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 Morrigan Siobhan

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PostSubject: Morrigan Siobhan   Tue Mar 10, 2015 5:33 pm

   Name: Morrigan Siobhan

   Age: 36

   Gender: Female

   Animal Form: Shark(Great White)

   Weapon: N/A

   Appearance: Anatomically, Morrigan looks much like her daughter, Millie. Slender, and soft, yet powerful. Her demeanor isn't quiet as extrovert commanding, and intimidating however. Maturity has lead Morrigan to a different mindset of predator. Countless victories have left her completely without doubt of her ability, and every stride she takes is taken with complete certainty. Even her face is completely gentle, and vacant of uncertainty.

   Personality: Morrigan is more the silent thinker. Unlike many of her kind, she does not blatantly charge into battle, or any situation for that matter. Like any intelligent predator, she carefully calculates an engagement, making sure she has the upper hand before making her move. This is all a part of the fun in a hunt.

In a way, Morrigan is much colder than her family. Other living beings are lesser. Not even prey, or toys in a game. They are simply food. There is food she's had, and food she hasn't got yet. In other words, if you aren't a Siobhan, you aren't even worth exchanging words with, or noticing.

   Likes: A challenging opponent, neutral beings, the natural order.

   Dislikes: Talkative opponents/prey, morality of any sort, witches that rely too heavily on magic.

   History: Morrigan was born into the Siobhan family, and instantly showed a patience that so few had their. While others had intellect to match hers, none had the personality to compliment it. It was no surprise to anyone when she was selected to lead this pack.

Morrigan quickly minimized the causalities of the Siobhan families hunting trips, and was instantly able to erase them from the DWMA's radar while doing so. The once infamous family had become nearly invisible. The drawback was that the family was now never numbered above 8 due to the right a passage, and methods of proving.

When Millie was born, she destined to get the lowest end of proving. To assure there was no question of Morrigan's strength and superior bloodline, the promising Millie was sent to the DWMA to prove herself. Fearing a similar fate, her younger daughter, Myrna, fled the family to find her own way. Morrigan views this as no consequence to her, and makes no attempts to retrieve the daughter she views only as a liability.


Flesh ManipulationThis spell is made specifically for manipulating the senses of the body. With physical contact Morrigan injects wavelength into an opponent. She can then use her magic to aim the wave-length towards nerve receptors in the person, causing them to feel either pleasure, pain, itching, burning or nothing at all. At one hit the sensation is negligible, but after 3-5 hits(depending on the persons constitution) the spell can completely over take the person train of thought, becoming unbearable. The person can still fight, or fly, but will find it difficult to function on any deeper level. If Morrigan can manage to strike the same limb 3-5 times, she can numb it to the point of becoming paralyzed(torso not withstanding). She can also use this spell to stop/restart bleeding, speed it up, or open scarred tissue. Note that she cannot use this ability to actually heal wounds.Rend, fin, frenzy.
Hydro KenisisThis spell covers the various ways Morrigan controls water. After the spell has been initiated on a body of water she can manipulate it freely.

  • Draw Moisture: Draws moisture from plants, people's eye's, and throats, as well as the surrounding ground, and of course bodies of water. The amount she draws from this is relatively small. It's enough to distract someone, but it cannot do any real damage to the person, or the organ. Morrigan cannot draw moisture from blood as it is too complex to simply diffuse.
  • Fog:This summons a 100 foot radius of thick fog. This is used to keep Morrigan comfortable for the most part, but in combat it's used to boost the range of her Ampullae(Which will be explained later).
  • Pressure Cannon: With a full effect range of 36 meters Morrigan can fire a stream of water that has the same force as the crowd control water cannon. Generating enough power to knock an opponent down, and even rip their clothing. Firing takes 50 gallons of water per cannon.
  • Wall of Water: This creates a wall of water that sprouts up with a similar force to the water cannon. Meaning that it is quite impassable to most opponents due to the simple fact of weight.This wall covers 5 feet per 50 gallons.
  • Morrigan cannot control more than 1000 gallons of water at a time.

Crash, wave, misbehave.
Wavelength JammingIn a similar way to Flesh Manipulation, Morrigan injects her wave-length into a target over the course of several hits(note that this cannot be used /with/ Flesh Manipulation), but instead disrupts the works of a soul's wavelength. At 3-5 hits, resonance and magic is ineffective. At 6-10 hits, even wielding a weapon partner becomes impossible(Family members not withstanding, as displayed by Spirit and Maka as they fought the Kishin).Rend, fin, frenzy

Other: Notes on Morrigan's Physiology

  • Ampullae of Lorenzini: Small glands exist inside of Morrigan's pores that are highly sensitive to electric discharge. So much in fact, that they can pick up even the slightest twitch in a persons muscle movement. This is limited to the amount of moisture in the air however. 3 ft in dry climate's(Deserts of sand, or snow), 10 ft in average air moisture, 50 in high moisture areas(swamps and such), 100 in a fog, and 300 when submerged in water.

  • Vision: Morrigan can see up to 50 meters in the dark, depending on how dark, dark is. naturally in utter darkness she's still blind.

  • Muscle: Morrigan is not as physically adept as her daughters(none are). Although, like any of the other Siobhan family, she is peak human condition. She can keep up with the worlds finest sprinters(about 28 mph), and lifters(about 800lbs) for 10 posts before becoming exhausted, or fight at an average human condition for 20 posts. (about 15mph/200lbs)

  • Mouth: Morrigan can stretch the corners of her mouth all the way to the edge of her face, filled with unnaturally sharp teeth, that can bite down with 1.2 tons of force.

Have you read the rules?
   I don't know how to handle sea food.

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Morrigan Siobhan
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