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PostSubject: Dorei   Sat Mar 21, 2015 1:14 am

Name: "Just Dorei. But I also like Yuri."

Gender: Female

Age: 400ish. This body is around 13. That is all that will stay consistant for Dorei.

Species: Slave Genie.*Not like a wish granting Genie.* "Yeah, I'll explain that myself down in other. .-. J-Just want to clarify, I can't instantly kill people and stuff. Kind of would though. >.>"

Appearance: As of right now, Dorei's appearance is of a young 13 year old girl. And that is pretty much the most consistent thing. Besides wearing different clothes that the master says she wears, she has the power to change certain physical appearances. Will be explained in powers. However, when given the choice, this small 5 foot girl likes to have a darker purple hair with green eyes.

Yuri likes to wear a hat with a purple ribbon and smiley face on the top. On her neck is a collar, right above a rather small and revealing tank top. It's okay, though, cause she has a coat over it. Kind of. The sleeves barely reach her elbow's and are really puffy, and it splits into to tails at the end of the coat, curling up like a squirrel's tail. Yuri wears a black and white stripped skirt, and her stockings are also black and white stripes. And she doesn't usually wear shoes.

Personality: Yuri is a bubbly person, always happy and cheerful. Yuri is a very angry person, who hates anyway or anyone she is told to hate. Yuri is a sympathetic person, always telling other's it's okay. Dorei is an actress. However her current master wants her to act, she will act like that.

With freedom or a non strict master, Yuri is pretty much an observer. She never does stuff she wants to, she'll just watch, and she loves to just have freedom to stuff, really. Though, she is a very obedient person and that does come first. However, if her master's life is in danger, that will come first and she will protect him with her life. Other then that, she laughs a lot and likes good jokes. And cute stuff.

That being said, Dorei is also pretty smart. She knows how she works and how to clean and stuff. She may not know about technology and how it works, but it does interest her all the same. And if needed, Dorei will learn how to do things to if it is required by her master.

Likes: Whatever her master deems, cute stuff, jokes, freedom, food, tech.

Dislikes: Whatever her master deems, cruel and usual punishments, tech.

History: Dorei was once a normal human girl, created by human means of baby making. And after that, it's kind of a blur.

She once had blue hair.

She served in a civil war or two.

She got some limbs cut off at one life.

Went through a lot of masters.

Stuff like that until....3 days agoish kind of.

Dorei was resurrected once again after being dead for....Some time. She's not sure, but she died about 40ish years ago. Anyway, she was in a new body of some poor girl. The person who brought her back seemed to be dyeing. He gurgled out a command, maybe? It didn't sound like anything to Dorei, and then he died. Which sucked, but at least she had a bed and food. It'd run out, and she felt weak, but she did have food. Hooray....

Powers: Dorei has sever powers, though all of these powers are not accessible when she is free.

Shape shifting: Alright, I lied. This is an exception. She can change the length of her hair, color of hair, eye color, and that's pretty much it. Everything else is either plastic surgery, growing, or wal-mart.

Wind: Dorei has wind abilities, and can use them in different ways.
-Shoot a gust of wind to blow people back.
-Make a mini-tornado. About 3 feet tall and doesn't have enough force to rip stuff out of the ground. It's just mainly there to pull people toward it, though the average meister will be able to get away from it easily.
-Wind cut: Shoots a 1 foot slash of wind that can cut through skin and clothes, not bones, meat, and muscle though, to give an idea. Average meister can easily dodge it.

Resurrection: Dorei's soul has changed and has become a genie soul. As such, her soul can actually come back from the dead. However, she cannot do this herself.
-If someone grabs her soul, they will gain the knowledge of how to resurrect her.
-The person must take a body of the same gender, and then kill them in a certain way.*Usually without beheading and preferably not cutting limbs off*
-They must gather 5 souls of their choice of type, and then the 6 souls will combine in the body. The body will heal any limb attatched, and she will be realive. With most of her memories missing, sure, but she is alive. Memories will be regain over time.

Yuri can stump her physical growth if she wishes, or she can go at normal speed. That's it.

Other: Her soul has been made to serve others. When she does not have a bound master, she is much weaker and tires very easily. With a master, she has the knowledge and and skills of a dedicated fighter, and can be given pretty much any weapon her master wants her to use.
-Is still a 13 year old girl
-Has bad aim.
Is able to summon a sword. Takes a post to charge, but can. She can't move while she is summoning this sword, and she can summon two before having to wait 7 post. They can have different designs.

Favorite design:

When Yuri binds her soul, that person has the final say in all of her decision. The person's soul will have a ring on it, and any disobeyed orders will be punishable from the person as well as her soul. As seen right below here.

Can't grant wishes. However, she is obligated to obey her master's commands, or she will feel intense pain for 3 post and cannot do a thing. Can stack up to 9 post of consecutive pain.

Her soul is a rich purple, with a yellow ring between the eyes, and a yellow cross under the ring.

When master dies, Yuri feels a great pain in her chest. She also can't harm her bound master unless granted permission.

Have you read the rules?
(I don't know how to handle this, master.)

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