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 NPC: Naga. Human Golem.

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NPC: Naga. Human Golem. Empty
PostSubject: NPC: Naga. Human Golem.   NPC: Naga. Human Golem. Icon_minitimeSat Aug 16, 2014 3:26 am

NPC: Naga. Human Golem. Nagato_edo_tensei_by_emmanuel26-d7n7zjl
Name: Naga
Age:Soul: 21. Body: 1 day.
Gender: boy...but technically neither
Weapon: N/A
Appearance: Jack was a fair-skinned man with chin-length red hair, and weird eyes, all purple, and many circles that started from the outline of the pupil and covered the entire eye. He is about 5'6 and has an above average amount of muscle. He has four extra arms, all of equal muscle and seem to be naturally there. Now Naga, he wears a red cloak, no shirt, blue trousers, and sandals, the signature outfit of Sasori's Human Golems.
Personality: Showy, flashy, what ever you call it, he's a show off. He wants everyone to look at him no matter what. He comes off as rash, jerkish, and self-centered. Only the last part is true, he is self centered, but this is do to a reason in the history. If you take time to become his friend, you will realize he is caring, fun loving, and obvious party animal, and a pretty cool guy. Also if you get close enough you'll find out why he is like this. He also has a deep hatred of clowns. He is also very kind to kids, which to him is 12 and under, but this may change as he gets older.
Likes: being the center of attention.
Dislikes: being an orphan, being ignored, Clowns.
History: His orignal name was Jack Suvinten. Jack was born and raised in Death City, and do to his clan of weapons and meisters, he was forced to join the DWMA, then again he did go along willingly. He trained alone for years, trained by his dad half the time, and learned two of his clan teniques. Sadly, his dad was later killed by a clown. This made him bare a deep hatered for clowns, and promised to hunt down the one who killed his dad and murder it. Do to the lack of attention and now being an orphan, he resorted to being the class show off, and class clown too. Later on at the age of 15 woman became his weapon. She was just a chain, but he used her well, even using her with his sword, enhancing it do to her beinga demon weapon. He and her fought together in battle after battle, as assassin miesters. Most of their missions were successful...that was until his 1st witch mission, on this mission, he sorta got his butt handed to him, and failed, all of the souls he worked so hard for taken away. Until a year later, at that point being the age of 18 he gave up on missions, not wanting to risk his friend getting hurt again. After a push...er...shove in the right direction from his partner, he then tried again with her, both becoming close and even boy friend and girlfriend. On their second attempt, they BARELY won, becomin two star miester and death scythe. After then the weapon went on to help Lord Death, while Jack went on to continue training at the academy, now turning 20. He trained under Sasori for that year, and the two became great friends. "Lucky" for Jack, he found the clown who killed his dad and chased after him alone. Sasori managed to get there just intime for him to die, and killed the clown in a fit of rage. After creating a crap ton of golems and brutally killing it, he picked up Jack's body and soul and took them home, preserving them. After the family was told of his death, he asked if he could use his body and soul to make it so he was still helpful to the academy. After the family had an intense debate, they said yes and so Sasori made "Naga" the human Golem.

Other: Abilities:

Soul: he has a soul and there for can resonate, and retains his personality.

Hidden weaponry: He has a crap ton of hidden weaponry inside of him.

  • Chains: he has chains hidden in his lower arms, lower legs, feet, left hands, two of the right hands, and neck. They are sharp and capable of tearing flesh easily. Each can go up to 13 feet before stopping.
  • Blade arm: On his arms he has blades that appear on the inside of his arms, basically, if he hugs you, you shanked. Blades look like rectangles with spikes on the side.
  • Cannon: hidden under his right hand (basically removing the hand and half the lower arm) is a small cannon. It normally shoots kunai, but can also be used to make an amplified version of his "Soul Cannon" technique.
  • Blade slots: hidden in his body, each about 1.5 feet long. There are 15 in total and if he is curled up, they all creat a sorta ball-o-spikes apperance. Here is a pick of how it would look, but shorter blades, and not as many. NPC: Naga. Human Golem. BYe3f9u
  • Metal Tail: This tail is 6 foot long, and looks like this, but metal, and has chains around the edge of each part that work like chainsaws, which can move at his will.NPC: Naga. Human Golem. Hiruko__s_tail_by_ChrowX if the chains are spining, it cannot be used with any other weapons execpt the arm blades.

Soul based abilities:

  • Anti-soul wavelength: It's a special soul wavelength that makes up half the soul of a Suvinten clan member. To put it simply it allows him to negate soul based attacks. If the attack envolves hitting him with a person's own or someone elses wavelength, he is immune to it. He must consciously make the dissision to activate it. Meaning if you sneak up on him and Soul Menace or shoot him with soul wavelength or whatever, he will be hit by it. Can only be used 6 times per thread.
  • Soul Cannon: by resonating with himself, he can creat a small orb about the size of his hand, made of soul wavelength. When 'shot' it goes for either 20 feet then disapates, or explodes on what ever it his. The explosion is about that of a gernade.
  • Giant Soul Cannon: This one requires one post charge up. By resonating with himself for one post and focusing it into his special 'arm cannon' he can fire a stronger and bigger version of soul cannon. It is one foot in circumfrence, and blows up to about that of...let's say four feet in diameter. This requires a five post cooldown, and two of these shall make it so he cannot use any other soul based ability.
  • 360 vision: He can see up to a yard around his entire body.
  • Assassin Speed: he can move at the speed of your average assassin miester, being there one second, then gone the next.

Human Golem abilities:

  • Steel Skeleton: his skeleton is made of steel.
  • Enhanced Strength: do to the magic that made him into what he is, he has been given a strength boost letting him crush rocks with his hands.
  • Six Arms: He has SIX arms, four of which were added to his body at creation.
  • Claw Fingers: his fingers are like daggers.

Have you read the rules?LET'S GO SOUL RESONANCE!

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NPC: Naga. Human Golem.
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