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 Cardinal Mac Caba

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PostSubject: Cardinal Mac Caba   Wed Feb 25, 2015 12:48 am

Name: Cardinal Mac Caba.

Age: 14

Gender:  girl

Animal Form: Red Panda

Weapon: Ewe

Appearance: Cardinal is 5 feet exact, and has some rather soft skin. She has bright red hair that barely reaches past her neck. Her eyes are a bright orange, shining brightly when she is happy. Cardinal is a bit skinny, and is not really muscular in any way. She sports a ringed tail and red panda ears, that can retract if she wishes to.

Cardinal usually wears an orange jacket. It's pretty nice, but doesn't have a hood. She also has a scarf, though that is not always wound up tight. It's mainly for show until the cold comes. Under her jacket is a T-shirt, which varies from color and designs. Cardinal has a red skirt, decorated with orange polka dots. Her socks vary, but will usually be stockings of various designs. Finally she wears black boots with white fuzz balls on them.

Personality: Cardinal is quite kind and good hearted. She tries to accept everyone, and loves talking and having fun. Even is she isn't that good at talking, she does like to try and keep the conversation going. Though, she may make it a bit awkward. Not terrible awkward, but still awkward none the less.

Cardinal loves people, and is always happy to make friends. She likes snuggling people and getting all touchy, even if people give her weird looks. Cardinal loves hugs, and will be happy to give them out if they are needed. And will huggle people to the point of making them feel uncomfortable.

While she is a witch, Cardinal is strongly against violence. While she understands that in some cases it is needed, she will mainly frown upon it. Too the point where she will intervene with duels and other fights. See, Cardinal has a bad habit of forcing her views onto others when it comes to this. She still is a great person, at least to herself. Also a bit modest, but Cardinal can be a great friend.

Likes: Cute stuff, smoothies, dental hygiene, hugs and snuggling, cute boys, winning bets.

Dislikes: Violence, being treated like a baby, bullying and name calling, rashes, losing bets.

History: "I was born in the land of Ireland. I lived in a small village, the trumpet player of a band. It was rather grand.... Sorry, I was reading Doctor Seuss. I wanted to relive nostalgia.

Anyway, I was born in a small village in Ireland. I grew up mainly with my dad, who was a dentist. He was an Irish witch, though he never told me his animal. My mom was an Asian witch, and I became the Irish red panda witch. Which is really cool, and I am cute in my animal form~

Unfortunately, my mom died when I was around 6. She was battling depression, and the depression ended up winning. My dad was pretty devastated, and went to drinking. It didn't last long, though. He stopped after he tried to "Experiment" On me. The ending results where my dad getting some help, me being in the hospital for a while, and a lifetime in diapers.

Other then that, my life after that went rather well. I had two great friends, who got me into dares and gambling. Mainly to embarrass me, but I got revenge. Ugh. Having to wear a dunce cap for a month. So not fun for anyone. But, after a while, aka, when I was 14, I decided to travel the world!~

Spells: Cardinal poses non destructive magic, and has the magic of shapes.
-As of right now, she has a yellow circle, red square, and green rectangle.
- Shapes can have many different sizes, with the max being 8 by 8 for square. 3 by 5 for rectangle. And circle has a diameter of 3. All of them in feet. "As a note from me, Cardinal. I'd use meters, but I'm not allowed to since my creator is stupid. That is all."
-Shapes can not destroy objects, though will push. If a shape were to push someone into a wall, the force will not crush them. Instead, the shape will disappear instantly.
-Shapes can be molded into different designs. She can make a box with squares, which is the walls and ceiling mainly. Air and air magic can go through the boxes. She cannot suffocate others, and no one can see in or out. She can also make a cage with rectangles and either a square or circle. Most people will have to lay or sit to fit in cage. When in a cage or a box, she can move people around. She can also create steps, with making the bottom step reappear in front of her so she can walk up them.
-Can have up to either 4 different shapes, or use 1 special design like the box or cage. All shapes can with stand any punch or kick from the average meister. All attacks will, however, send shivers down her spine. Uncomfortable, but not that bad. If a shape is attacked with a sharp weapon or hit hard enough with a blunt weapon, the shape will be destroyed. When a shape is destroyed, it sends a great pain through Cardinal, and will cause her to immediately start peeing blood.
-Shapes will last 4 post before poofing away due to lack of energy. It will take 2 post for Cardinal to charge her magic up again. 4 if it is a special design like her box or steps.

After a bit of research, Cardinal made a magic black hole. She places it on the ground, and the item of her choice is sent through it, sending it to a random junk yard in any area around the world. It has a 1 foot diameter, and can only send non non living objects through it. Last for 1 post, and takes 8 post to recharge.


-Due to her dad's bad days, Cardinal has lost the ability to control her bladder. As such, she needs to wear diapers.

-Carries a bag with her. Has dental stuff and at least 1 pack of diapers, a tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, wipes, and some water.

-Wants a puppy.

-No fighting knowledge.

-Is a bit of a pervy perv.

-Hates being treated like a baby.

Have you read the rules?
(D-Don't do that, I don't know how to handle it!)

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PostSubject: Re: Cardinal Mac Caba   Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:45 pm

Okay, the childish nature of this character from Red Panda motif, to shape magic, to personality just EXUDES adorableness. The only issue I would have is the black-hole due to the damage it could inflict on an area, and indirectly hurt an opponent, but considering her defensive attitude, and lack of offensive capability, it shouldn't be a huge deal. Aside from that, we've discussed that it doesn't have the force of an actual black hole.

Approved, and moved!!~

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Cardinal Mac Caba
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