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PostSubject: Diana(done)   Fri Dec 19, 2014 8:07 pm

[img]Insert Picture here then remove the * from the code.[*/img]
Name: Diana, Winterstar
Age: 14
Gender: girl
Weapon: N/A.
Appearance: Diana is 4 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 116 pounds. She has long which she keeps dyed blue. Her eyes are a cold dead blue. During the summer Diana wears a red long sleeved shirt with many different colored bracelets on both arms. On her lower body she wears a red and blue skirt and white runner shoes. In the winter a black jacket is wore over her red shirt. She also wears a pair of green gloves and a green hat. Her skirt is replaced with blue jeans but she still wears the white running shoes.
Personality: Diana has always had these demons like personality. From a young age she’s been fascinated by violence. She acts as if killing or hurting someone is just a game. She does things out of pure interest don’t think about her actions much making her seem childish. Diana will find interest in all most any think, seeing or trying new thing always makes her happy. She really doesn't have any goals in life only to attain the school and have fun. Toward her friend she’s still a little violent but not as much and is very hyper. She may seem childish but if you screw with her friend's well just start praying. She usually makes friend by finding interest in the person or its someone that generally tries to makes friends with than usually regret’s it later.

In a fight she’s even worse. She just sings along to her music as she runs in with outstanding martial arts skills. Diana has grown a very high pain tolerance because of her thinking that pain is funny a just keeps laughing the more you hit her. Diana doesn't do a lot of thinking about her family not that she doesn't care, it just that she is always doing something she always has why too much free time. She listens to music on her iPod which is always to loud making her seem that shes ignoring you. Diana know she has to go to Shibusen but doesn't find the school interesting that much, Diana is always fascinated by witches because most have that general violent impression some goes for kishin eggs but her fascination with them doesn't mean she won’t attack then. No it’s because of that violent impression Diana attacks them.
Likes: violence
watching others in pain
Dislikes: being told she cant
not being allowed to do what she wants
letting a victim go
History: When Diana was born her parent could tell that there was something demonic about there daughter.

Diana was born into a very religious family. Her parents never let her near any type of violence. So it worried her parents when Diana come running in to the house with her hands covered in blood holding a half dead rabbit. Her parent couldn't speak they were shocked by there daughters sudden violence.

Diana's perent dismissed the killing of the raddit not sure what to do. Then when Diana was 8 year old she got into a fight a school with a boy. The boy pinned her to the ground and started hitting her. As the boy hit her she started laughing, the harder the boy hit the harder she laughed. she sat there laughing until she was unconscious.

Thats when Diana's parents decided to see a psychologist. The psychologist did some test then told Diana's parent that she fin and to just observe her behavior.

Then the winter massacre happened. Diana was 12 now nothing had happened in between the time since she was 8 so her parent let her walk around, but thing were about to got much more worse more than ever before. Diana had waled it a small side shop ans started browsing around. A couple moments later a group of drunken man comes into the store. One of the men pointed a gun at the Max as the other one jumped over the counter. Two other men found Diana browsing the sections of the store. The lunged at knives in their hands. One of the man had grabbed her and pushed her up against the wall the knife pressed on her neck the felling come to her so easily as started to chuckle. the man told her to shut up and pressed the knife closer to her neck which made her chuckle more.

Diana hand had landed on an antic katana in the corner at that very moment something snapped in her head, she started laughing as she pushed the man to the ground. The knife pressed hard against her neck but she just kept on laughing as she drove the sword into the man’s head, before the other man could react she swing the sword up into his leg.

Then as she laughed and giggled she went over and picked up a knife from one of the men and engraved the words Blood and insanity into the blade. When the police got there, Diana was laying on the floor laughing madly covered in blood. She was also playing with the men souls At one point Diana lick the soul then made a questionable look on her face than ate it instantly sicking her tongue out at the distasteful soul then when back to playing with the other.

After some struggle the cops were able to take the sword and the souls from her. They said that she should be put in a mental institution. but would let then find a suitable way to deal with these. After long debating they decide to send her to the Shibusen.

It took her two year to reach death city. In those two years Diana had been to a little town and killed two young women. There was a man there who took Diana and trained her in martial arts . He also tried to teach her some self-control methods but they didn't work so well. After two year Diana lost interest and want to Shibusen. Let hope everything goes OK.
Other: Demon flesh- is an ability that just comes natural to her it appeared during the winter massacre. If someone was to see her heal they would see steam rise from the wound and smell burning flesh. The healing takes effect minutes after an open wound appears and only takes a few second to completely heal the wound. She can also heal broken bones but that process is much slower. The down side is she can’t heal internal wound and won't heal if she continues to take damage. The ability comes natural to her healing her wounds effortlessly.
Have you read the rules?
I don't know how to handle this.
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