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 The man who forgot his face (open/mature)

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PostSubject: The man who forgot his face (open/mature)   Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:40 pm

In a dark alleyway in an unnamed city on the coast. A woman hobbled as fast as she could down they allyway, she had lived in the town all her life but she had never had to use the back alleyway extensively until now. She came to a dead end, clutched her wounded leg and fell down, the last of her willpower depleted.

A man wearing a janitorial suit with a slightly purple tint to it and blood on the side creeped up behind her. He had a grin on his face and was clutching a bloodied, cheap, and sharp exotic knife that was mass produced in china. He had a look in his eye, it was clear he was a murderer. "I got to hand it to you, you made it farther than I expected with that leg. But it's over, you took a wrong turn and you can't run anymore. Any last words?" He said holding his knife menacingly.

"I gave you all of my money, my phone, and even my wedding ring! What do you want from me!? Ahh!" She said clutching her leg.

"Isn't it obvious?" He said throwing the knife a few inches in the air and catching the blade, getting blood on his fingertips in the process. It was at that moment that she realized he was a Kishen egg.

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The man who forgot his face (open/mature)
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