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 Naora Izumi

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PostSubject: Naora Izumi   Sun Jan 25, 2015 6:23 pm

^picture drawn by me

Name: Naora Izumi

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Appearance: Naora is a rather skinny girl, being 100 pounds and coming at 5’3. Despite her rather dainty appearance, she is capable of wielding weapons of many sizes due to her vigorous training throughout her life. Her size allows her to be nimble and quick on her feet, and speed is a top priority to Naora when battling. Ordinarily, Naora has a rather innocent expression on her face, and is often described as cute or fragile. However, when she is training or battling, she takes on a whole different expression, determined and somewhat malicious. Naora consistently wears red tones, with small amounts of gold. She favors wearing a long, red coat with an overlay of lace on the inside, a dark mahogany dress, red gloves, boots, and nets that appear on her torso and parts of her sleeves. Her hair is quite long, its hue a fiery red. She prefers to never wear her hair up in order avoid feeling uncloaked by the long strands. Naora’s eyes are a bright, gold color, especially striking and noticeable when she is battling, training, in love, or nervous.

Personality: Naora is quite loyal, almost to a ridiculous extent. She is willing to do virtually anything for people she cares most about. Because of her father’s teaching, she feels that she should be more protective of her weapon, if she is to have one, than the weapon is towards her. She pursues absolute protection over a weapon she may have. This may put her in great danger at times. Naora tends to vengefully threaten those who say insults of any kind to those she loves, even if those insults were intended to be a joke. Because of Naora’s unconditional generosity towards those she cares for, she is often taken advantage of and controlled by others. Because of this, Naora is very picky when choosing friends, often taking many months to refer to someone as her friend.  Despite her kind and generous nature, Naora will put her foot down in certain situations, but it may take a great amount of strife to get her to do so. When Naora is with her friends, she usually is quite sarcastic around them and may act a bit harsh when joking, but her sarcasm is often understood. This makes others wonder why she usually takes sarcasm seriously, since she acts that way regularly. Naora cannot handle large crowds or parties, and often feels anxious and alienated in situations like these. She prefers to be alone training or making art. Naora is usually consistently kind, but lashes out at those who say hurtful things to her friends and at those who criticize her values. However, if someone who she holds especially high says something rude to her or criticizes her, she will not make any rude comment and will treat them with absolute kindness.

Likes: drawing, battling, opportunities to be generous, being alone, training, being productive

Dislikes: crowds, criticism, vulnerability, being the center of attention

History: All throughout Naora’s childhood, her father had a rare cancer that was a mutation from a previous cancer he had fought as a young child. Her father was a meister, and her mother a weapon. Naora’s father taught her that putting herself before her weapon is the most important thing in a battle and in general. This value was a major reason for her mother and father’s success when attending the DWMA. Naora’s father had fought the cancer before attending DWMA, but shortly after Naora’s birth it came back to him. However, he did not let it limit him from fighting and teaching Naora everything he learned when fighting with her mother. He had always felt weak, but hated giving up and felt he had to always be with Naora and her mother and to protect them. Eventually, Naora’s father become extremely weak and could not fight or train Naora anymore. He began to sleep constantly, and started turning away from his family in an effort to become distant from them before his death. He had a stroke which evidently led to his demise. Naora was taught by him prior to her attending DWMA, and he taught her how to wield multiple types of weapons of all sizes. This made Naora prepared for any weapon that may come her way, but for now she fights mainly with the katanas and scythes passed down to her from her father. Naora values her mother greatly since her father’s passing, and the two share a close bond. Naora hopes that she can protect her mother almost as well as her father was able to.

I don't know how to handle this...
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PostSubject: Re: Naora Izumi   Sun Jan 25, 2015 6:32 pm


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Naora Izumi
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