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PostSubject: Sam   Sat Aug 09, 2014 10:06 am

Name: Samantha "Snapdragon" Lockwood

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Weapon: Not at the moment.

Animal Form: A dark orange Salamander.

Appearance: Samantha stands at about 5"6 with fiery orange hair and eyes that make it seem like her very soul is on fire. Normally she'll wear an orange-ish red tank top with a matching shoulder cover. A very short skirt of a darker shade covers her waist, along with a large belt. She has dark brown boots that go about halfway to her knee and fire-proof brown gloves that sit tight around her wrists. To top it all off, a very generic orange witch's hat is placed on her head. Occasionally she'll don an old brown cloak to hide all of this.

Personality: Samantha can be described as a hermit. Afraid of getting to close to people, she keeps herself hidden away in her home with minimal human contact. Because of this, she isn't the best at expressing herself, possibly coming off rude or becoming obsessive, almost stalking, a person she's particularly fond of. While she'd like to make friends, she's terrified that she'll be disappointed or betrayed. She has a tendency to excessively make and horde jewelry, then offer it up to people as payments for tasks ranging from grocery runs to soul hunts. Samantha may become VERY attached to one of her "students", which are the people she has preform tasks for her. When this happens she'll be more likely to pick them over others as an excuse to see them more. She tends to avoid showing her face or hideout to most, (her methods of doing so described later in the app.), going as far as to wear a cloak to get groceries. Her actual house is kept at high temperatures ranging from 75-90 degrees (Fahrenheit) at most times. While she can live in a lot colder temperatures, her body freezes up pretty quickly in anything below about 45 degrees.

Likes: Spicy food, her "students", making jewelry, and very hot places.

Dislikes: Sour food, the use of pure souls, the cold, and killing.

History: Samantha was set up for disaster from the moment she was born. Her parents were both witches, her father preforming human experiments and her mother gathering the children he worked on by taking them directly from their homes. Neither of them paid much attention to Samantha, and when they did it was because she messed up in some way. This life continued for eight years, paying no attention to the good Sam did, and abusing her heavily (both physically and mentally) for every little mis-step. Eventually the DWMA found them, ending the eight years of abuse by killing her parents, Sam remaining hidden in a closet. When her cousin's family came to visit they were shocked to find Samantha living alone in the blood spattered home, starving and cold. They took her home and gave her a room. She stayed there for a few months, growing very attached to her cousin Tokine. (Who may become an NPC or something eventually.) However, Samantha didn't understand why they were being so nice to her. They claimed to be her new parents, but where was the hitting? Where were the insults? The kicking, the shoving, the neglect?!? They said they were parents, why didn't they act like it?!? When Sam turned nine they threw her a birthday party. That was it. That was the breaking point. These weren't parents, no, not by her standards. So, that night after everybody went to sleep, she wrote a note, packed a bag, said her goodbyes to Tokine, and left. None of them have heard from her since, though Tokine is actively trying to hunt her down.

Now, alone in the world at age nine with nothing but very weak fire magic and whatever she could carry, Samantha was lost. Her constant image of "family" haunting her. After awhile she found an eight year old orphan with fire magic that surpassed hers, a concept that baffled Sam. How did one so young posses such abilities? The answer was explained by the girl, who claimed her hat was enchanted. Samantha named the orphan "Candlewick" due to the hat's tip lighting like a candle whenever she used magic. Samantha and Candle, (who, again, I may make an NPC or something later.) stuck together and practiced their magic, discovering they could MAKE things and not just burn them. By combining their similar powers of creation, they could melt metal and form in into various things, their favorite being jewelry. Then, Candle had an idea. What if they could do something useful with the jewelry? Souls gave people power, right? What if it gave their stuff the same effect? So, the two together killed ten people, using their magic they found a way to combine souls into a single gem. With each of the ten souls the gem grew in power slightly. When one of the girls put it on via a ring, their fire would turn black and increase in power, however it could no longer create. Deciding it was useful, they continued to add to the gem, losing count of the number. After around two years the gem had almost 60 souls. It tripled their power, however whenever they wore it they'd hear whispers... Whispers of promise and power... Whispers of madness and destruction... It messed with their heads and made them act crazy... Samantha decided that the ring had become hazardous, radiating madness almost constantly, so she found a witch to seal it in an anti-madness box so she could stash it away. Candle was having none of this, however, and demanded Sam give her the ring. Samantha, knowing that it'd take both of them to create another gem of that magnitude, took the ring and left Candle. She became nomadic for another three years, learning all she could about metal working and her fire magic. In the last year or so she's moved to Death City. Her lair is what looks to be nothing more than a burnt and abandoned pile of rubble and a dirty door. However, she's hired a witch to hide her true home. When you knock on the door twice before opening it, you'll enter a fancy house of very hot 75-90 degree temperature, sometimes more if she's working on something with her fire. She lives alone, only leaving for food and water. After creating her mirror, which will be explained later in the app, she sought out a list of DWMA students, finding a very small list compared to the school records. She plans to use this list to convince one or two students to deliver souls, metal, or even just day to day necessities to her so she doesn't have to leave as often.

