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 Helen "done"

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PostSubject: Helen "done"   Sun Sep 07, 2014 6:58 pm

[img]Insert Picture here then remove the * from the code.[*/img]
Name: Helen, Payens  
Age:Appears 18
Gender: girl
Weapon Form:A long cane made of silver with inscription in ancient text all along its length. the top and bottom of the cane are thicker and heaver then the rest, and seems to radiate with  reddish-orange and greenish-blue Electric discharge. She has the power to create large-scale electrical discharges to attack opponents.  
Appearance: She is five foot nine and 122 pounds with an hourglass waist. She has snow white shoulder length hair and red eye that betray a sense of deceit and mistrust, her smile is usually a wide mocking grin.
She wears an overcoat similar to the green DAK Greatcoat with its neck guard constantly turned up, and a  green officer's cap. She has black jeans and combat boots.
Personality: Helen is a very experienced and intelligent Being sealed in a weapon form she usually  analyze an opponent and relay information to the mister. She is has a cruel world view she sees everything as a game, and that if it does not interest her then she doesn't want to be near it. She will not allow a mister to wield her if the bore her and always holds her powers from them.
She is in that nature cruel using her power to strike people even if there the misters friends, and h no sense of humanity she do things for the fun. Even if she hates the mister she's with she stays with them because even though they don't listen or make choice she dislikes she finds ever choice interesting.  
Likes: chess
making people choice between two things
Dislikes: predictable choices
the sense of touch
History: Helen was born in German in 1923.  Her family was wealthy and famous for there advance in military technology. When she 14 she she had awaken her ability's to become a demon weapon, and had a natural skill in being a autonomous weapons.

The was then put into a special division, the  Dämonenjäger in charge of training individual like Helen to fight the supernatural and keep the public in a state blissful arrogance. She worked under these group for 2 years when she was captured by a witch.

When she was captured she was embodied with magical properties and was locked into her weapon form so the she couldn't fight  witch. After the witch was killed Helen was mistaken as a relic artifact of ancient power and was used in until the end of the era

She was placed in a museum as a historic relic. She usually torments the people visiting and acting like as ghost.

Other: Helen is an entity and is locked with in her weapons form, beg the weapon its self can not age then neither can Helen.  
Have you read the rules?
Let's Go Soul Resonance

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PostSubject: Re: Helen "done"   Sun Sep 07, 2014 7:11 pm

Pin told you about the rules, so I will skip that.

1. I want an actual age.
2. I like the concept of her being trapped in her weapon form, but it needs to be explained more.
-No being ancient. If she is that old, she is bound to have had souls, no questions asked. I'm sorry that it destroys the history, but there does have to be some sort of logic.
-How did she become like that? Why is she stuck as a weapon?
3. Explain her powers more. And a soul resonance.

Other then that, I like her a lot. Not just some goody goody to shoes.

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PostSubject: Re: Helen "done"   Sun Sep 14, 2014 8:46 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Helen "done"   

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Helen "done"
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