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 Inoue WIP

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PostSubject: Inoue WIP   Wed Jan 14, 2015 1:19 am

Name: Inoue Shagan
Age: 15
Gender: boy or girl
Weapon: N/A.
Appearance: Inoue is a short and slender young girl with still blue eyes and has black hair that falls in strands to her shoulders.She usually wears a type of school unifrom with a normal white t-shirt and red skirt, she also wears black and white stripped leggings and red dress shoes. She accessories with a blue stripped scurf and cap with cat ears.
Personality: Inoue is a oblivious carefree person, she can be very playful and will, she usually demands from others without thinking, even going as far demanding a witch or kishin play tag. Inoue is also oblivious to her highly intelligence, being able to Ace test but have no knowledge of ever taking the test herself. Inoue is siad to try and make friends with everyone and only has two sides in her mind. Your either a friend or foe, and being her enemy isn't to smart. She is also very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and knife welding.
Likes: what does he/she like?
Dislikes: what does he/she dislike?
History: what shaped your character’s life?
Other: something that doesn't fit in the other categories.
Have you read the rules?
(put answer here)
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Inoue WIP
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