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 Death's Mercenaries

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PostSubject: Death's Mercenaries   Mon Jan 05, 2015 7:53 pm

"Logo. Whelp, I don't care about this. Next.

Name: "Death's Mercenaries. I don't mean like Lord Death. I mean, like, actual death. Like, when you have your throat slit, or peeing for so long you don't drink and just fall over dead. Stuff like that."

Purpose: "To hunt, train, and have fun, really.

Leader: "Maika Trollom, at your service~

Location: "I'm the only member, and I'm in Death City right now. So, probably there.

Description: "We are a mercenary group that will focus on being a family and taking jobs for money. Whether it be being a body guard, or killing a target, we'll do our best to complete the mission. However, we are not too kill innocents. Bad reputation, and we don't want the DWMA after us. It's bad for business. If we have a mission for a human, we will do some investigation first. If we like the guy, we won't kill him. If we don't like him, we get money. Just depends on who, really.

Requirements: We'll take anyone, really. Some ground rules, though. Treasure hunters, we won't help there. Thieves, yeah, we'll have jobs. Kishin eggs and dark weapons are welcomed. However, if you are going to hunt humans, there are some rules about this. Do not hurt any other member of the group, and we will not help you.

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Prinny Emalia
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PostSubject: Re: Death's Mercenaries   Tue Jan 06, 2015 11:27 pm

Everything's in order here. Approved. Love the jokes by the way. >w>

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Death's Mercenaries
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