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 Gumpy The Green Raccoon (STILLL WIP)

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PostSubject: Gumpy The Green Raccoon (STILLL WIP)   Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:43 pm

Name: Sebastian Feliciano Blackwood "Gumpy"
Age: 16
Gender: Boy
Animal Form: A green raccoon
~ Smoke bombs
~ Blow dart gun /w darts
~ Any sort of crystal melee weapon (Made by his witch powers)

Appearance: Gumpy is 5'5 in height, he is a white male with sharp piecing yellow eyes. He has long, straight light green hair that is sometimes groomed and sometimes not. His teeth occasionally poke out of his mouth when he smiles, showing you a full set of raccoon like teeth with a mixture of human. He wears a large green jacket with fur on the rims of it, he also wears some goggles that are circle in shape and clear on the front. He has a red shirt under his jacket with no special designs on it or anything. He normally has a necklace of gold with one of his crystals in the center of it like a jewel, it is shaped like an oval, he also has multiple silver bracelets on both of his arms. His jeans are navy blue with a skull design on the left butt pocket of it. His shoes are simple red and blue sneakers that he found in some guys luggage. His ears and his tail are visable in human form, being longer than his arm his tail works like a third arm except weaker. He has a few scars on his back and a long one on his front from past experiences with people who didn't like him very much. Sometimes he is seen wearing a mask and if that is so he most likely stole something from a very big and large guarded place or he is about to kill someone, the mask itself is pure white with eye holes and a long stitched smile on it.


Gumpy's is, on the outside, a very shy guy, he Is very timid and tends to avoid any other physical contact with other people. He rarely speaks to people, unless provoked to do so, which isnt very often. He tends to stick the the shadows and not get involved in anything. He will occasionally open up to a very few amount of people, showing his second layer of his personality, his kindness. Gumpy is a truly kind person, he has a heart that can show, he loves to help and tries to help as much as he can. Gumpy has a problem I should of mentioned earlier, he is a theif, a natural born one, being a theif means Gumpy is fairly paranoid when it comes to large open spaces, he prefers more places where he can hide. The only things that can bring him peace at mind are shiny objects.

This brings me to the third layer, his depression and sadness, Gumpy has always been depresse, though he may help and try to act happy for people, hever truly is happy. He is really a giant ball of sadness, waiting to burst, but also one of rage, of anger at the world and everything in it, a ball of pain, unable to be healed, he truly despises the world, but he hides it under a thick blanket, letting his rage, sadness and pain only slightly stick out. Now down to the real Gumpy, the one on the insie, always watching, Gumpy is an observer on the inside, he watches what goes on around him and he takes notes, with quick ease Gumpy can tear out the flaws of a person and smack it straight on their head for the world to see. He always has a mental plan of how things are going to go down and he always has back up plans. Sometimes he can get a bit out of hand as an observer, the word 'Perv' has been thrown at him before, but that doesnt stop him from finding out future enemies or potential friends. He is a very serious person when the time comes to it, but he tries his best to seem like he has a bit of a unserious side to him, he is also a trained killer at heart.

Thus is the final part to his layers, the one hidden deep inside his true self, coming out only when it wants to, Gumpy is a murderer, he has killed so many innocents he cant even count, its not him that is doing the murders mentally, but something else. This is the side unleashed when he is actually loosing a fight, when he is filled to the brim with depression anger and pain, when the balls finally pop. When the balls pop it is best for everyone to try and stay away from Gumpy, no matter how close you are to him he will attack you with all his strength, the wisest thing to do would be to kill him or contain him in this state.

~Shiny Things
~Not Being Touched
~His fellow thieves
~ Ridding the world of evil

~Being Touched
~Looseing his stuff
~Being Stolen from
~Being Hated
~Getting dirty
~His parents



Crystal ManipulationThis is his main form of magic he is most seen using these spells than any other, these are because they are the most useful spell that he has learned so far and only spells. Crystal spells are based off of, you guessed it Crystals. But these aren't crystals from the ground or anything, they usally come in a variety of colors from Green to red. Gump can create items out of crystals like armor as well as weapons, he can also make platforms and spikes of crystals. The crystals have many different uses, from picking locks to cutting carrots. Gumpy uses the crystals for fighting as much as he uses them for everyday objects, sometimes he will use a spell to open a can or open a ketchup packet. These spells are focused mostly on strain, the larger the crystal the more strain it puts on the users body so that if they do it too much it can be damaging to their body and sometimes fatal. Gumpy likes to stick with smaller crystals and then go to the larger ones when he knows ofr certain he is either goig to die or he is going to kill the person.

