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PostSubject: Squid   Wed Jul 23, 2014 6:04 pm

Squidles with less than 20 souls.

Squidles at 20+ souls.

Squidles' bag.

Squidles 20+ souls with madness.

Name: Squid Girl (Formerly Torako Sumimori)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Weapon:  N/A


Torako - Torako is a petite girl with slightly tanned skin. She stands at about 5'1 and has dark brown eyes. Her hair is also brown and cut short, hanging just above her shoulders and held back with a white headband, though leaving her bangs to hang down. Her usual outfit includes a pink tank top paired with a blue checked skirt and red sneakers.

Squid Girl - After consuming twenty souls, Torako's skin pales and her eyes turn blue. Her hair will also dye blue, but is no longer hair, instead bonding into a squishy muscle-like substance. The hair extends and forms ten tentacle-like structures that hang lively from her head. Her bangs are a simple clump of the structure with a simple decorative function. Her headband has consumed her head, making a permanent white "cone-hat" with two fin-like objects protruding from the side. Her clothes have merged into a white, sleeveless dress that stops just past her knees and has a decretive trim. Her shoes have become white slide-on "boots" that reach to her ankles. Her wrists and ankles have irremovable blue "bracelets" with no true function to them. Under the dress is a plain white one-piece bathing suit that she'll strip to while in the ocean. She'll carry her dress and boots in a waterproof white bag she took from a beach while someone wasn't looking. The bag has an internal storage that keeps things dry. She may place other objects inside while in thread.

Madness - While influenced by madness, both forms will gain an unnatural shadow across her face, ending after enveloping her nose. From inside the shadow two bright red lights can be seen, presumably her eyes. She gains a dark red aura with a purple "smoke" that is visible to all and dons an angry frown.


Torako - Torako's personality is no longer existent due to major amnesia, so I won't bother putting it down here.

Squid Girl - After hitting her head and falling in the ocean, Torako suffered a serious strain of amnesia. She no longer remembers her name or anything about her past life. She made up an entire history for herself, which she has thoroughly convinced herself is true now. She's dubbed herself "Squid Girl, emissary of the sea!" and will use Squidles as her first name on occasion. She cares deeply for the preservation of the ocean, to the point of attacking people for littering on the beach. She acts like a bit of a know-it-all when it comes to the ocean, but shows great curiosity about technology, structures like buildings, land animals, etcetera. This curiosity often leads her to examine everything and ask people about simple things like doorknobs or balloons. Anything she doesn't understand about herself or the ocean she will instantly make up an explanation for, and it will usually be completely ridiculous. Every other sentence she speaks seems to include some kind of squid or ocean pun, a trait she calls "beaking squidish". She could easily be "tamed" in two ways. If you're able to remove all of her tentacles in a fight, she will instantly become submissive, beg for forgiveness, and try to stay on your good side. You could also reward her good behavior with shrimp, making her your "best friend" without her fearing you. She'll try to be threatening, but once you get to know her it's hard to take her seriously due to her affectionate and playful nature.

Madness - In madness form, she will not say a word. She'll wear an angry scowl and seek the cause of her anger. Anyone who tries to keep her from that cause, distract her from that cause, or defend that cause will instantly become a target and be attacked viciously. She can usually be talked down from this if she cares about the person talking.

Likes: Shrimp, affection, shrimp, the ocean, shrimp, making friends,  shrimp, oh... And did I mention she likes shrimp?

Dislikes: Sharks and Killer whales (Top predators to squids), pollution of the ocean, not being taken seriously, and being compared to normal people.

History: Torako was born in Florida, US. She lived a happy childhood there for 8 years before her family moved to Japan. In Japan, she quickly picked up Japanese, living happy another 2 years. Her teachers proclaimed her a "genius" who was "filled with curiosity". Torako began to show a fascination with marine life at age 10, being very interested in squids. When Torako made a friend in town named Renji at age 11, her family had no idea. Renji was a 23 year old Kishin Egg who had a soft spot for Torako. He'd take her to the sea, show her the fish and the markets, and they'd have a great time. When Torako got mad at her mom one night, she snuck out to find Renji. When she found him, he was eating small blue orbs in an alleyway. Torko asked him what they were, to which he paniced and responded that they were candy. Before Renji could stop her, Torako plucked one from the air and ate it. After that, Renji had no choice but to explain the concept of souls and kishins to Torako. Torako, deciding she didn't want to go home, followed Renji around, eating a soul here and there. When her parents found her, they were appalled at what she had become and wanted to report Renji. Once again Renji panicked, doing the only thing he could think of. Renji killed them. Torako, having 20 souls by now at age 12, became terrified of Renji and ran to the ocean. When Renji found her, she was standing on the edge of a rock, crying. Renji tried to help, but Torako backed up, slipped, hit her head on a rock, and fell into the ocean. When Torako awoke, she didn't remember much. She was deep in the ocean, and remembered nothing but Japanese, English, the concept of souls, and her studies of aquatic life. She dubbed herself "Squid Girl" and lived in the ocean, feeding on a diet of shrimp. She is 14 now and has been studying the surface for awhile, discovering it was the source of pollution in the ocean. She has decided that she is going to rage an "inkvasion" on the surface world, starting with the coasts of Florida.


