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PostSubject: Ideas   Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:33 am

Faceclaim List

I think we should have a Faceclaim list showing all the taken FCs cause, I mean, we have a LOT of characters, so it would help with the confusion of choosing a proper faceclaim.

Training Guidelines

This is for people trying to learn resonance, or Kishin Eggs trying to learn new moves and such since, currently, there is no actual set method of identifying or even gaining these abilities besides "Herp Derp I know a new move". I think guidelines showing the requirements/wordcounts to learn each thing will help make things specific and encourage more thread activity.

Currency and Shop

Shops: This can be implemented for buying items or normal weapons. For example, one could app a necklace that would strengthen their soul power, or someone can spend Money to reforge a broken item.

Currency: Currency can be used for shops or other objects, such as learning a new move. This way, it'll make it so people have to work to get something they want, rather than simply GETTING it.


Ranking can be used to determine how power a normal/soul Weapon is, or how power a attack is. They CAN be rated using the star system from the show (staying true to it), 3 Stars being the absolute highest. Thus, items of 3 Star rank would cost the most or a opponent of the rank is supposed to be very strong/skilled

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