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PostSubject: Cori   Wed Sep 24, 2014 4:44 am

Name: Cori

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Race: Vampire

Weapon: N/A

Appearance: Cori is a 5'2" 90lb girl of a petite body-type. Her features have always been beautiful, but since her change they have been remarked upon as "hypnotic". Her features being perfectly proportional, with pale silky skin, and soft green eyes that threaten to capture the full attention of any on-lookers, and shoulder length hair in a light shade of brown every bit as soft as her skin. She wears a mix of clothing oddly practical in comparison to the youth of the day. None of the colors incredibly outstanding, and most articles having a multitude pockets. No matter the occasion her clothing is usually worn, and tattered if someone isn't driving her to do otherwise.

Personality: Cori is a slave to her nature. She makes every attempt to avoid people to save herself their inevitable slow death, but it's simply against her nature. Despite herself, Cori can't resist people. She has an instinct to care for them, and see no harm come to them. She's quick hearted, and will easily become friends with anyone who puts forth the effort. Unfortunately, this makes her gullible, and easy to wound emotionally. As well, it drives her to avoid feeding, fighting, and realizing her full strength as a vampire.

Cori is impossibly loyal to her friends, and will go to any length to keep them happy, and safe. If they break off tie's, she'll do whatever she can to mend those ties, even if it means something drastic, like becoming their common enemy. This doesn't mean that she will easily follow a friend into poor decisions however. She wouldn't dream of killing an innocent, and does her best not to so much as harm them. Even those who aren't innocent can usually survive an encounter with Cori, who is only barely willing to do what must be done. It would be easy to convince her into second chances.

Cori will tend to avoid fighting for herself, and would much rather quit the field then do so. However, give her something to fight for, or protect, and you'll find she's a very formidable opponent.  

Likes: Cooking for people, decorating, social gatherings, the feeding process

Dislikes: Garlic(ironically has nothing to do with being a vampire), the feeding process, fighting, people knowing her nature as a vampire

History: I-It's kinda funny. I used to be a day person you know? I would go to greet everyone in the village every single morning. I-I got to be that person that everyone kinda trusted. Just little things to make people a little happier. When we could spare it, I would bring around cookies, mochi, all kinds of things really. I never really wanted to leave there.Why would I? We had festivals every other month... T-the glow of the paper lanterns were really pretty, a-and the cooking contests were always really enjoyable, even when I didn't win anything, or even compete. The houses were covered in all kinds of pretty flowers. Like they were sort of painted with them!! And the land was flat, so there was always a beautiful sunset that would shower the clouds shades of red, purple, and orange for miles. Even the work days were fun. I guess they kinda made everything else feel that much nicer, because you earned it after working hard.

One day, people started disappearing. When it started, I heard that there was a hunting party that never returned. After a while, I heard a similar story about a group of woodsman. Suddenly, half the town seemed to be missing. I remember the streets being filled with such sad faces. We didn't have a festival those months, because everyone was too busy trying to find the missing people. Finally, I woke up to another orange sky. B-but it wasn't the sun. Th-there was a lot of screaming.... and fire. I left the house, and found the village was blazing. After a forever of running through the streets, trying to find a familiar face, I met a stranger. I barely got to see his face, there wasn't anytime. It took seconds for him to grab me by my neck, and point my face away. S-something wasn't s-strange though. I couldn't resist, because I t-think I didn't really want to. Why is that though? As my mouth opened in exclaimed pain, he forced me to drink his blood from a cut wrist, massaging my throat to make sure I had to swallow. It was like drinking liquid pleasure, and fire. I hurt so much, but the sensation was irresistible. Not needing to breathe, my heartbeat stopping, yet I keep living? It was liberating. He told me that he liked me. That he had watched me for years, and finally couldn't take it.

The table flipped in my favor over the course of a blink, as an autonomous weapon killed my assailant. I don't know how, and still didn't see it's face. I fell to the ground with the strike, and by the time I had turned to see him, he was just bits of stone. The weapon simply looked at me, his eyes to the brim with pity. I could tell he was trying to decide if, and how he should end me. I-I couldn't let him decide. Slipping several times in the wet road, and took off as fast as my legs would let me into the distance. I heard his calls for me to stop, but I just couldn't. When I realized he hadn't followed me I knew it was because he didn't want me to die either. That was comforting in a way.

What now though? Everything I knew is gone.  I can still make the food like I used to, but I can't taste it anymore, and I only throw it up, because my body won't tolerate it. I can't get to know anyone. It's too dangerous, and I'll only have to watch them age, and eventually die. T-there's so much time, but nothing to do. Every second I fear I might go mad from the atrophy, as it works in tandem with my unnatural hunger, becoming the means of breaking me. B-but I can hold on, can't I? That way, at least their memories... my memories, never leave this planet.


