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 Raiza WIP

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PostSubject: Raiza WIP   Tue Sep 30, 2014 8:32 pm

Name: First: Raiza

Age: 15

Gender: girl

Animal Form: Fox

Weapon: Nana

Appearance: She has blonde hair that goes down to her shoulders. She has nice white skin and tends to wear black in public. but only with certain people will she wear bright colors and her favorite white dress. She has bright orange eyes that go with her fox form. she is around 4'2' and weighs 90 lb's. she will sometimes wear glasses but  usually has contacts in. She also wears finger less gloves on her hands. Fox: She is bright orange with a white tipped tail and nose and her two front feet have white socks (white tipped paws) with a white spot on the back of her right ear.

Personality: She loves to be alone a lot but doesn't mind company every now and then. she is lesbian and  is very shy around girls but hate it when guys get all flirty. she is always serious unless she is around a girl she likes. she has no problem being around violence and adult stuff but does have an extreme pride issue. if anyone does something to her or her loved ones she gets mad. she loves to go visit libraries and read books and study things mostly about wild life.

Likes: She likes girls, reading, going for walks, and loves to be in fox form and petted, studying, libraries.

Dislikes: Flirty guys, bully's, those who act tough, and those who think they know everything, and large groups

History: She has no memory's of her actual parents but was taken in by a nice couple that found her wandering in a forest in Montana. they took her back to their place where she learned how to read and was sent to school. When she saw the school library she thought she was in heaven. she could always be found there. but one day when she was twelve she woke up to her mother screaming that Raiza was missing. Raiza tried to tell her she wasn't missing but only a fox like noise came out. She then looked at herself to see that she was a fox. the mother came back in with a gun from in the living room and immediately Raiza ran out of the room and out of the house. she ran down the dirt road a bit before turning to look at the house again. she knew she could never go back now that she knows that she wasn't a normal person. for days she tried to find a way to turn back to human. She knew one place she could get answers. She went to this house that was owned by a supposed witch. using her small form she snuck in through this tight space where the window was propped open leading to this private room. She then went up to this books shelf and climbed up using the chair next to it. she browsed to see a book on witches and their animal forms. she pulled it down and opened it and began to read. just as she got what she wanted to know she turned around to see the places owner behind her. "dont be afraid i'm not going to hurt you. why dont you try what you just read." raiza did exactly as the book said and she turned to human form. the women then put a few books in a bag and gave it to Raiza. "these will help you. but you shouldn't stay its not safe. besides its always best to go on adventures. you never know who you might meet." Raiza nodded and thanked her before leaving. over the last four years she spent her time studying the books and others on witches and spells she could get ahold of as much as she could with the jobs she had to do to pay for her stays at motels and apartments. she currently knows two spells and is dating Nana

Spells: Fire Skin (Fox orange, Fire orange) it makes a fire wall around her body that protects her from weak and some medium attacks but is like butter to strong attacks, and Fire ball (fur ball, fire ball) it allows her to throw a medium sized fireball that does some good damage if it hits but sense its thrown its not to hard to dodge.

Other: Uses Shurikens.

Have you read the rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Raiza WIP   Thu Nov 06, 2014 11:35 pm

She seems ok. Approved.

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Raiza WIP
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