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 Marina Gioielli

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PostSubject: Marina Gioielli   Thu Apr 24, 2014 1:21 am

Name: Marina Gioielli

Age: 23

Gender: Girl

Weapon: Normally an axe.

Appearance: Marina looks like any normal 23 year old, her skin is slightly tan, her characteristic droopy eyes are a dark chocolate brown with medium/long-length dark-as-coal eyelashes and she usually wears shorts, suspenders with a black strap shirt and a light pink undershirt. The roots of her hair are dark colored, just like her thick eyebrows, while the rest of it is blonde, pointing out blonde is not her natural hair color. As for the accessories, she wears a darker pink colored bow on her head, a necklace with a black cross on it, a baby pink belt with a heart shaped accessory on the front and a purse that she usually carries around. She is 5'8" and has a black heart tattoo on her cheekbone just below her eye.

Personality: Marina can be described as quite mature, her ways are pretty sarcastic, however, she has a soft spot for cute pink things, small fluffy animals and children, she is quite girly. You can also say she is a slight feminist, she will be a little bit more eager when killing a man than when killing a woman, but just a reall tiny bit. She also likes flirting and playing with some of her victims' hearts before arriving at their final breath, just to confuse them more. Also, Marina likes to stand tall and seem superior at all costs, so she might use any small detail someone else may have to bring them down emotionally as well. Her words might not be direct, but subtle and effective at the same time, mental twisting is her speciality after all. It might also be necessary to add Marina is not particularly a social butterfly, she is not interested in interaction with other humans. The only relations she may have might be based on how convenient they are for her, however, she is most likely to try to get rid of them as soon as they aren't of use to her anymore. It is hard to get to Marina, indeed, but it's not considerably impossible. Might also add she is a complete narcissist, so giving her loads of compliments might help hen trying to team up with her.

History: "Mommy, mommy!" A toddler's voice could be heard as she tugged on her mom's raspy and thick coat's sleeve "Can I pwease have that princess tiara? It's so cute, mommy pweeeeaaaaaseee~" The little girl pressed her thin nose against the cold, hard glass, which was in the way between her and her so wanted shiny and fashionable accessory. It had everything a 6 year old would want, it was silver, with lots of little fake diamonds on the bottom and a big, fake again, diamond on the center top. Perfect for any young girl wanting to feel like a fairy princess or whatever.

"Marina..." The older woman, possibly in her thirties, sighed as her almost life less eyes looked down at the younger one "We can't get that for you, sweetie. I'm sorry, but money is a hard thing to get. I wish I could buy it, but money can't be spared in such foolish things."

Young Marina's head turned to her mother in a flash, sending her dark brown, yet shiny, curls flying over her shoulders and landing gently behind her back, each strand of hair still in a perfect spiral form. Marina's big, dreamy eyes turned dull and sad as their met her mom's almost identical ones. Her eyebrows knitted together and her lips formed a pout in an expression of sadness. Her soft and small hands clasped together before she opened her tiny mouth to protest again "Mommy-"

"Enough, Marina." Her mom groaned  as she grabbed her child's frail hand rather harshly and turned her back on her, then started walking. Her heels sounding loudly as they crashed with the pavement, being the only sound heard in their area due to the coming snowstorm causing the other neighbors to stay at home, cozy and warm. The woman's eyes looked straight at the sidewalk in a dull and disappointed way, she might have seemed as cold as the current weather, but her heart was sweet and warm. And what hurt her the most was not being able to please and spoil her daughter as she would have wanted to. Even if her slightly bratty child couldn't see the situation that way.

However, months passed. Winter was gone, and spring went away in a flash. Marina continued her normal school-life. Years passed, Marina became slightly more mature. As mature as one could be at the age of 13, of course. However, she still had a slight grudge against her parents, her friends and herself as well. She had a grudge against everyone. In her eyes, everyone's lives were so much better than her's, and that bothered her. Why couldn't she have the amazing life she desired? Why did she have to live at the verge of poverty? Why her? Why someone as pretty, adorable and charming as her? Why?

"Breaking news: Parents go crazy before killing themselves before their own daughter's eyes. Police is currently investigating the case."

"I..." Marina spoke softly to the policemen before her. The room was so grey and cold, couldn't they give her a nice comfy chair for a lady like her? "I just asked mom and dad for a dress I saw at the store earlier... T-they just... Went crazy, I didn't know... I... Why did they do that?!" With that said, Marina spilled the very last tears she would ever shed. They weren't sad tears, but tears of anger. How did her parents decided to kill themselves so suddenly?! What was wrong with them?!

