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 Sonya Alexandrov

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PostSubject: Sonya Alexandrov   Tue Dec 23, 2014 5:20 am

Name: Sonya Alexandrov
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Weapon: Yasuna Oribe
Appearance: Sonya is a younger girl, not even in her teens, and she shows it very blatantly in her physical stature. She stands at a modest 4'10" and weighs less than 150 pounds. She has citrine blonde hair that's almost constantly tied up into twin tails with black ribbons that have foreign patterns embroidered into them. She has bright blue eyes which are wide, yet constantly narrowed toward others. Her skin is fair, to the point where sunburns are a pretty common threat to her. She has a quite slim figure, which she finds very helpful for her fighting style.

She dresses very professionally for a girl her age, typically never seen in any sort of casual attire. When on business, or when attending school, Sonya wears a very dark grey suit with black lapels that goes over a white shirt with collars. She also wears a black pleated skirt that would probably be short on other girls but happens to be perfectly sized for her. She also wears a small black tie that she never removes when on business.
Personality: Sonya is a dry,sarcastic person who typically does not like to show emotions such as happiness, sadness, or fear. She had been trained since birth as a mercenary, and due to that, mercy isn't exactly one of her strongest suits. Neither is companionship, as she tends to become very harsh and at times, physically harmful to those she refers to as friends. Especially her "weapon" partner, Yasuna, with whom she likes to consider her relationship "complicated."

Despite the whole, trained as an assassin thing, she is still a young girl and acts like that. She has a large infatuation with sweets, specifically crepes and ice cream. She also greatly fears things larger than her, such as bears, as well as insects and dogs. She also has a soft spot for certain dangerous animals, like spiders and snakes. She also has a soft spot for Yasuna, which she'd never admit to. To anyone.
Likes: Ice cream, rainy days, yakisoba bread, training, wrestling, and Yasuna(begrudgingly).
Dislikes: Idiocy, warm weather, her hair becoming poofy and frizzy.
History: Sonya Peaches Alexandrov was born to Marcus Alexandrov and Anna Markovi on a midsummer day almost 13 years ago in a clinic 30 feet below the city that most knew as Chicago. Why was this? Well, Sonya's parents were mercenaries and typically were found out when living in normal neighborhoods. Luckily for them, there was a large enough group of such killers living in Chicago in a secretive underground civilization.

After birth, Sonya was thrust energetically into training at the tender age of 5, and did exceptionally horrible for someone from her lineage. Because of this she became very reclusive and quite rude to those around her while attempting to hone her skills. As the years passed, from 5, to 7, to 9, to 10, Sonya was trained in wrestling, gun-play, muay-thai, and several less practical methods of assassination before it was decided that she was ready and she was sent to live by herself in Death City.

Upon arrival to Death City, almost immediately after becoming settled in with her apartment, she applied to join the DMWA despite her parent's disdain for the Academy. She felt that an assassin was not truly complete until they found a weapon partner. Unfortunately for her, she never found that. She did find a couple of friends however, the most notable of which being her "Best" friend, Yasuna Oribe. Sonya's entirely aware of the fact that Yasuna has a weapon soul and is infuriated that she never believes her.

Other: Has a habit of punching Yasuna when she says something annoying.
Hates crows because of a past incident where they stole her food.
Can use Soul Perception, but is horrible at Soul Menace.
Have you read the rules?
I don't know how to handle this...
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PostSubject: Re: Sonya Alexandrov   Tue Dec 23, 2014 4:44 pm

This is going to beautiful. ;w;

Approved, and moved~
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Sonya Alexandrov
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