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PostSubject: Amellynne   Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:52 pm

Name: Amellynne Sairioh
Age: 10
Gender: girl
Animal Form: Unknown as of yet
Weapon: N/A
Appearance:   Ame is quite slender, and doesn’t have much muscle strength although she can support herself quite well on her own. She is unusually small for her age, barely four feet and as delicate as an ice statue. She tends to prefer dresses and skirts over pants, but will wear pants or shorts when necessary.  Her hair is usually tied up with hair ties, but when she wants to spend the day relaxing she’ll leave it down.

Personality:  Amellynne is fairly shy and reserved, she prefers the company of plants over the company of humans. Despite this she can be very outgoing and cheerful, even excessively clingy, when she gets accustomed to your presence, but unfortunately it will take much longer for her to become accustomed to you then is likely worth. She will not say a word out loud when in the middle of strangers. Being a gentle spirit she hates fighting and will faint and/or scream at the sight of blood.

Likes:  Plants: Ame absolutely adores all plant life, which she received from her parents, and is the source of her magic’s origin.
Animals: Along with her love of plants came a love of animals, and so she tries her best to learn the languages of the animal kingdom.
Sweets: Ame also has a sweet tooth which is fairly self explanatory

Dislikes:  Vegetables: fairly obviously, Ame hates a variety of vegetables, cooked or uncooked, but her appetite isn’t leaning towards the carnivorous side either.
Pollution and poaching: She also has a fairly large vendetta against poachers and polluters.
Naturally, she immediately files those who pick on her friends as enemies before even knowing their names.

History: Amellynne cannot remember the majority of her childhood due to post-traumatic stress. Even so, she still has one.
Once upon a time, she had a sister. A wonderful older sister who looked after her like a proper big sister, protecting her from bullies and making sure she stayed clean and healthy - or what passed for clean in the orphanage they lived in. The siblings had been left at the orphanage after their parents abandoned them when Ame was only three. The orphanage was not entirely horrible for the time when it existed, even if it was sub-standard.
Unfortunately, it was not always peaceful. There was quite often fighting between the matron and her husband, between neighbours, and between gangs in the area. The girls were not allowed outside at any time because of it. The orphanage still wasn't safe even with all the locks on the doors and bars on the windows to keep criminals out. Slave traders broke in during broad daylight, murdering the matron, her husband and all of the infant children. The rest, caught unawares, were captured and caged or chained like dogs. All except the two sisters, the elder carrying the sleeping younger child in her arms. She ran far away and hid Ame well within a hollow tree before running off to lead the men in pursuit of them away.
When the little Ame awoke, she stumbled back to the orphanage with much help from the living trees around her only to find her friends being kidnapped away in wagons and her sister's corpse leaking blood into pools across the front steps.
The little girl ran, tiny feet spurred on by fear and covered in blood. She ran as far as she could before collapsing and crawled to the closest tree. She passed out with a hand against the rough bark, and slowly became a part of the tree itself. Unbeknownst to her, Amellynne's magic had connected with the tree and her distress was responded to. The tree kept her safe for decades, until it was chopped down and she was brutally forced back into the world of humans.

Spells: Amellynne hasn't learned many spells, and can only ever cast two with any results.

Nature's light The spell just creates a bright glow in an almost completely reversed way of how trees turn light into their energy, it changes energy into light and causes Ame's skin to glow Lux Lumin Arbor
Nature's breathThis spell purifies the air around Ame of poisons, harmful gasses (including fumes from cars etc.) and very weak madness wave lengths.Sana Eluo Arbor

Other: Amellynne talks to trees as casually as she would talk to a person if she wasn't scared of them. Fun part? Trees talk back.
Have you read the rules?
"I don't know how to handle this..."

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PostSubject: Re: Amellynne   Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:18 am

This character is obviously OP. >w>

I might mention something about the tree thing, but with magic the way it is, and druids being a thing, I believe it's a harmless detail.

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