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PostSubject: Yarrow   Tue Dec 30, 2014 7:27 pm


Name: Achillea Milliefolium

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Weapon Form: Yarrow turns into a scythe. The handle is a baby blue color. One end has a spike and the other has the scythe head. The scythe has two blades on the head, opposite each other and ice blue, forming an arc like a pickaxe.

The weapon form has a weather altering ability, making it snow, and it's power increases with every 20 souls. This ability also causes her body temperature to unnaturally drop, making her cool to the touch. Due to this, she constantly feels as though it's winter and dresses accordingly.

When she takes her FULL weapon form, her abilities activate and change the weather. She has no control over this, and it will stop as soon as she turns back. This is all regardless of normal weather patterns for the area. The ability will always have a 1/2 mile radius and grow as so:

0 Souls - Yarrow's body is cold. When taking full form, her scythe is cold to the touch to anyone but her meister.

20 Souls - When taking her full form, the air within the immediate area will become very cold. You can see your breath.

40 Souls - When taking her full form, the air will be cold enough to freeze small amounts of liquid and create sheets of thin ice. Very light powdery snow will fall gently.

60 Souls - When taking her full form,
the air will be cold enough to freeze pools and fountains solid enough to stand on, but not jump on. The wind will pick up a bit and snow will fall at a moderate pace. Yarrow can now switch her ability on and off, giving access to her scythe without the weather. She'll still feel cold at all times though.

80 Souls - When the ability is active, the air will be cold enough to freeze pools and fountains solid, as well as form patches of ice on hard surfaces like cement or wood. The wind is a bit fast and could throw off lighter people a bit. The snow falls heavy, and slightly gets in the way of vision. For an unskilled meister using Yarrow, this could cause an issue.

100 Souls - As a Death Scythe, Yarrow's ability becomes a blizzard. This is the strongest it will get, and she can now control the intensity, tuning it anywhere between 0 and 100 soul levels. This is the MAXIMUM it can be turned up to. The blizzard can ice over cement or wood, and solidify pools or fountains. The wind whips around from place to place. The snow flies around and obscures vision. You can only see so far ahead of you before things vanish into the storm. This is a storm even Yarrow and her meister will have a problem fighting in.

Miester: Yarrow doesn't want a meister, that would mean she'd have to talk to them.

Appearance: Yarrow is a young girl with pale skin and dark brown hair. Her hair is usually left to hang down freely, ending just below her shoulders. Her eyes are a dull blue color, almost seeming lonely or empty.

Due to her powers, Yarrow is always dressed as though it's winter. Her most common outfit is a pair of black jeans paired with a baggy long sleeved shirt that features dark grey and white horizontal stripes. Over this she wears a white coat that ends at her hips and has a hood. The sleeves and hood have cream colored fur on the edges. Her shoes are a pair of black snow boots.

Personality: Yarrow wants to be a hero. Her whole life she's dreamed of fighting bad guys and saving people, and at first impression she may seem like the one to do it too. Even is she isn't always that nice, she's not afraid to get hurt and she can fight competently. Once you scratch the surface you'll find that one of her biggest fears is landing the finishing blow though. She can't bring herself to take the soul of another, even if they're corrupt and twisted. This sprouts from her sympathy for other living things, from animals, to people, and even to bugs. She can't stand to see another living being robbed of it's life, even if it costs her own.

Yarrow's obsession with becoming a hero has almost become more of a lifestyle than a goal, causing her to get flustered when she does something against the rules. Guilt becomes harder on her, smaller things make her upset, and larger things tear at her mind until she has a breakdown. This guilt stems from even simple things like being late for class, losing someone else's pencil, or even swatting a mosquito. She likes to go by Yarrow sometimes, because it sounds more heroic.

Another thing about Yarrow is that she doesn't really know how to socialize with people properly. To make up for this, she tries to keep them away by being rude or firing empty threats at them. Yarrow also, due to her weather ability, enjoys warm foods, places, and things.

Likes: Warmth, hot cocoa, sleeping, and animals.

Dislikes: Socializing, the cold, bugs, and killing.

History: Yarrow's father was a weapon, her mother was a human. When Yarrow was born, she was assumed to be dead because of her body temperature. When they noticed breathing, they were astounded. After much testing they determined the cold came from her soul and they sent her home. She grew living a rather normal life, until she turned 12. At age twelve she was helping her mother make dinner while her father was at work. Yarrow had cut herself on some glass, and become angry. Without warning a large blade shot from her shoulder... And into her mother's chest.

Yarrow had been afraid. The blade had vanished as quickly as it had come, and the only trace was the blood on her arm and her mother's limp body with the blue orb above it. Her father tried for weeks to tell her it was ok, and it wasn't her fault, but that was it. Yarrow remained in her room as much as possible the next year and a half, practicing controlled transformation again and again. She never wanted to kill anything ever again.

After awhile her father decided she should spend some time at the DWMA and sent her off, where she lives in a cheap and dirty apartment with two black kittens that like to follow her her around. She's named them Stella and Luna, both being female.

Other: Due to her tendency to push people away, Yarrow is a hard weapon to sync with. Most people cannot wield her.

Have you read the rules?
I don't know how to deal with this...

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PostSubject: Re: Yarrow   Thu Jan 01, 2015 1:59 pm

Achillea? I thought her name was Achilles. Unless that's a spelling error. Anyway, Yarrow, interesting as always. While she supports that soul resonance that can harm both sides of the battle, a very nice way of balancing her.


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