
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