Physical EnergyThis covers the energy that Cori gains by drinking human blood, and/or eating human flesh. This is used for the abilities revolving around her physical body. Everytime she uses one of these abilities, she will lose a number "Physical Energy" points explained in their description.

  • Wings: A very straight forward. This creates a pair of leathery dark wings. The only use of which are to fly, or make a desperate shield with the durability you could expect from the bone, and flesh. (1 pt to activate, an lasts 10 posts)

  • Masquerade(body): This allows Cori to take the physical form of someone right down to the voice, but not take their physical attributes. (Lasts 5 posts for every point spent)

  • Healing: Cori may heal wounds differently according to how much she's willing to spend. She can heal the would instantly for double. Otherwise it takes one post to heal per step. First step wounds(light cuts, and other shallow wounds) take one point, and one post to heal. Second step(moderate cuts, and broken bones) take 2 points, and two posts to heal. Third step(missing limbs, and other incredible wounds) take 5 points, and cannot be healed until she has slept(so no instant).

  • Flicker: Named due to the way it appears to the eyes. This allows Cori to move at an incredible speed for exactly a second. The speed is too fast for the human eye to track, but grants attacks from it no extra force. As a result, she may use this to catch a sword between her hands, and promptly realize she isn't strong enough to actually stop the attack, and get hit anyways. In an aggressive since, she may use it to fire 20 bare handed punches(sacrificing force of impact for speed). (Cost one point per limb per second)

Psychic EnergyThis covers the energy that Cori absorbs through the wave-length. This may be a energy a soul radiate naturally, or such given through resonance.

  • Neonate Blast: This allow Cori to fire a softball sized bright red blast of kinetic force towards an opponent. This ball moves at the speed, and hits with the force of  pro thrown base-baseball. The effective range of this attack is 2 football fields, after which it dissipate completely.(takes 1 point to activate, and will allow Cori to use this attack for 5 posts)

  • Elder Blast: This appears to be the same size, and color of the Neonate Blast, but moves much faster, and hits with a force that can easily smash through wood/brick, and dent metal. The effective range of this attack is roughly a mile, after which it dissipates completely.(2 points to activate, and will allow Cori to use the attack for 5 posts)

  • Barrage: Cori can fire a barrage of 6-8 of either blast with one swing of her arm. This may be devastating at a close range where all the orbs hit, but it generally used to coat a small area as it takes a full swing of the arm to loose, leaving her wide open to counter in close quarters. (Double the normal cost of the blast for one use)

  • Obfuscate: This allows Cori to become invisible to however many people in her line of site that she spends adequate points on. She isn't actually turning invisible. Instead she is removing her image from the person(s) of her focus. Thus, people who she cannot see, or she does not have the points/care to remove herself from are unaffected. (1 point per person)

  • Masquerade(soul): Same concept as the physical ability, only in regards to someone's soul.(Lasts 5 posts for every point spent)

Hybrid AbilitiesThese are abilities that take both types of points to use. Generally they are used for emergencies, as they quickly leave Cori spent.

  • Embrace the Nature: This is Cori's most daunting technique. In it, Cori will succumb to her full kindred nature, and show the extent of her strength. Cori's skin will become an unnaturally smooth pale form, seeming like marble. Her eyes will be a deep red, and her hair will become a strange silver. As far as practical use, Cori will be brought to double her capacity in each point set.(This drains her points by 1/20th per post. She may exit this form at any time, but will be physically, or mentally exhausted if either type drops below the 50% mark. If either point drops to 0 during this, she will automatically revert to normal, and be paralyzed for 3 posts.)

  • Blood expulsion: This allows Cori to send a sharp spike of blood from her body. This is crystallized, and has the same relative strength as Quartz. This mean it's strong enough to cut through flesh, and some types of armor, but will break if it is used for very long. These spikes can erupt from anywhere on her body, and may be launched as a projectile. (1 of each point, and allows for 3 spikes/weapons/tools)

  • Transmission: This moves Cori instantly through a single straight path. She cannot move through objects, and if one appears in her way, or she miscalculates, she basically runs into the object full force. This does not increase the power of any physical attacks, and is basically a short path teleportation. (One of each point per foot(distance wise) moved)

Passive TraitsThese are traits that don't require any points to spend. They are instinct driven, and take no time to learn.

  • Strength: Cori has a lifting strength of 180lbs. This may not be anything incredible to many people measured by standards of the DWMA, but it's remarkable when considering the human average for her age, and size.

  • Senses: Cori's senses are only barely higher than the average human, excluding her ability to smell blood, and use it as a tracking tool(A sense that rivals that of a hound).

  • Sight: While no more acute than expected, Cori can see shapes perfectly in the dark, though she still cannot perceive color in it.


-Cori's soul cannot create it's own energy. As a result, she must draw it from other people. This may come from a number of mediums. She may draw small amounts from anything within a few yards, or a moderate amount from a person she makes eye-contact with(being cut off if they break it)(1 Psychic Point per 10 minutes with crowd draining/1 per minute of Eye contact(though it's dangerous to the victim)), but the most effective way is through blood(Directly from a living source only)(One Physical Energy point every pint drained). The only other way is by resonating(Explained next).

