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PostSubject: Rin   Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:54 pm

{Drawn by yours truly}
Name: Rinatte "Rin" (Or "Aria")
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Weapon: N/A

Hair || Rather long, as if she hasn't cut it in a while || Black || Often falls into her face || Messy
Eyes || A dark grey || black bags under her eyes as if she hasn't slept in a while || Lovely eyelashes that aren't too long
Skin || Sickly pale|| mostly flawless except for the bags under her eyes
Figure || Thin, despite how much she eats || Not very strong || Though she's a decent fighter
Clothes || She usually wears a baggy, blue t-shirt || Baggy black pants || Rarely ever wears shoes, but when she does they're slip-on black shoes

Bored || Rin is generally very bored, even talking in a rather monotonous voice || She gets bored easily and quickly, and doesn't hesitate to mention this no matter the company
Peculiar || She's a rather strange person || She's rather awkward around others, though she doesn't care at all || She always sits differently, no matter where she is or what she's doing || She either has her feet up on the chair and her knees to her chest, is laying down awkwardly or one leg down or with her legs criss-cross || Even when she walks she's hunched over, though her neck sticks out and she often looks like an owl || She can't keep her hands still, she has to be doing something such as twirling her hair around her finger or playing with her mouth || When she's walking she keeps her hands stuffed in her pockets || She holds items by using only a thumb and a finger
Secretive || She's rather secretive and paranoid || She rarely ever gives out her real name, generally calling herself Rin or R, even going so far as to call herself Aria || Very few know her real name
Intelligent || Rin is very smart, although she is disheveled in appearance || She has amazing power of deduction || When people see her they often question her abilities as she doesn't really look like a genius || Though she proceeds to astound them with her deductive skills || She as a tendency to second-guess everything she is presented with, and is rather analytical and meticulous || She's good at deceiving her opponents
Childish || She is childish, though it may not seem so as she doesn't talk much or act like it. She does, however, hate to lose || She will get "depressed" when she's wrong about something || It doesn't usually seem like she is though since her mannerisms don't change when she's depressed
Eating || Rin never seems to stop eating, but she also never seems to gain any weight || She love sweets like cake and cookies and refuses to eat anything besides desserts, candies and fruits
Awkward || She is so awkward around people || She doesn't like to talk without being talked to first || Though if she notices something about someone she will say it without hesitation, no matter if it's rude or not || She's rather bold if she needs to be, such as if she's heading an investigation
Quirks || She has many quirks such as preferring to crouch rather than sit, and keeping both her feet on the chair. She claims that sitting like this improves her detective abilities || She eats only sweet foods || She can often be seen arranging objects and intently stacking/playing with her food || She often acts inappropriate or rude in public, such as biting her fingernails, placing her feet on furniture, slouching, chewing with an open mouth and talking with her mouth full || calling out personal observations that may offend others
Athletic || Though she is always seen sitting and inactive, she retains a high athletic stability || She played soccer for most of her childhood and took martial arts
Impatient || She hates waiting, absolutely despises it || She doesn't like to be kept waiting and has no patience
Rude || She often gets into other people's business, no matter how rude or awkward it is || She also finds the idea of "love" and "relationships" hilarious. If she is confronted with something to do with love or crushes or anything of the like she will burst into laughter, no matter what || She also likes to mess with people she thinks are dumber than her

Likes: Sweets || Being right || Winning || Detective work || Being complimented || Observing || Insulting others
Dislikes: Being incorrect || Losing || Being insulted || Regular food ||Anything that's not sweets || Stupid people, which is most everyone wen compared to her || Sleep || TV || Waiting

History: Rin was born in England to two ignorant parents. She lived in a mansion with lots of servants but her parents were never around. She had nothing to do.

Soul || Her soul is a deep blue color with black under it's eyes

Have you read the rules?
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