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 stay home ( fireflys story ~thanks prof for the idea

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PostSubject: stay home ( fireflys story ~thanks prof for the idea   Fri Nov 14, 2014 2:16 am

Halloween was once a night were children dressed up as the creatures of their night mares and walked around their safe little neighborhood collecting sweet treats. But now it is a night humans dread the most. Long ago when the angels were cast from heaven and fell to the earth the kept some of their angel abilities. They used them to torment humans with, which the angels resented they tried many times to destroy them but the fallen angels couldn’t die even with out their wings they were still immortals. Thus started the war between heaven and the Lucifer’s fallen angels. Wanting to avoid any more human death the archangels, gods favored angels, created another dimension and trapped the fallen angels their to keep them from harming humans. After a few centuries of watching the humans parade around mocking them or what they were fabled to be they devised a way to break free of their bonds and cross over to the human world to wreak havoc on humans yet again but it only lasts one night when the boundaries separating the two dimensions is thinnest. But let us get on with the tail of an unfortunate girl who against her mothers orders went out side on this horrible night.

“ vee don’t go outside tonight … you know what tonight is ill make some rice for stella and you can go get dog food in the morning.” vees mother protested looking scared eyeing the window which was dark with the setting sun.

“ mom its fine ill just be a few plus all that’s just myth im not going to be killed by fallen angels.” she scoffed at her mothers superstitious behavior as she put on her coat and walked out the door.

Vee come back inside please its dangerous out here.” she said alarmed.” no mom im going to go get dog food and be right back and I will prove to you that all this is just some stupid myth the government came up with to keep us scared.” she smiled waving to her mother and walking down the street.

As vee walked down the dark streets she hummed a small tune to herself to pass the time. After a few moments she herd foot steps behind her so she turned around and looked for the source,” mom is that you.” she called into the darkness behind her but no one answered her. Vee shrugged dismissing it as her imagination and kept walking she took a short cut through the park which was moderately lit with small lights here and their. Now all she had was a walk through an ally for a few blocks and a cross walk and she would be at the little convenience story that sold her dogs dog food.

As she walked down the dark ally she herd the foot steps again and turned around only to find no one there. She turned back around and walked quicker so she could hurry and get out of the dark ally. Her heart racing in her chest and she felt the urge to run the footsteps sounded again but much closer she turned around her eyes wide only to yet again find no one their . She was scared and creeped out now when she turned around a boy only a bit older then her was standing right in front of her with a grin. Vee let out a loud scream in surprise and took a step back ,” oh im sorry I didn’t mean to scream im a bit edgy right now .”

The boy smirked at her “ oh its okay dear …I understand completely. What brings a pretty thing like you out here especially on this night don’t you know its dangerous.” his voice dripping with dark intent.

His voice gave her the chills and her body screamed at her to run. She looked at him warily “ im just going to the corner market to get some food for my dog so ill just be on my way.” she said and went to walk past him down the ally.

The boy grabbed her arm roughly and pulled her back with a toxic smile.” sorry dear but your dog wont be getting that food. You should have listened to your mom and stayed at home… because fallen angels are real and tonight you will be my entertainment ill take your screams of pain back to the void and saver them all year.”

Her heart was racing, adrenalin pumping through her veins with every breath. Her whole body shook with fear and the need to run. Then she herd the snick of a knife clicking open and then her world went dark.

" Well I can't imagine why else your here you know I can't be killed with the blade"" That brats from the Los Angeles Institute must have told you that at least"
"I could slice you apart" Jace said" see if you could survive in Tiddlywink size pieces. Or cut off your head it might not kill you but it would be fun watching you try and find it"
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stay home ( fireflys story ~thanks prof for the idea
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