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 The Testaments

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PostSubject: The Testaments   Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:22 am

Due to certain impacts on anonymity, the Testaments have no symbol, or logo.

Name: The Testaments

Purpose: The Testaments is a highly controlled group of individuals who gather for the exchange of information in benefit to all of it's members.

Leader: While the group's leaders are the conglomerate of four individuals known as "The Testaments", the group was founded by Kaori(Who is the only one who knows the other members, unless they see fit to reveal themselves).

Location: Indeterminate. Base locations are almost always temporary.

Description: The Testaments were formed by Kaori "of Eden" as a means to gather, and distribute information among multiple factions to use as they see fit. Meetings of this nature, and any other interaction between these individuals is anonymous, and to be done wearing a disguise.  

To maintain control, Kaori selects 4 individuals of varying origins. As well, each Testament is given a disguise to be used for such meetings. These outfits are identical save the colors. Further, they are an enchantment of one of a member's personal effects. The outfit will not appear unless activated by that person or Kaori, and will also have a bastardized "soul protection" effect that is used to mask each ones wave-length.

If the Testaments mention something interesting in a meeting, they may decide to pursue the interest in a joint effort. This usually involves using lesser operatives, rather than direct action by the four Testaments.

Requirements: The four Testament leaders are likely(though not definitely) someone in charge of their own faction, is of considerable skill, or has access to a vital recourse of some kind. Operatives allowed to work for the Testaments are those willing to follow orders to the letter, and are likely of loose loyalty, or low profile to avoid being linked to any of the leaders. Naturally, they are to be disguised(though they will not receive the same as a Testament), and are selected anonymously.
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The Testaments
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