-Resonating with Cori is dangerous. While resonating with her she will naturally feed on their wave-length. To continue this, Cori must expend one of her Psychic Energy points to compensate for their partners loss of energy, or take one from the weapon(Who will have 1 point for every 10 souls they have).

-Cori's soul is blood red, and appears to be malnourished in a sense. Other than that, it appear pure, and has no madness whatsoever. The projection of her soul is a large marble room lit by torch, and faded into a brownish color. The middle of the room is a large pool of still blood that runs deep, and at it's epicenter, a cage hangs with a statue of Cori inside.

-The only way for this breed to spread is drain a target of 60% of it's blood, and replace it with the vampire's. It is taxing, and will leave the vampire fatigued for several days. The person will feel an incredible flush power the first night that will revert the following night.

-Cori has access to limited Alchemy due to her being a vampire. While she has the ability to use this, she does not start with the knowledge. This will allow her to crystallize energy to use it later(at three times the cost of what is stored. ie 2 stored points cost 6 from herself.), and create certain kindred style golems like gargoyles(These are relatively easy to dispatch, and are more like an alarm/stall system, and take 4 of each point to make), or in-tune herself to nocturnal animals(2 of each point per animal regardless of size) Physical crystals are blood red, and Psychic crystals are snow white.

-Cori cannot store more than 10 points of Physical, and 20 points Psychic. These point are lost at a rate of 1/10th max per thread. If they drop below zero, Cori will fall into a hibernation during her next sleep until a year has passed, or someone has fed her "corpse". At this point she will have one of each point.

-Cori does not bruise, but still breaks bones, and can be stabbed, cut, and hacked away at, and feel all the pain a normal person would(though she doesn't bleed).

-Damage from silver, fire, and other vampire's is agitated, and cannot be except from direct feeding. These are also the only things that will cause her pain, but they will cause about twice as much as they should.

-Upon death Cori's body will become pure marble. Her soul will naturally draw on any energy sources in the area, and begin storing the energy to rebuild itself. This cannot happen if the Marble statue storing the soul is not broken. While the statue protects the soul from the sun, direct contact from it will dissolve the soul(marking final death) in a few minutes to an hour depending on the over-cast(Anyone with empathy attributes may note that this is the pain equivalent of giving birth to several children at the same time while being lit on fire, and beaten to death). Eating her soul will cause her to feed on the persons wave-length. This will bring their soul count down by one, and cause them to experience Cori's rebirth. This means she will sprout from their stomach with all the pain expected, though it leaves no damage behind(physically anyways).

-If she is left in the sun for more than a few minutes she will feel moderate pain, and will not die(or move any faster than half her speed). This will also drain her power at a rate of 1/10th per hour(as she uses it to stimulate her body into a form of pseudo life to survive to sun. Her heart will beat, her blood will run, and she will breath). If the number reaches 0, the pain will increase 10 fold(Leaving her unable to move, and rendering her helpless), and she will hibernate for double the normal time upon nightfall.

-Cori may use the same process she uses to survive the sun to sustain black blood. This drains her in the same way, and if she stops the black blood will die off in her system in a day of so, as it is still a living organism with all the same needs as any other living blood cells. This also increases the efficiency of her Blood Expulsion ability as long as the black blood is sustained.

-Cori will not know most of her potential to start as a result of her short time as a vampire. This means most of her abilities are unknown, and will take tutoring, or training to learn, and that she may spend double, or even triple the normal energy until they are mastered.

Have you read the rules?
You don't wanna do that. >~>
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PostSubject: Re: Cori   Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:19 am

Alright, looks good. Needs some things though for this potentially very powerful vampire.

Psychic points: As a small favor, can you move how she gains the points up before her actual powers? That way people know where these points come from. Also gonna assume she can't kill people just by winning a staring contest.

Flicker: When you say she sacrifices force of impact for speed, does this mean it's not gonna hurt as much?*I say this more for clarification.* Second, I think maybe a limit on this? Cause she can potentially use Flicker and snap someone's neck.

Psychic energy: For all of these range attacks, can you put their ranges?

Don't have much else on this then.

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PostSubject: Re: Cori   Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:34 am

I have added ranges to the attacks. As well, to clarify the Flicker ability, I will list a quote from our chat discussion.

[00:25:51] Prof. : Also, she couldn't really use Flicker to snap someone's neck. She can use it to react quickly, but if you watched someone doing speed punches for say records, they're very weak. She could place her hands on someone's neck quickly, but the struggle would be the same.

I hope this fixes it all up. Let me just thank you again for actually sorting through this pit of despair that is Cori's app. xD
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PostSubject: Re: Cori   Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:40 am

You're welcome.

And I claim this app to be approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Cori   

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