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 X [Done]

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PostSubject: X [Done]   Thu Apr 02, 2015 4:46 am

[img]A picture may happen soon.[*/img]

Name: X

Age: He will be 16 the day of his first thread.

Gender: Male

Weapon: N/A

Appearance: X has a rather odd look to him, but don't most students? Let's start with his basic build. He's about 5 feet and 8 inches tall. His body looks rather brittle, but he's much stronger than he looks. His hair is brown, unkempt, and knotted. It ends just below his shoulders. His eyes are brown, and lack any kind of glimmer or sparkle. They tend to seem eerily dull and devoid of any form of soul, but being a meister this can easily be disproved. His fingernails are unevenly cut, appearing to be scraped or picked at until they break off to a "normal" length.

As for clothing, he has two outfits. One is his "school uniform". This is made up of a simple white dress shirt and a black jacket over it, paired with black dress pants and a pair of nice shoes. The jacket is usually carried or open, his shirt untucked. Around his neck is usually a tie with a shinigami skull covering the knot. It is almost always crooked or half undone. While this outfit seems out of character for him, he was told his combat outfit was unsuitable for classes.

X's "Combat Outfit" is more or less what he wears outside of classes in general. These are old clothes that have obviously seen many beatings. They consist of a grey, long sleeved shirt of solid color. It has a v-neck and is torn in some places, stitched back together around one sleeve, and burned on the other. Miraculously, it's in one piece. Next comes a pair of charcoal jeans, torn in a few places, but in better condition than the shirt. His shoes are a pair of grey canvas sneakers, neither of which have laces, and are held together with a single ziptie through the top lacing holes of each.

Personality: X has been described in many ways. Broken, defeated, distant, dead... these are all true. X's eyes leave a dull stare, devoid of emotion. No joy, no sorrow, no anger. He doesn't laugh, he doesn't cry, and he doesn't speak of his own accord. No matter how much one talks to him, it's very rare to get more than a few words out of him. His face is locked in a constant scowl, leaving him with an expression that causes some to wonder if his soul is truly empty.

When in combat, he shows not a thread of concern for himself or the enemy. Finishing an opponent is not an issue, and when faced with his own death, he won't so much as flinch. This isn't because he wants to look cool, it's because he truly doesn't care who wins the fight.

At this point, one would think he's not human. However, behind his cold eyes and unkempt hair, he is actually quite intelligent. His test scores reflect this, as he scores above average on most tests and maintains a straight A student. He's quite good at literature, and when asked to can draw extremely well. However he won't draw on his own, nor will he write. When not doing something on request, he's either eating or sleeping. The boy has no hobbies and will make zero effort towards making friends.

When asked about his past, X will simply sigh once, then walk away. Anyone who spends extended time watching X can tell, at one time he was different. He had a real personality. Traces of it are still there. Maybe one day some one will reach in and recover it...?

Likes: X has not shown interest in anything, however it can be assumed he once enjoyed art and literature, as he draws and writes extremely well.

Dislikes: X has shown to dislike certain foods, as he simply pushes them around rather than consuming them. This includes oatmeal, bread, and plain water.

History: While X doesn't remember half his history, and won't talk about what he does know, I'll still give a little on both parts.

X once had a real name, and a real family, and a real life. His family was well off and lived in a countryside of the USA. He attended private schooling and was quite the intelligent boy. He loved art, but was supposed to become a doctor and inherit the family fortune after his parents passed. He was an only child.

However, none of that would matter, as X's home was stormed by a single witch. She demanded the boy, due to his high IQ. His parents obviously refused, and were killed on the spot. X was taken regardless. He resisted, he was locked in a room with no food for the first couple of days. From then on she spent her time re-wiring his brain, both through magic and a system punishments. He was forced to forget his own name, his past, and eventually himself... When he'd show even a shred of his former self, he was forced through excruciatingly painful "wipes". When he was nothing but the hollow shell we know now, he was taught to fight. The witch wanted to create the ultimate meister. A fighting machine with no emotion or remorse. One that could slay any kishin egg... Or even other meisters. However she didn't get far into the plans, as a student pair ended up slaying her and, claiming X as a victim of her human experimentation, took X to the DWMA. Seeing as there was no way to recover his past, he agreed to (or rather just silently went along to) enroll in the school as a meister. Unable to recall his name, he simply placed an X on the application, earning him the name. Now he lives in the dorms, spending his free days wandering the streets of the city aimlessly or sleeping.

•He is good at adapting and may pick up weapon use quickly, however he currently only knows hand to hand combat.

•His personality makes him hard to resonate with.

•In the history, I state that the witch never finished her goal. He is not by any means the "ultimate meister" she desired. He cannot, in fact, even self resonate at this point.

•His birthday is one of the few things the witch allowed him to remember, along with his age, physical data about himself, and school studies. (Minus history, his only class with a grade under an A.)

•Theme color, grey.

Have you read the rules?
I don't know how to handle this...
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PostSubject: Re: X [Done]   Thu Apr 02, 2015 7:24 am

Assuming the title, I'm going to say this is ready to be looked over? The only thing I could remark on, is the fact that having a character /this/ socially reclusive would probably be incredibly difficult to play without generous players. Assuming you know this, everything checks out.

Approved and moved.
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X [Done]
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