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PostSubject: Tokine   Sat Dec 13, 2014 7:10 pm

Name: Tokine Lockwood

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Animal Form: Gecko~

Weapon: N/A

Appearance: Tokine is a petite girl of around 5'3. Her hair is a pale pink color, hanging down below her hips in length. Her bangs are swept to the right, but not long enough to cover her eyes. Her eyes themselves are a gentle brown, unless in madness when they turn a deep pink shade. Her legs are rather long, built for running.

Her hair is usually kept to the sides with two flower design hairpins. Her skirt is black and hangs about mid-thigh and is paired with black knee-height socks. She wears a white spaghetti strap tank top, with a thin, baggy, white blouse. This blouse has a black trim with ruffles around her neck and waist. She ties it off with a black bow under her collar.

Tokine's footwear is a pair of white slip on flats. These make a feint metallic sound when she walks, for the bottoms of her shoes have a lightweight metal sole as well as small metal pieces over the toes and heels. Normally her father's blade will be in a sheath carried on her back. The sheath is white with a black strap. The sword itself is a heavy longsword with a white blade of around 2 1/2 feet in length and a thickness of around 5 inches. The guard and handle are also white, and the handle is wrapped with black fabric strips for grip. She rarely uses the sword, because it's heavy and hard for her to swing due to having little upper body strength.

Personality: Tokine can be clingy. She's constantly throwing herself on strangers and friends alike. This can mean anything from following them like a lost puppy, to demanding their attention when she's around. She may do this to multiple people at a time, or asphyxiate herself on one person that she actually likes. This attention is a necesity to her, because it helps to soften the impact of not having anyone to call family for a long time. Tokine enjoys making friends and having adventures. Fighting Kishin Eggs is exciting to her, and exactly what she wants to do with her life.

When not harassing people or kicking butt, Tokine enjoys kicking back, curling up to someone, and enjoying a good book or a movie. However, she can rarely find someone willing to actually let her cuddle them, which makes her kinda lonely sometimes. She tends to hide the fact that she likes to read and learn, because she doesn't want to be stereotyped as a bookworm or a nerd.

As much as Tokine flirts, when it comes to someone she actually has a crush on flirting with her, she will melt pretty fast and become extremely submissive. She may get quite embarrassed, or mutter to herself hopelessly. She also has a short attentions span, and zones out or daydreams a lot. Despite being a witch, Tokine hopes to one day get in good with the DWMA. She wishes to work as a meister and make her own Death Scythe.

Likes: Cuddling, attention, learning, hunting Kishin Eggs, flirting, and sweet.

Dislikes:  Being insulted, being told no, being ignored, boredom, being alone,  and bitter foods.

History: Tokine was born into a loving home. Her mother and father were both witches in hiding, but unlike most they hid in plain sight. They had a nice home in a small town and raised Tokine with love. She went to school, she had friends, she was normal. In fact, Tokine wasn't even aware she was a witch until she was 6 years old. At this time, her older cousin Samantha (See Sam's app for details) was taken in by her family. Samantha and Tokine quickly grew close that year, and it was from Sam that she learned of her family's heritage. When Samantha left only a year later, Tokine was pretty upset about it, but moved on for the time being.

At age 8, her parents' past came to haunt them, and they were slain by a higher witch, leaving not a single trace of them in the house. Tokine had been sleeping, and woke up alone. The child was confused, and lost... Where had her parents gone...? It took a few weeks of sitting in the house alone before it sank in that they probably weren't coming back. So, after quite awhile, she gathered her things, and one keepsake from each parent. From her mother, the hair-clips she used to wear. From her father, the prized white sword he hung on the wall in their room, and the sheath from under their bed. Tokine just left the house, making plans to stay the night at friends' houses every night she could and sleeping in any warm place when she couldn't.

The school began to question Toki's home life at around age 10 when they discovered that her parents refused to pay school fees. When they found the empty house they began to ask Tokine where her parents were. After explaining they had left, Tokine was tossed into foster care. The place she was put in was a bit overcrowded and the staff wasn't nice at all. She'd grit her teeth and bear it though, practicing her magic in secret until she was 14, when she simply ran off.

For the past two years Tokine has been hitch hiking about the United States, honing het magic, doing odd jobs for cash to buy meals, and stealing food when no work can be found. Occasionally she'll slay a weak Kishin Egg (Should she encounter one.) in the middle of the night and sell it's soul for a pretty penny on the down-low.

Basic Witch Magic

Transform - Tokine becomes one of three geckos. She can pick which. Great for escaping, spying, or sneaking up on people. Geckos: Yellow Palmato, Pink Leopard, or Sand-Toned Gargoyle - No Mantra

Flight - As a witch, Tokine can fly using a broom. However, she never took the time to learn to do so, and thus will travel on foot until she can find someone to teach her. - No Mantra

Gecko Witch Spells

Yellow Light Screen - Yellow light screens are two dimensional hard-light squares that Tokine can put up and abandon. These are fairly easy to make, and Tokine uses them to block a single (weak) blow or make stairs to a higher/lower area. They have a max area of 6 square feet. - Mantra: Stick, Climb, Stick.

Pink Light Screen - Pink light screens are two dimensional hard-light squares that Tokine can put up directly in front of her. She has to hold her hands pointed at the screen, because as soon as she moves them it will vanish. These are used for blocking strong attacks, and take more effort to put up. Max Area of 8 square feet. - Mantra: Stick, Lick, Lick, Climb.

Green Light Prism - Green light prisms are three dimensional hard-light boxes that Tokine makes to isolate people or objects. They have six sides, and each side's max area is 10 feet in either direction. These boxes will crack and shatter if hit with enough force, but will also automatically vanish in 6 posts. - Lick, Stick, Climb, Stick.

Blue Light Prism - Blue light prisms are three dimensional hard-light boxes that Tokine makes for catching things or jumping higher. They act much like a trampoline, as when an object lands in them they can soften the impact. Alternatively, if one lands on it, and applies force by jumping, it will launch them into the air. The max area of each side is 8 feet, either direction. - Mantra: Climb, stick, climb, lick.

Transparent Prism - This prism, and all things inside of it, become 100% transparent. In other words, it makes things look like they vanished. It's properties are the same as the green light prism other-words, and it's mainly used for spying. The flaw is that, like the green prism, people can't pass through it, so it's best used for hiding in corners and such so people don't walk into it. - Mantra: No Mantra, Stealth Spell.

Other: N/A

Have you read the rules?
I don't know how to deal with those...

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PostSubject: Re: Tokine   Fri May 15, 2015 11:01 pm

Unless Jt or Ina have complaints:

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PostSubject: Re: Tokine   Sat May 16, 2015 2:56 am

Greatest approving sign Evor. That is all

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PostSubject: Re: Tokine   

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