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 Necrotic Nereza

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PostSubject: Necrotic Nereza   Wed Sep 24, 2014 4:39 am

Name: Nereza, Nero

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Weapon Form: Nereza's primary weapon form(and the one she's most comfortable with) is a rather intimidating scythe. It has a slightly curved handle, and the upper section just before the blade wears the look of a thick spinal cord. The entirety of the weapon, blade and hilt, are a shining metallic black. The weapon is well balanced, but a bit heavy, and cold to the touch.

Neraza's secondary form is a set of gauntlets. They're the same color and texture of her sleek scythe form, but perhaps a slightest bit darker. As well, they sport a similar bone shaped theme, looking to be a jagged organic metal. You cannot go an inch of these gauntlets, from razor sharp finger tip to mid fore-arm, without finding a point that risks cutting you. This form is connected spiked chains that spiral up the arms, and intertwine around the chest, and upper torso. The pendulum tips of these dangle from the back, and can be manipulated to extent, wrap, and strike in an alternative means of attack. They have a max length of 30 meters, and a lift strength of 50 lbs(that absorbs any weight lifted, preventing it from slowing the user). (Number of chains is 2/20 souls +the two original)

Miester: N/A

Appearance: Nereza is a girl of petite structure that somehow manages to create n aura of intimidation. While this may not be rooted in fear, she is certainly unnerving to be around. At all hours of the day she wears a blank expression on her pale white skin, something matched only by her dull grey eyes that always appear to be looking through you, and of into the distance. Her movements are executed with an unnatural grace, devoid of the criticism from those choosing to be onlookers. The bounce of waist long raven black hair draws attention to her seamless strides, and away from the fact that it is slightly unkempt, but perfectly efficient.

No matter what horrible things come across her mind, no one sees the difference. She ebbs in, and out the social world like a ghost. The only impression left will be her ever changing wardrobe threatening the envy of those with exotic taste.

Personality: Nereza is the kind of person who really hates attention, but her lack of it drives her to seek it in subtle ways. Not to say she is any sort of bi-polar, it is simply a part of her natural human needs. In her mind, it would be unbearable for someone to suffer at her expense. As a result she tends to isolate herself, and avoid making connections that may hurt her, or more importantly others. Deep down, Nereza hates what she thinks of as a duty, but holds herself together with the fact that, unlike everyone else she's ever met, she will hurt no one.

With the few bonds that she makes, Nereza strives to be cold, and disconnected, assuring that she is never close enough to the person to do any damage should she leave, or perhaps say the wrong thing. This has created a sort of rift in her emotional state, as one may expect. While insults, and cold words flow right through her, the effects of genuine affection are always obvious, and as such, she will likely avoid the person that offers it once it begins. Warm whole hearted kindness creates cracks in her emotional dam, and it wouldn't take too many for it to shatter, and cause everything to flow out in an explosion of unstable emotion that would force her into a strong bond with the person(even though she would never "want" such a thing). Such a thing is easier said then done. It takes more than a few compliments, and kind gestures to break down these walls.

But even in Nereza's most desolate of ideals there is a flicker of hope. A hobby of making clothing to turn the heads of those around her. This is what she would use to try and make up for anything she misses in the spectrum of real bonds, and surely it does it's job. She gladly accepts any requests, and strives to make them as quick as she can. Always delivering with the same bored expression, while at the tip of her mind she begs for kind recognition.

At the root of Nereza's odd personality, is her "necrotic" weapon nature. This is perceived as a destiny to her. A sign that she was made to do only damage. Like a "true weapon" she was born only to do harm, and she could not possibly do any good that didn't involved it.

Likes: Being noticed, large crowds that she can blend into easily, cosplay, being in the presence of happier couples

Dislikes: Being noticed, controlled groups, "fate", the feeling of attraction she sometimes gets towards people, those who don't mind their own business

History: Nereza lived a fairly uneventful life, deciding at a young age that she wouldn't become entangled with any mess of people. As a young child, she was widely normal, save the bullies that would take full advantage of her isolated nature. Nereza would make no attempts to stop this, and in fact, played into there little game. She would often leave herself open to emotional, and physical abuse, thinking that it  helped he aggressors work past some problem that they needed to vent on her. In this way, she played a part in helping them, and it made her proud in spite of her parents worry.

Reaching adolescence did little to change Nereza's attitude. That is, until she discovered her nature as a weapon. In a defensive reflex that involved no reflex at all, she pricked one of her assailants with her finger nail, and caused a rot to slowly form on his arm. He would be sent for treatment at a nearby hospital that same day. This added the decision that it wasn't enough to be distant. She had to to be nearly non-existent. This would be a bad combination when she was sent to the academy to master her form for the safety of herself, and others.

At 13 Neraza joined the "NOT" class in the DWMA. While she entered it with optimism, viewing it as a new beginning, the optimism was cut-down in moments. Nothing changed. It was painfully obvious that she was not a fighter. She simply had no stomach, or mind for it, and it made her a poor candidate for most meisters, as they sought to join the EAT class. As a result, she floated among the other pairs until she had the skills to work on her own to some degree. When the time came for her to leave, she convinced her parents that her true place was here where she could protect the stability of the world. The reality of the situation, was that she believes she can only do harm. So, she would harm the right people.

Nereza continues to strives to be a successful autonomous weapon, and has already attempted several missions. Every time she escapes with her life by a margin that grows smaller every time with that of her confidence to succeed. Who can know if she'll learn before she makes one too many mistakes?


-Rot: This causes a single blade/appendage at Nereza's disposal to glow bright green(this lasts 1 post/20 souls, and can be used once per day/40 souls with a minimum of one for both). A strike(only one that draws blood) will cause a slowly growing rot to form. At first this only seems fatiguing, but if left to the wind may cause a blood infection, or rot that leads to death, or removal of the struck area. The amount of time for any effect is subjective to the person, and the severity of the wound.

-Neraza has just enough skill as an autonomous weapon to be classified as one. She may use a modicum of her secondary weapon form(One gauntlet, and one fourth her max chains), or the same for her primary(a thin, 3 foot scythe blade sprouting from one of her appendages(+1 blade every 20 souls)). All this being said, she is a mediocre fighter at best, and her use of these abilities is shameful in comparison to most autonomous weapons.

-Nereza's soul appears as a disgusting shade of dark green, and is completely wrapped in chains. The projection of her inner soul is a ruined city with a chain wrapped cathedral at its center. The air there seems thin, and smells of sulfur.  

Have you read the rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Necrotic Nereza   Thu Sep 25, 2014 5:00 pm

Approved and moved~

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Necrotic Nereza
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