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PostSubject: Seikan(WIP)   Thu Apr 24, 2014 5:59 pm

[img]Insert Picture here then remove the * from the code.[*/img]

Name: Seikan

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Animal Form: Woodpecker

Weapon: N/A.


Seikan has an olive complexion. Seikan's face is slim and frail looking but durable in a fight. His nose is also long and pointy making him look like a woodpecker. Seikans eyes mimic the color of any leafs he around or touching. The only time this ability doesn't work is in the winter where his eyes are always jet black. His eyes mimic the color of the leaves because he has a close bond with trees. His hair is an abnormal red like the head of a woodpecker. His hair only goes down to his shoulders and is very spiky and wavy looking. He stands at 5'11". Seikan wears a dark green trench coat with bits of black and gray in it. The trench coat ends right at his knees. Seikan wares a solid green T-shirt under the coat also. He also wears camouflage pants and black boots. Seikan always has twigs in his hair from living in trees.


Depending on what happens to Seikan he can act in really different ways. One of the big ways he acts different is based on how lonely he is. If Seikan as no friends for awhile his minds starts to break causing him to go mad with emotions and will act insane. He can be brought out of this broken state of mind by making friends with someone and trusting them. Breaking Seikan's trust once will make it near impossible to mend it with him. Seikan isn't one to attack someone unless they try and tick him off, or attack him.

When Seikan is lonely enough for his mind to start breaking he starts to act more depressed and start having emotional breakdowns more. If someone tries attacking him when he lonely he will start yelling about anything and everything while fighting back. Seikan also makes friends with about every tree he meets when he goes insane. He is able to snap out of this sanity and slowly go "sane" if he makes a friend who doesn't give up on him.

When Seikan has friends he acts very differently, being happy and positive around his friends. He still has emotional breakdowns, but way less compared to when he’s insane. He still calls the trees his friends but doesn't rely on his tree friends as much. He also naively follow’s he friends sometimes.


Seikan likes trees and making friends with anyone. Even making friends with trees sometimes.


Seikan doesn't like being lonely. He wants to be friends with people but thinks they will treat him like everyone else did. He dislikes his soul protection but puts it up because he noticed people get scared of him when he drops it and doesn't know why.


Seeking acceptance, Seikan spoke with a cherry blossom out in the woods. He spoke to the tree explaining the events that happened during the last week.

He told him about the loneliness he was feeling. How he tried so hard to be accepted and to be loved by someone, and how it failed and he ended up more hurt and lonely than before. He even said how he got stones thrown at him by the other kids at school instead of the usual paper and occasional pencil. Seikan then said to the tree “They find something to hate about me all the time, talking, my eyes changing color, my hair being red, my face being ‘bird like’, liking trees too much, trying to defend trees, even my father being dead.” What started as a normal talk… to a tree, turned into a hour of Seikan crying hard to understand things to the tree.

Seikan, fell asleep in the tree and came home at 4am he was greeted at the door of his house by his mother who looked very mad at him. Seikan walked back outside ignoring his mother and started blankly into the forest a few tears streaming down his face. His mother was now yelling louder trying to get him to listen but he didn't hear her say a thing. Seikan didn't hear her yet again though he was lost in something he saw about 5 ft in the air. It was a maple seed that was slowly making its way to the ground, it landed in Seikans hand and he smiled looking at the seed in his right hand he focused on it. He even decided to do something that both his mother and father told him never to do, he got rid of his soul protection and started feeding the seed magic. The seed started slowly at first growing a single small leaf. Seikan got the hang of growing a tree with magic fast though, his mother couldn’t tell he was doing anything. She thought it was just a normal seed. When she went down to pick it up when the tree went into full bloom, growing branches at extremely fast rates. The branches all grew out of the right side and where sharpe because of Seikans lack of experience with getting it right. The right was the side his mother was on, she had no time to react to the spear like branches and they impaled her before she could even yell.

Seikan snapped out his trance like state and gasped when he saw his mother’s dead body. He quickly looked away too disgusted to look at it. He just wanted to grow a tree in the moment not this… not to create this haunting image. Seikan’s sister Sares also got woken up, from this and walked out the back door instead of the front. Sares didn't see her mother’s dead body yet and Seikan didn't want her to, she was 5, and didn't need this so he ran to her saying “Sares, it late but lets play a game!” Seikan put on a fake smile to fool Sares and she said naively.

“Game?! What’s the game!”

Seikan had to think of a game fast but said. “We can play hide and go seek, but we have to go somewhere else for it. I’ll even carry you there.”

Sares looked energetic and said “OK! Sounds like fun!”

Seikan picked up Sares and walked very far away. Sares fell asleep in his arms for most of the walk but Seikan didn't stop walking away. He didn't know why he was walking at first but then he came up with a plan.

He looked at Sares, pain building up in his heart over the aspect of this plan but knew he had to do it.

Seikan and Sares walked in the forest for 1 day. Sares did wake up from her nap but Seikan told her “We still have to walk this hide and seek grounds are very secret and far away.” Sares was ok with this though she loved her brother Seikan didn't even know she liked him this much which made what he had to do hurt even more. After they walked for the one day Sares was tired again and already napping in Seikans hand. Seikan saw a house and put Sares down in the grass about 30ft away from the house. He then climbed up into a tree very far away and hide there seeing how things will turn out, and hoping for it to go good. 30 minutes past and Sares woke up and looked, she remembered about the hide and go seek game so she didn't start yelling for Seikan to stop hiding right away. Instead she looked around for about another 15 minutes. After 15 minutes she got fed up with the game and yelled “Brother our hide and seek game is taking forever where are you!?”

Seikan watched trying not to cry and wanting for her to find a home. It may of not been the best plan but it was the only one he thought of.

Seikan dozed off during a part of it his dreams getting haunted by Sares yells for him to come back, nearly falling out of the tree he was sleeping in a few times. He got woken up by another voice and Sares though yelling out brother. Puzzled he looked down and saw Vincent walking with Sares. They were looked for him but didn't find him going back home empty handed. Seikan did some spying on the house for a few weeks after that and decided they were nice enough people to become Sares new parents, so he left to wonder around his heart still feeling scared from the events that took place.


*Seikan has the power to control the growth of trees. He does the by feeding energy and dictating how the tree grows. This spell is one of his only spells but most important. Using this spell also requires focus if he isn't focused the trees will grow anyway they wish. Making it grow into solid wood, and not roots or branches is nearly impossible for him to do in a fight because of the focus it takes.*

*Seikan can also make a giant woodpecker. (Size can depend but it is usually only has a wingspan of 7 ft and a body length of 10 ft) Seikan needs about 5 minutes to make this giant woodpecker, and about half his energy.  However if he focuses a lot he can make the woodpecker in 1 minute. When in the air he controls the woodpeckers flapping throw his first spell meaning it takes yet more magic to fly it. The woodpecker as a weight limit of 1000 lb.*

*Seikan has learned how to use soul protection because he used it as a kid to not be harassed by the other kids as much, his father also required him learn it. He is not really skilled at it though so he may lose it every now and then if he gets hit hard enough.*

*Seikan learned how to use a small amount of photosynthesis. This allows him to very, slowly regain energy and heal. (EX. If Seikan was hurt by a cut that went in 1 inch. What will usually take, lets say 1weak, will take him 5-6 days to heal if he gets sun.)*


Have you read the rules? "Let's Go Soul Resonance!"
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PostSubject: Re: Seikan(WIP)   Fri May 09, 2014 9:35 pm

Alright, looks fine. Approved

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