Years passed once again, and 17-year-old Marina was now sitting on her aunt's couch, her gaze aiming at the wooden floor in front of her, her mind actually absent. That lady was surely grumpy, wasn't she? Marina didn't need to hear more of her sh*t.

"Didn't I tell you many times, Marina?!" Her aunt scolded loudly, her clearly voice would be clearly audible in any part of that big house of hers. The aunt's voice just bothered Marina so much; it was like a nail was being slowly stabbed on her skull as she was scolded. Even if Marina wasn't clearly listening, the sound was still a nuisance to her eardrums "Now, didn't I tell you?" Her aunt asked angrily before awaiting for her niece's answer for a few seconds. She wasn't listening; that made her even more mad. "I said, DIDN'T. I. TELL. YOU?" Marina flinched a little at her aunt's sudden volume change, she was now staring at her light tan lap, not willing to answer. "You are such a disgrace, Marina! No wonder why my brother and your mo-"


While the room was still normal for Marina- or any other person that could have been watching, the aunt's eyes were looking at something completely different. In the older woman's eyes, the world was completely breaking apart! She felt the urge to scape but her feet just wouldn't let her do anything else but back off as her niece took steps in her direction, completely mad.

"M-Marina, dear." She tried to command to hide her fear "Stop this madness, please." The two females had moved to the kitchen already, they were moving fast.

"Stop what?!" Marina asked through gritted teeth "What the heck are you talking about?!" Marina's aunt tried to quicken her pace. Big mistake. The woman tripped over her own feet when she tried to increase her speed and fell backwards; hitting the back of her head with the kitchen counter. She was dead cold.

Marina's eyes widened "What just happened?!" was all she could think. She analyzed the earlier scene until it all made sense to her. Her parents death, her aunt's death, it was all her. The world did as she pleased. And there was nothing that could stop her now.

The seventeen year old ran upstairs, grabbed a bag and filled it with random stuff that could be necessary. This power of hers could help her for life! Everything she could want, just when she wanted it. It was just perfect! But, she had to escape for the moment. There was no way the police was going to believe her aunt had an accident this time.

Marina opened the houses door and took a deep breath "Desired life, here I come."

Likes: Girly and cute stuff (Even if she won't admit it), power, being in control of most situations and sweets. It is hard to Marina not to accept a sweet treat when one is offered to her, oh well. But sweets are indeed not we only weak spot, Marina can't resist fashion. She always has to wear the latest trends, have her hair in perfect condition, and of course perfect nails. Even if she has to steal the products in order to get what she wants.

Dislikes: Feeling inferior when comparing herself to others, people who are oblivious to her obviously superior position. Other than that, she doesn't waste her utterly precious time on disliking things, really.

AbilitiesDescription# of souls needed
Fear & LoathingThe victim of Marina's ability will face their worst fears during 5 posts. The reboot time is 3 posts. Increases at 20 souls.10
HammerspaceMarina can take out of her purse normal weapons she collects in the way. She may start off with an axe. 20
Starring RoleThis ability will neglect the victim from focusing on anything else than Marina. This may give Marina's allies a chance to attack the opponent, or the victim to not be able to use their surroundings for their advantage. Lasts 3 posts and reboots in 5 posts.Increases at 35 souls. 30
NumbMarina's ability will make the victim unable to feel anything, meaning wounds taken from behind won't be noticed until the effect is gone and will make it slightly more difficult for them to move. Lasts 5 posts, reboots in 7 posts. Increases at 65 souls.40
HypocratesMarina's voice will get inside the victim's head and act as their subconcious, trying to convince them their allies will betray them. Lasts 4 posts, reboots in 6 posts. Increases at 90 souls. 60

Other: -This character is based off the singer Marina & the Diamonds
-Marina "owns" a café by extorting the manager.
-Her life goal is to escape to Paris one day.

Have you read the rules? Let's go Soul Resonance!

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Posts : 26
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PostSubject: Re: Marina Gioielli   Tue May 27, 2014 11:32 pm

Marina is finished and ready to be reviewed~

Marina Gioielli - 20 souls
Arabella Valentine

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PostSubject: Re: Marina Gioielli   Tue May 27, 2014 11:58 pm

The minimum soul count between new abilities is 10, and may go up depending on the ability. Please adjust the table so the "Fear, and Loathing" requires 10 souls, as well as the respective others.

Other than that this is a very cool character. Me like-y. owo
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PostSubject: Re: Marina Gioielli   Wed May 28, 2014 12:06 am

Alright!! Looks all good now! May your OC crush the hearts of all she encounters!~

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PostSubject: Re: Marina Gioielli   

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Marina Gioielli
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