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 Jas Longheart _ still editing -

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PostSubject: Jas Longheart _ still editing -   Sun Sep 14, 2014 9:37 pm

[left]name: Jas Longheart

age: 17

gender: male
weapon: NA

appearance: Jas has short dark brown hair that a lot of volume to it and hangs around his forehead the hair is straight and pointy it stays like this all the way around his head in a bowl cut shape, the hair is all evenly lengthened for some reason even he doesn't know. His body is average sized but his arms are lightly muscled along with his legs he is skinny but not enough to be called a twig, his shoulders are pretty broad. His eyes are chestnut colored and have a warm feeling to them. height: 5 ft 7in
weight: 140 pounds
 His normal clothing is either one of two things a deep black trench coat that falls below his knees, a solid white tee-shirt under the trench coat that is always open, blue jeans, white basket ball sneakers, black leather fingerless gloves, and a golden cross that hangs from a necklace

his other clothing option is a navy blue suit coat that is always buttoned closed , a white dress shirt, a deep red tie , navy blue dress pants, black dress shoes, and the golden cross again.

personality: He is a warm and friendly person that jokes and is very sarcastic almost too much for his own good. he  tries to get along with everybody he rarely gets angry unless provoked enough. He has a tendency to be extremely dumb but it helps hid his true intelligence for battle and the world around him. His personality was basically handed down to him from his mother who raised him all by herself when their father died.

likes: puzzles. friends, nice people, practicing, things that make him think hard, figuring things out, card games, weapons, and cats

dislikes: rude people, not understanding things, chess, dogs, pointless bickering, others wishing others pain or that enjoy seeing people in pain

History:  His mother was a meister at the academy while his father was a weapon they were partnered together and fell in love producing Jas. At age 5 they went on a off the record combat mission leaving Jas with a sitter his father was mortally wounded and died . After his father died his mother did everything for him she could she sent him to public school where he excelled in every class he took acing each class withe ease because of this he was constantly bullied. Upon hearing about this his mother taught him to defend himself with almost any weapon imaginable even his fists he learned multiple fighting styles and martial arts. This training allowed his brain to develop even deeper learning strategy and even reading his opponents moves. Now going to the DWMA he aspires to become as good and even better than his parents and swears to kill the being  that had killed his father even if it meant the death of himself.

"Let's Go Soul Resonance!"
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Jas Longheart _ still editing -
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