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PostSubject: Ophi   Sat Nov 01, 2014 5:51 pm

Name: Ophidia Roman

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Weapon: N/A

Appearance: Ophidia is a petite girl of a rather slender build who stands at about 5'4. Her eyes are a brightly lit golden brown and her hair is an odd soft pink color, hanging just past her hips when down, with neatly cut bangs. While her small size and fragile-looking body make her seem incapable, she is actually quite strong physically due to the time she spent training.

Due to recently joining the DWMA, Ophidia has obtained a school uniform. This consists of a few pieces, starting with a white button-up t-shirt with baggy sleeves. On the ends of the sleeves are straight cut cuffs with fancy red trim and around her neck is a red trimmed collar and a small red neck tie with gold trim. Next comes a simple pleated skirt featuring a red plaid pattern. This hangs to around her fingertips, and has a black lace trim. Then comes a pair of mid-thigh height white stockings and brown loafers. Caried with her is a suitcase style bag with her school papers.

Outside of school, when just out and about, Ophidia insteead wears a more comfortable sweatshirt, v-necked with baggy sleeves and a light purple coloration. On the front of it is a white kitten face. Paired with this is a knee length pleated skirt in black, ankle socks, and purple canvas sneakers.

Occationally, if training or walking around at night, Ophidia will cary a custom made scythe. (Origin in history.) This scythe has a pink handle and a slightly curved blade.

Personality: Ophidia is odd in many ways, from her clothing choices to the foods she eats and even to her weapon choice. She's always shown a love for reading, from childhood to now, and though what she reads has changed, why she reads is always the same. Finding new knowledge. She likes to collect useless facts that mean nothing to most and just store them. There isn't really any reason for it, it's just something she enjoys.

Due to all the time Ophidia spent reading and training back at the orphanage, she never really found the time or use for making friends or improving social skills. This has caused actual human interaction to become awkward and quiet. To avoid this, she tends to isolate herself from most people by spending a large amount of her time in the DWMA library or in her apartment.

While this seems like a kinda sad life, Ophidia is pretty happy on her own. It's her goal to graduate from the academy and take a job as a librarian there. She does, however, intend to find a living scythe at some point. Even with her problems talking to people, she doesn't think it'll be too hard to find a weapon partner. She actually admires weapons, and would probably collect them if she had more money. Though until then she still has that normal scythe...

Likes: Dill Pickle&Peanut Butter sandwiches, reading, cats, and weapons.

Dislikes: Loud music, kishin eggs, crowds, and bugs.

History: It's a strange occurrence when two kishin eggs fall in love. Even stranger when they live long enough to bear a child. Stranger still if the child makes it into the world. This story is about one such child. A child who, against all odds, was given a chance to become something. However, what she will become has yet to be seen. Let's begin, shall we?


On a moonlit night, somewhere in the woods of colorado, a child was born. It was a joyous time for the two crazed murderers who dared take the title of parents. This joy only lasted for around three months before the DWMA managed to track down and slay the low leveled pair, only to find the child. When they were sure the child was still pure, they sent it to an orphanage in a town nearby. It was there the child was named Ophidia Roman, and it was also there Ophidia would grow into the person she is today.

During the first ten years of her life Ophidia could already tell she was different. She didn't fit in with the other kids, and frankly she didn't really want to. What was the point? It wasn't like she needed them. As soon as she could read she found that it was more favorable than making friends. It was easier to think if you only had to think of what was being said and not what you were going to say back. She began to spend a lot of the day at the local library when not at school.

At age twelve Ophidia frightened the orphanage staff by asking if they would allow her to keep a combat knife she found in the dirt. Knowing her origin they became nervous. Not wanting her to follow the same path of her parents, they confiscated it and decided to keep closer tabs on her. However, it was too late. Ophidia had taken an interest in weapons and continued to bring them home when found. After a few months, they decided to simply tell Ophidia why it was they took even the simplest forms of blade from her. They told her of her parents and the DWMA. Ophidia didn't really care, because she never actually knew her parents. That's when the rumors started...

One girl had overheard the conversation through a thin wall. Soon all the children knew and proceeded to spread word she was the spawn of two monsters. Some feared her, some hated her, others felt bad for her. This only drove Ophidia to take every measure to avoid becoming her parents. One night, at age fourteen, Ophidia picked up a large stick and began swinging it around in a field. She had decided to learn to use at least one weapon and join the DWMA. From then on her entire day became devoted to school, reading, and training. Soon enough, at age fifteen, it began to pay off. A volunteer at the orphanage told her that if she could prove that she had what it took, he'd personally pay to send her to the academy.

The next two years Ophidia brought in straight As and proved quite deadly with a staff. At age sixteen the man gave her a brand new custom made scythe. She trained with it every day and became quite proficient. The man, true to his word, took legal guardianship of Ophidia and enrolled her into the DWMA at age seventeen. Recently she's moved into an apartment in Death City and taken in a stray calico kitten she's named Yoko. What will become of the child now? Only time will tell.

Wavelength - As a result of her parents being kishin eggs, Ophidia has a flexible wavelength that is highly susceptible to madness. If not resonating with someone that possesses  anti-madness, even small amounts of madness in the area can make it hard for Ophidia to concentrate. Extended exposure can send her into a fit of madness that can last days.

Madness - Ophidia's madness is that of lust. In it's current form it's simply a very shallow desire for attention and a certain craving for affection. In madness, she considers herself a separate person from Ophidia, but still refers to both personalities by the same name. If left in a madness state too long, she may begin the consumption of pure souls to prolong her time in this state, or even make it permanent.

Have you read the rules?

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PostSubject: Re: Ophi   Tue Nov 04, 2014 10:08 pm

While how she got the scythe was very abrupt and not very well developed, I'm not one to complain. Approved.
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