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 Ashlynn (Done)

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PostSubject: Ashlynn (Done)   Sun Feb 01, 2015 6:04 pm

Name: Ashlynn

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Weapon Form: Chained crescent swords
The swords portion of Ashlynn's weapon form are mostly silver, with bright red edges. They are about 2 and a half feet long with dark red handles close to the end on each blade. The chain itself is dark red, attaches to the ends, and can lengthen or shorten as need be.

In resonance, the blades lengthen to 5 feet and completely turn blood red, and the handle portion is in the center rather than on one end, same for the chain. The ability "Blood Shatter" can be used, which requires the meister to cut his/her self with one of the blades in order to not only increase accuracy of hits, but poison the target (if the target is cut by one of the blades, deep enough to draw blood). There is a drawback however: Energy is consumed at a faster rate, tiring both the meister and Ash much sooner. If the ability is used for too long, the meister may turn anemic until he/she can recover the amount of blood lost.

As a Death Scythe, Ash would be able to use the abilities "Blood Shatter" and "Life Seeker" without resonance.
Life Seeker - Similar to Soul Perception, Ash and/or her meister can see any living being (any being with blood being pumped through it's body) for a 3 mile radius, though not able to define between Human, Witch, Kishin Egg, etc. In resonance, the range triples, and the user can define between being types (excluding power level)
In resonance, the abilities "Dead Zone" and "Vermilion Cage".
Dead Zone - Ash emits a sort of invisible shield that can cover up to 2.5 square miles, making everything within undetectable by any means. Speed of death is slowed down significantly until the shield is taken down.
Vermilion Cage - Ash's blades liquify and form a cage around someone (i.e. the meister, target, an ally, a citizen, etc.). However, this leaves the meister without a weapon (unless they happen to have a secondary weapon or a pocket knife or something).

Meister: N/A (at the moment)

Appearance: Ashlynn is about 5'5", weighing in at around 110 lbs. Her hair is carmine red and reaches her waist, though the side portions of her bangs (which by the way are parted in the middle) only reach to her chest. Having such red hair makes her pale-ish peach skin look even lighter than it really is, especially in lighter environments. Her eyes are aquamarine, not definable to be blue or green, especially behind her oval shaped glasses. As for the clothes that Ashlynn usually wears, that would be a plain white button up shirt, a red and green plaid tie, and a black cardigan with the D.W.M.A insignia over the left side of the chest, the sleeves mostly covering her hands. She always wears dark grey leggings underneath a short shirt with a pattern matching that of her tie, along with brown flats. When on missions though, Ashlynn switches out the cardigan for a plain black hoodie, and the flats for black boots.

Her body type is a tad curvy, having a thin waist with a wider bust and hips. Her arms are also skinny, though it's usually hard to tell thanks to her sleeves, and her legs are long, not especially wide or skinny.

Personality: Ashlynn isn't typically very social, but rather prefers to listen and be sure of what she wants to say before she says it, although this often results in the topic being changed before she speaks. When with someone she feels very comfortable and close to, she will speak out more and even be sarcastic. In class however, she tries to participate as little as allowed, preferring to do class work on her own.

When first meeting someone, she will awkwardly try to find things in common, hoping to make conversation. If it doesn't work though, she'll become quiet, not wanting to bother the person much.

On the other hand, can get annoyed fairly easily, retorting with sarcasm if a person directly annoys her. Ashlynn is also subtly competitive, but she'd never admit it. Otherwise, she is a calm person.

-Making friends, but being independent for academic issues
-Cheesecake (she calls it "cream cheese pie")
-Word puzzles
-Kind people who at least try at things
-Random facts/trivia

-Unnecessary violence
-Being repeatedly reminded for no good reason
-People who are too stubborn
-People who are loud and narcissistic
-Herbal tea
-Above 80º weather, below 40º weather
-Being put down (or really when anyone is being put down)

Ashlynn is the youngest child of Ryuzaki Hinketsu and Riza Blackport, her siblings being twins named Alphonse and Annabelle. All of which, have black hair, which leads to the fact of Ashlynn having been adopted. This was not kept secret, but didn't help Ash much because she already felt overshadowed by her prodigal siblings.

Ash was tutored in academics and fighting by her parents and siblings, often sparring with Al or Ann (and always losing). She was always determined and a fast learner, often coming close to winning a sparring match. Her parents offered to send her to the D.W.M.A. when she was 12, but her exact response was "If Al and Ann can do fine on their own, so can I." She continued studying at home, although not associating with people outside of her immediate family. This changed when their parents went missing when she was 14 (Al and Ann were 18), forcing them to live on their own. After a year, Al and Ann went to look for their parents, leaving Ashlynn under the neighbors care. When they stopped communicating 3 months later, Ash grew worried, but was encouraged to wait because "it's probably nothing". After another three months passed with no signs, and Ash decided that she would go to the D.W.M.A and ask Lord Death for help, since Riza and Ryuzaki worked for him. He agreed as long as Ashlynn would enroll in the school and leave everything to the D.W.M.A. She reluctantly went along, though she would often ask Lord Death if there were any leads. If so, she would take a mission as close to where they might have been as possible as an excuse to check herself.


- Her wavelength is strangely malleable. Inherited from one of her birth parents perhaps?

-Both Ann and Ash took their mother's name, and Al got their father's name

-She simply put Ashlynn on her application to the D.W.M.A, for various reasons.
    ~ Whoever kidnapped her family might be involved with the D.W.M.A, possibly having access to records, and therefore Ash.
    ~ She doesn't really consider Blackport (or Hinketsu for that matter) to be her actual surname, having been adopted.

-She lives alone in the school dormitory.

Have you read the rules?
I don't know how to handle this...
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PostSubject: Re: Ashlynn (Done)   Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:56 pm

I don't see any problems here. Approved. You may begin using her when ready!~

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Ashlynn (Done)
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