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 Alvah Valdis

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PostSubject: Alvah Valdis   Thu Dec 18, 2014 2:39 am

Name: Alvah Valdis (Goes by multiple names)
Gender: Female
Age: 963
Species: “Greater” Corruption Demon

Appearance: Alvah can take two different forms. In one, she appears like some sort of near-human monster. Maybe a fey. The other is her more menacing form, and reveals more of her nature.


Alvah's true form gives off an aura of corruption. This form has menacing purple eyes, and dark ashen skin. She wears inhuman pointed ears, taloned feet, and wait height wings, all pointing to her darker intentions. Her light weight, and relatively small stature of 5'6" does little to dissipate her intimidating qualities. She tends to be scantily garbed in this form, hoping to add to the persons discomfort, seduced state, or cater to any other state of mind that keeps them off their better footing. Her voice echoes in several pitches of male, and female, though her own is the more prominent.


Almost elf like, this form reflects at curious grace. Every part of this form is gentle. From her soft eyes, innocent expression, and silky skin, she seems to mean harm to no one. She's the same relative size as her true form, but in a far more welcoming manner. Her voice is smooth, and reflects a soft spoken scholar, or doctor. Unlike her other form, her clothing is always elegant, and modest, deceiving her darker intentions.

Personality: Alvah Valdis can most accurately be described under one umbrella term. Bored. After nearly a thousand years of work, she's seen just about everything she could ever want to. This leaves her very open with her interests, and devoid of any sort of morality.

Her lack of clear interests, fun, and morality combined, have lead her to view mortal affairs as a sort of game. Even when she's on the losing end of a deal, or battle, she'll find a way to enjoy it. Any amount of wounding, lying, cheating, stealing, or general sinning in favor of any party is well enjoyed. This defines her as both sadistic, and masochistic.

Don't let any of that give you the wrong idea. She also loves acts of bravado, heroism, and has an especially soft spot for romanticism. Although, this may not be a good thing, as this means she enjoys seeing a relationship flourish as much as she loves tearing it apart, and loves a hero wading into combat with ruthless impunity until victory is achieved, as much as she loves the look of tragedy on his allies faces when he's torn to bits.

Likes: A good bargain, a challenge, submissive individuals willing to be her thrall, breaking the strong of will, mind games(In, and out of her favor. They’re all in good fun to her.), manipulating/being manipulated, losing AND winning, morally detached individuals, breaking people from their attachments.

Dislikes: Easy Prey(though it makes her no less willing to take advantage of it), other high ranking demons/demonesses, pitty.

History: Alvah was born a very, very , VERY long time ago. So long ago, that she was well past her mortal age limit by the time the DWMA was founded. And she remembers every bit as well as yesterday.

Alvah has spent many, many lifetimes accumulating corruptive force to make it this far. Her goal is to become an “Arch Demon”

Powers: Alvah’s powers revolves around corruption, and making bargains. She uses this to augment the body, and in small ways, the soul. Souls of varying amounts must be used to forge these deals, and the souls used are locked away inside of Alvah’s pocket world, where they suffer emotionally and physically for eternity(or until the event that Alvah dies).All these bargains have a price, and if Alvah wants to augment herself, she’ll have to undergo a bargain with someone like anyone else.

The magnitude of the payment is based on a case basis. Diminutive(5 souls, and something small from the person. A simple favor, a sample of their essence. Et cetera.), lesser(10 souls, and something handy. A tough favor, or large amount of their essence.), moderate(20 souls, and something useful. Betraying a friend/loved one, a phenomenal amount of essence or an important possession), major(30 souls, and something irreversible. Loss of one of the seven sense, a type of emotion, a paralyzing amount of essence, memories, or possession of a limb.), prime(40 souls, and something tragic. Kill a friend/loved one, sell your soul, or ownership of your body.).

