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 The Many Sites I have Made or am On~Enjoy

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The Many Sites I have Made or am On~Enjoy Empty
PostSubject: The Many Sites I have Made or am On~Enjoy   The Many Sites I have Made or am On~Enjoy Icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2014 11:57 am

I have a ton of sites that I am either on, creator of, or an admin! So here they are, if ya wanna join! I worked pretty hard to make some of them, and most of mine are dying T~T please feel free to join and make suggestions, I am open to just about anything! Thanks~

Here's my One Piece site! I am the creator


Here's the first forum I ever joined! It's an MLP OC RP site, and honestly one of my favorites. I was just promoted to mod! So excited~


My friend made this site, and I'm an admin on it. For you Pokemon lovers out there


And here's the second site that I made, for you Warriors fans!


This site where you can RP as an alien similar to humans. Some of them have abilities known as "vires" (aka super powers)


This one is based off of my friends book


If you like wolves, this is perfect for you!


My other friend's site, it's a little darker than mine. This one is also based on super human abilities, but it is placed on Earth


For those HTTYD fans! (How to Train Your Dragon) This is my favorite site that I have created and I would really appreciate it if you would join~So excited for the new movie!!


And my friends....idk site


I actually have a ton more, it's just I don't remember all of them.
Hope you'll join!
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The Many Sites I have Made or am On~Enjoy
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