AbilitiesDescription# of souls needed
Internal GillsSquid Girl now breathes by separating oxygen from the water she drinks. To accommodate this, her body will store large amounts of water inside itself. As long as she maintains this storage supply and remains hydrated, she won't suffocate on land.10 Souls
TentaclesSquid Girl's hair forms itself into 10 tentacle made of a muscle-like tissue. They have no nerves, so they don't take pain. They're easily sliced through, but block most impact damage like punches or blunt attacks. The tentacles are mainly used to block attacks or restrict opponents in battle, but can be used to throw things or double as extra arms. She can move them freely and they can extend up to 15 feet. (30 feet at 40 souls.) Each tentacle han hold up to 60lbs, meaning it would normally take two or three to lift a person. The edges aren't sharp until she gets 60 souls, at which point they can cut flesh or wood. When cut off, they can grow back rapidly ONLY when she sleeps. 20 Souls
Squid InkSquidles' body creates large amounts of black ink that she can fire from her mouth. This ink is slippery, and might burn your eyes due to it's salt content. This ink IS edible and makes a great topping for pasta. At 60 souls she can choose to add a chemical as the ink exist her body, making it irritate human skin and cause a burning sensation. This chemical will also make it inedible, but again, is optional and doesn't have to be added every time.30 Souls
Squid HooksSquidles can now grow and retract 8 inch hooks made if re-enforced bones from each palm or her wrists. These hooks are sharp, designed to tear flesh and pierce skin with relative ease. They can stand up to most melee attacks.40 Souls
Marine TelepathySquid Girl can now communicate telepathically with marine life and marine life based witches or clowns. They can communicate back, but only with her. While this ability seems useless, it's mainly for silent communication with nearby inkvasion members.50 Souls
Body ManipulationSquidles gains the ability to put on a "soul protect" type seal, making her soul look pure and blocking the corruption. This reverts her body back to it's human form so she can walk around casually. She'll still breathe water and have marine telepathy, but the rest of her abilities are null.60 Souls
Wavelength SensorsSquidles can detect wavelength changes in a 30 ft radius of herself. When souls enter, exit, or change in her range she can tell. Within 10 feet she can tell what kind of soul you have.70 Souls
Weight ManipulationSquidles can manipulate her weight. This allows her to increase her weight to hold her ground, decrease her weight to send herself flying when she jumps, shift a large amount of weight to one part of her body, or balance out her weight so she doesn't fall off of thin areas.80 Souls
BioluminescenceSquidles can now produce light from her body at will. This light can be lit somewhat dimly to illuminate a dark area, or produce a quick bright flash to temporarily disorient an opponent so she can attack or run away. She can also limit the light to one part of her body, like a hand or her head.90 Souls
InvertebrateSquidles' spine will completely deteriorate and her spinal cord will be enveloped in a thin, extremely hard yet flexible material. Her back muscles increase greatly, allowing her to move normally without her spine. This ability allows her to fit through extremely small spaces and contort her body in ways that no amount of stretching would allow without it.100 Souls


Text Color - Aqua

The fleshy tentacles are not toxic to the human body and could, in theory, be eaten in a pinch. However Squidles will exhaust every other option before resorting to this.

Madness of Rage - This madness is activated when the user becomes very angry about something. It causes the user to seek the cause of this anger and attempt to eliminate it. It provides a slight strength and durability boost, and in Squid Girl's case it will cause her to grow five more tentacles instantly, but after grown they are exactly like the rest and hold the same weaknesses and properties. They will retract as soon as the madness ends.

Have you read the rules?
LET'S GO SHRIMP RESONANCE! Is that a thing? Fine... Soul Resonance...

Kitty~Dark Weapon~33 Souls
Yasuna~Weapon~Sonya~0 Souls

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PostSubject: Re: Squid   Wed Jul 23, 2014 7:40 pm

You think they are useless, and they probably are. However, looks pretty fun to have. However, Just as a quick thing, limits on the Tentacles. What can they hold up, and what they can cut through.

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PostSubject: Re: Squid   Wed Jul 23, 2014 8:17 pm

Not much really to say now......So.......Pugs.....Waffles......igloos......My socks.

Anyway, this character has been APPROVED!

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PostSubject: Re: Squid   

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