Essence ManipulationThis allows Alvah to make the essence collected through bargains into items(Or simply use her own). This allows her to steal an ability/spell from a person for a certain amount of time, depending on the level of the bargain. Multiple bargains can be combined for a larger level of essence, but they must be from the same person to combine. If only for show, she can extract essence from lesser life. Killing small animals, and wilting plant life. This collects a meaningless amount of energy that can never be of any use.
Diminutive BargainThis is the smallest form of bargaining. This is might grant someone a small favor from Alvah, or a minor enchanted item(scroll/potion). One use only. These bargains are given loose examples of the rewards.
Lesser Bargain This might allow someone a decent favor from Alvah, or a decent magic item(like a wand) with a few(Up to 20 uses depending on the ability/spell) uses of an ability/spell.
Moderate Bargain This would earn someone a well rounded favor from Alvah, or an good item(Up to 50 uses).
Major BargainThis would create an impressive(up to 100 uses), or hold Alvah to a compromising favor.
Prime BargainThis can permanently imbue an item with a single ability, or hold Alvah to a perilous favor.
PossessionAlvah can enter the body of anyone who has lost themselves to a bargain, or died before they could complete it. These bodies are stored in Alvah’s pocket world, and kept fresh there. She can use these bodies at any time. Destroying this body will send Alvah back to her pocket world, and end her ability to ever use it again. While in the body, she can use the person’s abilities(that she will have to learn to use just like they did), or her own. (She will not be able to use the persons magic, or wavelength natures unless the person has also lost their soul. The persons soul may be able to resist her use if it was strong.)
CurseAlvah can perform a variety of curses on someone. This curse requires a personal artifact, locket of hair, or something similar. These curses can cause vivid sensations, nightmares, make someone give into/focus only on their vices, or negative emotions, or suffer hallucinations. These curses can be created once every 10 posts or with a bargain, regardless of thread change. Once created, the curse is effective until the item anchoring it is destroyed.
Energy Expulsion: Blast Alvah can fire a burst of concentrated demonic energy at an opponent. These dark purple rays can come from her hands, fingertips, or eyes. These only do decent damage, but their main quality is being hard to avoid, and keeping range.
Energy Expulsion: SigilAlvah can create a sigil that explodes into the same energy as her blasts. The radius of the explosion is around five feet tops, but can be as small as she likes. These may be detonated remotely, or go off when someone touches them. They appear as a shallow indention on whatever surface they were layed on, and glow a bright purple just before they go off. They are generally tricky to spot, but someone with soul perception will pick them up right away. Placing these requires Alvah to place he hand on the object.
FamiliarsAlvah may bind a non-sentient creature to her will using her own essence. This is usually something like a bird, snake, or fox, but also includes those turned into weak monsters upon the loss of their soul. Alvah MAY bind a creature to someone else's will for a bargain, but unlike Alvah, this person will feel any pain and emotion the familiar does, and vice versa. People may communicate, see through the eyes of, and even cast spells, and use soul natures through this creature, as their souls are now linked. They may also be combined with a single essence ability/type(Fire/Wolf=Hell hound, and the likes). She may only do this once every 10 posts, or with a bargain, regardless of thread change.
Object CreationCreates objects from thin air. Wands, scrolls, books, weapons.These are generally made as a component for a contract. If they are not bound by a bargain, or a person’s essence, they will disappear in roughly an hour. Breaking the item renders it useless, and it is harder to break than average, on levels depending of the type of bargain. None of these can stand up to a resonance technique or something of similar strength.
Meta-TeleportationThis allows Alvah to throw people into a metaphysical plane of existence. It allows them to view, or relive memories, or dreams. It also allows her to throw them into her own mind for a mental battle that has no effect on reality. This takes 2 posts of concentration to perform. Anyone with the 20 foot sigil is taken with her.
TelepathyAlvah can speak with people through their mind(as the name implies). She may link as many people to this as she likes, and the messages cannot be blocked out by sheer force of will.
Pocket WorldThis is Alvah’s private dimension. It takes the shape of a deep expansive labyrinth, and at it’s center is gigantic purple orb, rippling with the faces of her victims, sending their moans of pain echoing into the nearby corridors. Here she stores the bodies, senses, enchantments, familiars, and anything else she wishes. Alvah can pull things from this place at will, but placing things bigger than/as big as her takes 2 posts of concentration. Anyone within the 20 ft wide sigil is taken with her.
Demonic EmbraceThis makes the person give into their vice's, and become a demon. This means that they are cursed to gather souls in a way similar to a Kishin Egg, but their power is granted when they have proven themselves worthy of a new rank from the arch demon they serve. This takes many, many more souls that a usual soul devouring creature, but lacks the corruption of madness.

Other: something that doesn't fit in the other categories.

-Those who learn Alvah’s true name are considered it’s owner. Telling someone will cause you to forget her name, as the person told is then the owner of the name. Those who own Alvah’s name can compel her to form one bargain for them in exchange for her name. She can only refuse the bargain if it is something such as extended/eternal imprisonment, or killing herself.

-Those who lose their lose their soul in a bargain with Alvah and die, or die before fulfilling their end of a(any) bargain, will be resurrected as a familiar to Alvah. These are generally ordinary animals, or low level monsters(Fairies, Imps et cetera), but are no longer the person they once were. Their body, and soul will lie elsewhere, while bits of their former self is with the new body. Only Prime bargain may return them to normal, and the second time they die, they are thrown into the orb in Alvah’s pocket world..

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Alvah Valdis
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