Crystal Wall: This is exactly as it is stated, Gumpy can create a large crystal wall about the size of a regular houses wall, but it is longer on the sides. It has spikes of crystals growing out of both sides and can easily impale someone if they happen to run into the spikes. The wall is strong but can be shattered of walked around easily even jumped over but be careful because you can fall on the spikes at the top.

Crystal Shield: Creates a shield of crystals that are smooth and strong around the set personal, this person can be Gumpy or someone else but it can be only one person at a time and it can be destroyed with a set amount of blows to it. The shield itself is like a bubble and is smooth and thick, it is hard to hit and it is best to chip at it than strike head on.

Crystal Weapons: Creates a variety of weapons out of crystals, while is preferred ones are a katana and a bow he can also make multiple other weapons like hammers, axes, great swords and throwing knives. No one can use these weapons but him and if someone holds one of them it will instantly turns to spikes and impale their hand.

Crystal Board: Creates a alrge boar of crystal that has the ability to float and fly around, when on he board Gumpy can not use any other spells but when off of it he can.

Crystal Form: Creates a crystals that form around the user of the spell, giving them added strength and armor, this spell can only cover the arms and legs of the user and nothing else as of yet. The crystals on his fist and feet can thicken with some effort and strain to increase the damage of an attack. (Can lift 1.7 tons at max strength and effort)

Crystal Shatter: Allows the user to shatter in shards of crystal then appear in the area of their choosing in a 15x15 radius. This spell can only be used a minimal of 4 times before needing a cool down of (2 posts) 4 to 6 minutes. The shatter itself can be stopped if you grab hold of him before he shatters but he has a counter to this where if he has a crystal ready he can shatter and go to than crystal.

Crystal Shot: Creates crystals that can be shot out of anywhere on Gumpy, from his palm to his feet to his mouth and his back, he can even create multiple crystal that shoot out of every where on his body. He can also make a large single crystal the size of a foot ball that he can shoot from his palm that he calls a crystal rocket, the crystals can change form from pellets to sharp bullet like crystals.

Crystal Explosion: Makes his crystal explode the size of the explosion depending on the size of the crystal, a crystal the size of a fist will create a grenade like explosion while a crystal the size of a foot ball will be the size of C4, the larger the crystal the more powerful the explosion, though it take three seconds for the crystal to explode and it takes a long time for him to make large crystals.

Crystal Barrage: Creates a barrage of crystals from one single large crystal that Gumpy throws up into the air, the crystals shoot out in a 20x20 radius, covering the entire area in crystals, but it also can target one set target and fly towards that target.

Crystal Over-taker: This spell is a double edged sword if there ever was a double edged sword spell, this spell gives Gumpy extended power in both speed and strength as well as increases the over all power of his spells. At the cost of either his life or if he is rushed to a hospital fast enough or healed fast enough, a simple coma for at least 2 weeks. When this spell is used it causes major physical strain to the body of the user, taking up a lot of their energy for the use of more power. When in crystal over taker form Gumpy grows four large crystals out of his back, the top one larger than the bottom. His arms grow crystals, forming like crystal form as well as his legs. Crystals form around his eyes and his eyes go pure green, no pupil in them.

Crystal Landscape: Encases a radius of 25x25 with crystals, this is not including organic matter, yet but he is working towards that. The crystals is basically to make a terrain his terrain, giving him an advantage in battle and overall home advantage. When anyone is on the plain with him, he can feel their presence and know exactly where they are at that given movement, but if they keep moving he will have trouble tracking them cause it works like a radar ping. He can also cause crystal rocks to come out of the ground that is covered in crystal and make his opponent have a harder time or just kill them off.

Crystal Golems: Creates golems that can vary in form and in size, they could be as large as a house (Take a week) or as small as a puppy (10 minutes) Gumpy's golems give him a defensive ability and can attack though they are slow they can take alot of damage. Gumpy's golems allow him to see through there eyes, meaning they work like little spies for him. His golems are connected to him and once he dies they will all shatter, everyone of them he has made. His golems also has two of his abilities, crystal shot and crystal explosion, meaning they can blow up on you at an moment.

~ Emerald Green is his speaking color

~He works as a private detective

~He is the leader of The League Of Thieves


Primal Rage:

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Gumpy The Green Raccoon (STILLL WIP)
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