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 Mission Thread: Better Than Ketchup! (Vix, and I)

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Vix The Vulpix


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PostSubject: Re: Mission Thread: Better Than Ketchup! (Vix, and I)   Sun Nov 30, 2014 4:47 pm

Lucciano stood there breathing heavily for a while before helping Allister up "Thanks, Lucciano..." Allister said quietly, disappointed in himself for not being able to deliver the final blow
"No problem, Allie" Lucciano said cheerfully

Lucciano supported Allister as they walked outside, the red headed weapon held the red soul in his free hand, "I feel like a failure, I couldn't even get a hit.." Allister sighed sadly as Lucciano ate the kishin egg soul "don't feel bad, Al" he began after he swallowed "You had enough skill to keep us both alive, besides this was our first mission, you'll get even better than you are now~, Allister looked up at the sky "yea, I guess your right" he murmured

~end~ ((?))

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PostSubject: Re: Mission Thread: Better Than Ketchup! (Vix, and I)   Sun Nov 30, 2014 6:54 pm

((Mission Complete!! The pair will be rewarded Alfred's soul, and 5 souls off screen for a total of 6!)
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Mission Thread: Better Than Ketchup! (Vix, and I)
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