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 Memories of Ash (Gore. Kinda.)

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PostSubject: Memories of Ash (Gore. Kinda.)   Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:01 pm

It's calm in this room. This is my favorite room in the house. There's a big window that lets the sun come in and warm it. I'm sitting on a bed, writing in a hardcover book. The book is brown, and I feel like I've been using it for awhile. It could be a journal, but that's not important.

Everything was great, until the smell of smoke began to fill the room. I figured they've just burned dinner again, and I keep writing for a bit. It's only been a moment, but now the smell of smoke has become heavy. I can hear someone yelling about a fire. Is that why the air smells so strong?

I don't feel panicked... I feel calm. Like I've done this before. Like fire doesn't scare me. I approach the door and put my hand to it. Warm, but not hot. I can exit the room through here. Down the hall I can see the flames. They're spreading, and it's only a matter of time before the upstairs is gone. I'd better get out quickly.

I quickly make my way down the stairs, but what I see stops me dead in my tracks. Flames are crackling and pieces of the upstairs are falling all around the large room. Are we in a kitchen? Perhaps a dining room? Either way, there are people all over. They're talking and laughing, but none seem to notice the fire.

The smoke is heavy now, bringing me back from my trance. My lungs are flailing for air. I need to get them out, to get myself out. I try to order them out the door, but none of them appear to see me. The flames have spread to one man. Even as he went up in flames and the heat began to melt his very being, he doesn't seem to notice. He just stands there and smiles as his flesh burns and the scent fills the air... What do I do?!? I have to save these people!

In a panic I begin screaming at people in desperation. I shove them, I pull them, but none of them will budge. It's too pate anyways. A pile if burning rubble has covered the exit path. We can't escape anymore. The ashen air burns my lungs, the smell of rotting flesh and smoke turns my stomach and makes me want to vomit.

Is this it? Is this where it ends for me...? A young woman is staring at me from within the flames. She's smiling as she burns away, soon to become nothing but charred flesh and bones like the others. I tell her I'm sorry, but she only smiles at me.

The smoke is too thick. I can't breathe now. I'll just close my eyes. It's time to let go, huh...?


I shot up in bed, heart pounding, lungs gasping, body in a cold sweat. Was it all just a nightmare...? It all seemed too real... I can still see their burning faces... The images flash in my mind... Is it hot in here? No, I'm paranoid, right? Why did they all seem so familiar...? I don't know any of them, do I? Whatever... I'll just write about it later...

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Memories of Ash (Gore. Kinda.)
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