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 Loli Siobhan

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PostSubject: Loli Siobhan   Tue Mar 10, 2015 7:34 pm

Target Name: Myrna Siobhan

Gender: Female

Age: 7

Appearance: Myrna is a small girl that possesses great strength. Like the rest of her family, she looks soft, and slender, but Myrna is even more so. She looks incredibly small, even for her age set. She always appears to be struggling to breathe, even after several hours of rest.

Myrna is constantly confined to a wheelchair when she isn't fighting. She seems completely immobile, almost as if she was in a coma.  

Animal form: Shark(Great White)

Allies: Myrna has a Dark weapon named Akihiko who acts as her partner in combat, and escort. He's most often seen pushing Myrna's wheel-chair, or carrying her. His weapon form is red Kanabo with a wood-like texture. It seems to have no outstanding qualities outside of being mildly autonomous.

Location: Nomadic/North America

Spells/Abilities: Due to her age, Myrna has no spell capability, but is no less dangerous. Myrna may perform at her sisters peek physical abilities for 5 posts, and at double that for 2 posts. Due to this, she is easily exhausted by even day to day work, and finds it impossible to do things such as writing, or origami. As well, due to her massive output of power, she ages incredibly fast, and isn't likely to live past her mid thirties.

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Loli Siobhan
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