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 Cordelia Harken (Ready for exam)

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PostSubject: Cordelia Harken (Ready for exam)   Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:18 am

Name: Cordelia Harken
Age: 15
Gender: Girl
Weapon Form: Cordelia turns into one of two weapons. The first is a pink hair ribbon. This form is quite pretty and real self explanatory. Her other form is her main combat form, which is a white whip. This whip is quite powerful as it can loosen or harden to the meister's will, solidifying in one area but not in another. The whip is quite effective in combat for its extreme speed against enemies, assuming the meister knows what they are doing.
Meister: No one yet :(
Appearance: She is quite short considering her age, being about 5'2. She has a normal weight for her height as well. She has decent features but nothing remarkable. She has pink hair which goes down to about her elbows in length. She wears her hair straight down except for braid wrapping around her head, near to her ears. She normally wears a white buttoned top similar to what was worn by 19 century soldiers, (you get the picture). She also wears a white pink short skirt typical of schoolgirls but also wears a white petticoat under it. She also wears a cape that is white on the outside but pink on the inside. She also wears high white boots and matching gloves. The reason for her unusual choice of dress is mainly cause she thinks it looks cool.
Cordelia is an... interesting... child to say the least. She is very outgoing and in touch with who she really is. She knows who she is and exactly where she wants to go, which is to make friends and defend those around her. She is very happy go lucky, but can stand up for herself when the time comes. She tends to talk in various fashions, going from a Southern Belle to Chivalrous Knight whenever she feels like it. She hates to fight but knows how to when need be, resonating with a meister or by herself. In reality she exists to have fun and thats exactly what she wants to do. She can be described as a weirdo sometimes as she is extremely direct on what she does, and talks in riddles to some extent. Despite this, she is an extremely caring friend who do anything for someone she deems nice, even dying for them. She hates losing people and gets very emotional in these times. This is one of very few times she will cry instead of accepting the positives. She loves animals alot, even scary ones like bugs or snakes, and wants all the pets she can possibly have. She doesnt like heights very much and will throw up if placed too high.
Animals- Cordelia likes any and all animals, wanting to befriend each and everyone, claiming she can talk animal (which may or may not be true)
Sweets- Cordelia, like most teenage girls, loves sweet and tasty foods, whether they are candy, cakes, cookies, etc.
Nerdy things- While you may not see it at first, she is a massive nerd and playing video games, reading comic books, etc.
Fighting- She personally hates all violence, doing her best to avoid it and end it as quickly and nicely as possible
Blood- She has a huge fear of blood and will cry on sight
Bullies- She hates people who bully others to make themselves feel good, where as she will personally intervene to stop them, peacefully of course
Cordelia was never really that special when it came to her upbringing. She was born into mild poverty with her mother and father who both cared for her very much. She stayed with them and grew up, not learning much education, but more the ways of the world. It was on her 12th birthday that she found her ability to become a ribbon and ran away from home. She was soon found by some talent agents and began a child celebrity from her singing. She didn't really care for this much however, and was only looking for money to get a home, schooling, and nerdy stuff. Upon turning 15, she quit her job and enrolled in the DWMA cause she felt like it.
Other: N/A
Have you read the rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Cordelia Harken (Ready for exam)   Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:00 pm

Alrighty! I LOVE this character. ;w; Also, everything looks just fine. >w<

Approved, and moved!~
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Cordelia Harken (Ready for exam)
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