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 Welcome the Winner of Everything, Cerulia!

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PostSubject: Welcome the Winner of Everything, Cerulia!   Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:01 pm

Name: Cerulia Kiskaddon

Age: 21 years of age.

Gender: A female

Weapon: ___________ (Must wait for Umi's response...)

Not anime... <.<':
Cerulia is a lanky, thin woman with a height of five feet eight inches and a slim weight of one hundred fifteen pounds. She may seem very weak and fragile, especially with her light, ivory skin tone and un-scarred visage, but the truth is that she is mostly made up of muscle. She isn't super strong with bulging muscles that can lift tons, but she is able to deliver hits. However, due to her lack of weight and fat, she is lacking in the curves department (something that brings her great shame and embarrassment). Because of her rather girlish, immature look, people tend to mistake her for a high-school girl or someone rather young instead of her age. It also comes from her childish, youthful face, with pink tint in the cheeks. She has high cheekbones and a sharp jaw, along with a sharp nose and full, pink lips. Her eyes are an icy blue, matching her light, aquamarine hair (clearly dyed, of course) that reaches the middle of her back in waves.
In terms of clothing, Cerulia prefers to wear lighter, comfortable clothing. Her wardrobe consists of whites and greys and creams rather than bright, vibrant colors. She likes leggings and jeans as well as shorts for warmer weather, but never skirts. As for tops, comfortable, loose clothing like hoodies, tank tops, sleeveless or half-sleeved shirts that hang loose on her body are to Cerulia's taste. As for shoes, she can only take hiking boots or leather boots. Since she isn't a completely girly woman, she wears minimal accessories; hairties are a must and the occasional necklace or bracelet may pop up from time to time

Personality: Her personality can be described as arrogant and competitive, with a temperament of a child. She can easily get made and fiery, leading her into trouble most of the time. She doesn't easily forgive and holds grudges against many people, creating enemies wherever she goes. Even with this kind of attitude, she wants other people to respect her as an adult and gets even more angry whenever she is called immature or childish (since she highly believes that she is adult-like in every way {except appearance}). Even despite these flaws, Cerulia is surprisingly kind to those she likes and often likes to have fun with her group of friends. She may not show how much she likes someone but it can be seen when she talks about them or frets over them constantly. She has high morals and tries to uphold to them, taking the time to do justice and solve problems whenever they occur. She can also become easily disheartened, especially if betrayed or hurt. She goes into a state of numbness, but it does not stick around for long. The next day, she would appear training to gather her strength and ignore events from the past.

Likes: Cerulia likes to win. She enjoys the feeling and basks fully in the glory of winning anything she deems dignified; she also likes desserts and food. Outside of this, she absolutely loves being useful to try and help and also has a great admiration of people who help others and deserve to have her respect.

Dislikes: She dislikes anyone who beats her in competition or those who treat her like a little girl. She absolutely abhors sour food, annoying/nosy children, and men who are stubborn.

History: Cerulia never knew a mother or father as she lived in an adoption center for most of her childhood. She was raised by the caretaker of the center (except she wasn't taught to do many things; she merely had a formal education that formed her moral standing), but eventually she was adopted by a kind old man who took her to a suburban home. He had a modest income and no wife (he never did speak of her), so her new home was a quiet sanctuary. Here, she was taught kindness and how to quietly love others (though in her own way).
As she grew older, the man was killed by an Evil Human, causing deep sadness to grow in Cerulia. Much of this was due to the fact she was unable to protect him, fleeing as he told her to in fright. He had sacrificed his life for her, something that she was deeply scarred by. She did decide to grow stronger by enrolling in the DWMA for part of her life until she found her partner. Currently, she still works as a meister, unsure of any future plans.

Other: Not much.

Have you read the rules?
Let'sa go, Soul Resonance!
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome the Winner of Everything, Cerulia!   Fri Apr 25, 2014 8:02 pm

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Welcome the Winner of Everything, Cerulia!
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