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 Almagro de Nicuesa(wip)

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PostSubject: Almagro de Nicuesa(wip)   Tue Feb 03, 2015 2:02 am

Name: Almagro de Nicuesa
Age: 476 Years
Gender: Male
Animal Form: Monkey [Qin Ling]
Weapon: Golden Sceptor
Appearance: Almagro is a very bedraggled individual. He has dark hair that is worn as a bowl-cut, has small pair of sunglasses, and has a broad flat nose, which is commonly seen with snot hanging out of it. He has a long, thick beard and some stubby hair on his upper lips. He also has a small scar just above his right eyebrow. His lips are a little bit thicker than normal and his teeth are round and have some space between them. He has a prominent hunch and appears to be considerably taller than normal people (8'9 in height), although his slouching back takes some height away (6'4). His attire consists of a long coat with a ring-pattern on it. He does not wear any footwear and is always shown with bare feet, but wears a mid-length chained-shackle on each of his ankles, which are not linked together.

Personality: Despite being so old and looking rather vulgar, Almargo is actually quite a casual and calm individual. He is also quite witty and, at times, smart at the mouth, which often angers others. Nonetheless, he is possibly one the more less destructive warlocks out there, as he doesn't needless go out and cause chaos whenever he wants. Instead, he simply perfers the simplier things in life and likes to find ways to pass the time. Nonetheless, he is not a hero. Rather, someone who is neither good or evil. He is neutral. He will attack anyone who poses a threat to his well-being or the well-being of his possessions. Still, while cool-tempered, he can easily become angry, and generally becomes more violent when he is. He tends to be rash in decisions and ultimately admits that he is bad at them. Still, he can be considered to be mostly docile, allowing him to fit into society mildly better than others.

Likes: Exploring, reading, playing with his pets, sleeping, chocolate

Dislikes: Sour object, coconut-flavored foods, loud noises, people messing with his stuff, yelling, idiocy, arrogance

History: what shaped your character’s life?


Mono DoradoAlmagro fires a golden laser beam from either his mouth or hand at the opponent. The beam itself moves at a high speed and is shaped like monkey's head. It will explode on contact, causing 2nd degree burns all over the body and possibly breaking bone. This has a range of 20 meters.N/A
HilosThese are small threads made from magic, fired from all five fingers on one hand. They are indestrutible by normal means (Soul, Madness, or Magic based attacks can easily break them). They are able to pierce fully through a person, bone and all, or are able to hook inside them, locking them to the user. The length can be a maxium of 15 meters and can be used to fling objects. They can be lengthed and shortened at will, allowing Almagro to pull in his victims. Also, not all five have to be shot. One can be shot if desired.N/A
EstrellasAlmagro fires a small, compact ball of pure magic into the air so high that it cannot be seen. During the next post, nothing happens at all. All is quiet. However, after that, a total of twenty, 10x10 foot balls of magic rain down from the sky, similar to a meteor shower. These balls are capable of causing massive damage over a large around, being able to smash through buildings and such and causing 5x5 explosions, the heat in them able to cause 3rd degree burns. The main weakness of this is how spread out the balls are, making it slightly easy to avoid them.N/A
RomperA simple yet effect magic spell. Almagro focuses magic into his fist, greatly increasing the strength of it for one strike. This punch is capable of easily destroying most magic barriers by itself, and will easily kill the normal human or witch if it hits, going straight through them. The downside is...only the power is increased. Nothing else. Thus, Almagro will still moving at the same speed. Thus, making the attack very dodgeable. And even at that, this strength lasts for only on strike.N/A
Other: something that doesn't fit in the other categories.
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Almagro de Nicuesa(wip)
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