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 Chatbox, Threads, and other stuff!~

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Prinny Emalia
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Prinny Emalia

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PostSubject: Chatbox, Threads, and other stuff!~   Sat Dec 27, 2014 10:20 am

So, as we all know, here at Soul Eater: Madness we love to chat RP. That's fine. We can keep doing that, but let's try to remember that we DID make the site for thread roleplay too? I'm not pointing fingers or placing blame, because I'm really guilty myself, but if we want to become a forum people notice WE GOTTA POST!

To further promote the posting, I'm making three new characters for thread. Yasuna Oribe has been posted today. The other two are Tokine Lockwood and Achillea "Yarrow" Millefolium, which will be posted as I finish them. Along with my current three, (Kitty, Kuro, and Ophidia), this will allow me to be in at most six threads. I'm also going to make a point out of posting more often than once a week. ._.

What do you say guys? I've already noticed a spike in thread RP lately, so I know you can all do it. SO LET'S GET POSTY! :D

(Side note, I've moved this to member announcements so the members can respond as they please.)


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Vix The Vulpix

Vix The Vulpix

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PostSubject: Re: Chatbox, Threads, and other stuff!~   Sat Dec 27, 2014 11:12 pm

My Characters and development

*note to le self, addth ur chars as you go, and update n stuff....

Enter at your own risk: Seven deadly sins philosophy

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Chatbox, Threads, and other stuff!~
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