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 Heidi Cecilia

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PostSubject: Heidi Cecilia   Heidi Cecilia Icon_minitimeWed Jan 21, 2015 11:12 am

[img]Insert Picture here then remove the * from the code.[*/img]

Name: Heidi Cecilia

Age: 9 years old

Gender: Girl

Heidi Cecilia M32

Weapon Form: Heidi’s weapon form is a grenade launcher with six tubes in total, the grenades that Heidi fires have multiple effects depending on what the user of the weapon wants. The grenades can explode into a cluster of grenades that cause a more of an area of effect attack. The grenades can turn into one large powerful grenade that has to be fired like a mortar instead of an actual grenade. She also can create sticky grenades that stick to any surface, the grenades can be remotely detonated while stuck to the surface and won’t explode otherwise. The final grenade is a vortex grenade that sucks in anything that is about 17 feet away from it into a vortex like tunnel that spins around like a tornado, it then shoots those items back out at high speeds, covering the whole area in debris. The launcher actual has to reload sorta too, you have to pull the tubes out which are connected in a cylinder then push them back in to have the soul grenades come back. The blast radius of an normal grenade is 5 meters or 16 feet while the super bomb is 25 feet in it’s blast radius.

Miester: Heidi has no Meister as of yet, she doesn’t even bother to use her weapon form.

Appearance: How does he/she look? Put a picture if you want, but PLEASE describe in words.

Personality: Heidi is a really innocent girl, she like to laugh play and be really silly, he hobbies include chasing butterflies, eating muffins and killing innocent people. Yes, Heidi does indeed kill, she does it with quite good too, she doesn’t think it’s bad though, no she was taught to kill from a young age. Heidi is still just a child though, she can get scared really easily and will burst out into tears if you happen to yell at her or hurt her feelings. She hates big meanies that try to attack her or harm her friends (which she tries to make a lot of). Heidi will often go into fits of rage if you happen to make her upset or hurt her feelings enough, this meaning she will try to kill you with whatever she can make or find near her. Heidi is a very gullible child, she will first doubt what you are saying for a moment but if you insist on it enough she will start to believe you no matter how stupid it sounds or is.

Heidi loooooves to play games with people and just have plain fun, she will stop from attacking someone if they offer to play a fun game with her, but not hide and seek, nope, non of that. Heidi seems to be very cheery all the time, laughing and skipping around, even when chasing someone down to strike, she loves showing people pictures she has drawn and will always be happy if they compliment her skill which she doesn’t really have yet. She is also a very curious child, filled with wonder and joy. She loves to find out new things and explore the world, everything in the world intrests her, the bright colors of flowers, the morning dew on cars, the sounds bird make when it’s the morning, why do cows go moo? IS there a reason dogs chase cars? Sometimes when Heidi gets really bored she likes to imagine herself as an adult with long hair and big boobies and all the boys falling for her. She doesn’t get why boobies do this but she wants them so people will like her!

The World

Being made fun of
People that hate her
Hide and Seek (I can never find people or hide good ;~;)
Muffins haters (Die .~.)
Big boobie ladies (No fair!)

History: what shaped your character’s life?


Black Blood Abilities:

~Heidi’s speaking color is Yellow~

~Heidi’s father gave her Black Blood as a test experiment~

~Heidi has a brother named Naga~

~Heidi enjoys the supernatural~

Have you read the rules?
(put answer here)

Heidi Cecilia Tumblr_lb8jtwbvp41qcjc7lo1_400

"Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree it will live it's whole LIFE believing it is stupid." ~Albert Einstein
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Heidi Cecilia
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