Spells: Samantha has two kinds of magic, fire and contact. Fire is obviously... Well... Fire. The fore magic is divided into two subcategories, creation and destruction which I will cover in a moment. Her other form of magic, contact magic, is her small collection of spells that let her contact her "students". This magic isn't all that great yet, and tends to backfire sometimes.

Fire Magic
Creation - The flames of creation are used to melt and shape materials, namely metal, into whatever shape Sam wishes. She can make it as hot or cool as she wishes, but no matter what it'll only burn what she wants it to and has no effect on anything with a wavelength, IE humans, witches, animals, clowns, ect. This means that while she could potentially make it thousands of degrees, it wouldn't melt, burn, or disintegrate anyone no matter how hard she tries. It's used to create, not to harm. She can also combine anywhere between 2 and 20 souls into a gem. Pure souls make a blue gem that radiates madness and boosts a person's natural abilities. Kishin Egg souls create a red gem that can be used to enchant objects in various ways without madness. While pure gems are more powerful, they also drive you into madness.

Destruction - Sam's flames of destruction magic is what one imagines at the thought of fire magic. Fire balls, pillars of flames, ect. This is her battle magic and is activated when flames appear around her wrists. Due to little use, it's not all that developed.

FireballA basic softball sized fireball thrown at an enemy to inflict a burn before it disappears.N/A
Flaming FistSam lights her hand or foot on fire and attacks the opponent, adding burn damage to melee attacks.N/A
PillarTwo post spell. A red circle appears on the ground in post one, and in post two a pillar of fire appears from the circle. This can be used to put a wall between her and the opponent, and can be held for two posts (counting the post when the flames go up.)N/A
Contact magic is Sam's most recent, and least developed, form of magic. As of now it only lets her do two things. Make the mirror and teleport small metal orbs to people.

Mirror - Sam's mirror is made with a metal frame, 10 kishin egg souls, and glass made from her own magic. The mirror is then infused with her contact magic, giving it the ability to spy on people. This, however, has MANY limits as it is an imperfect and unfinished spell. The mirror will only work for 4 consecutive post cycles before it needs a 4 cycle recharge state. While she COULD use it for 6, the mirror would shatter and she's need a new one. She MUST have the person's current first AND last names. An upgraded mirror may be later made in thread if she gathers the materials listed above AND perfects her contact magic. This new version can spy for 10 consecutive post cycles with a 6 cycle recharge or up to 15 cycles with a 1 day re-charge.

Orbs - These orbs are about the size of a softball and are hollow. They split in half and inside she can send messages, jewelry, money, or whatever else she can fit in them. It takes a lot of focus and gives her a headache, due to it being a rather new form of her magic, but she can teleport them directly to people if she has their current first and last names.

Other: When Sam has mastered all three forms of her magic, her animal form will change to the "Snap Dragon". It's basically a 5 foot LONG, not tall, salamander with wings. She'll be able to create gems up to 30 souls in size and use witch souls to make purple gems that allow normal humans to use VERY weak magic of a single element attribute that is decided by the piece of jewelry she attaches it to. Again, to get this form she must MASTER all three forms of her magic, so I don't expect to get this any time soon.

Have you read the rules?
Let's go Soul Resonance!

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PostSubject: Re: Sam   Sat Aug 09, 2014 10:28 am

I say the biggest thing is the creation magic. The fact that she can melt pretty much any person's weapon did bother me, but that's mainly for kishin eggs only. Meister that try to attack her if they do will be okay cause weapon wavelength. That, and it's funny to think that she can just burn people's clothes off at the snap of a finger.

Anyway, this character has been APPROVED!

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