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 Prof's Kishin Egg Experience

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PostSubject: Prof's Kishin Egg Experience   Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:36 pm

Too much. Everything is too much. That's why my hands where buried into her chest. Oh that sickening crack of ribs. The welcoming warmth of her blood. Was I ever as strong as just then? And that tantalizing blue. All too tempting. I had too right? It was already off. The wet blood would never wash away. The scent would always follow me. So, the plunge it is.

It was far too big for my mouth. Somehow, that didn't stop me. In fact, it wasn't even difficult. Like even human, I was built for sin. It had no taste, just like they said. And, even though I had the sensation of swallowing too much, it didn't hurt. It slid down swiftly into me, warming my stomach. The warmth quickly became burning. The worst pain of my life. Corruption is wracking my body like bathing in liquid negativity. Soon though... Soon it's all gone. I don't register the painful situation. Mind, body, or soul.

Life is a flash after that. Occasionally a fight. A kill. But, always the lovely swallowing sensation. Did my hands always look that sharp? Life begins to move even faster. I only see their souls in my hand. They aren't nearly as fulfilling as before. I have to move faster. Faster still. Fastest. Even faster after that.

I'm awake... An old friend has come to stop me? Didn't she have two arms before? She doesn't want me to be alone. We can be miserable together? I've impaled her on spikes. Pulling in every direction, I've torn her limb from limb. Her soul is mine too. What was that? I swear I didn't mean to. I'm sorry. I swear... I'm so sorry... Blankness.
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Prof's Kishin Egg Experience
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