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 Giereg, Kishin Of Avarice

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PostSubject: Giereg, Kishin Of Avarice   Wed Jul 16, 2014 2:45 pm

Name: Gierig

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Weapon: Gierig tends to use whatever is closest to himself as a weapon, taking what is available.

Appearance: Gierig has solid black skin; his form is tall, gaunt, and thin, resembling a skeleton with leather pulled tightly over it, with the exception of his head, which is normal in shape, except for the fact that his only facial feature is a huge mouth, devoid of eyes, a nose, or hair. Where his ears should be there are only indentations. The mouth is abnormally large, the corners stretching up to the area above where his ears should be. Numerous gleaming needle-like teeth poke out of the lipless thing, which is bared in a constant mocking and toothy grin. He has long white claws that extend almost 3 inches from his fingers and toes which are long and have an extra joint in them, letting Gierig move very fluidly. Due to his abnormal height and thinness, he has had to forgo typical clothing, instead wearing black and grey robes over his emaciated frame.

Personality: Gierig is eccentric, has a very dark sense of humor, and loves power for the sake of power itself. He often references things, makes inappropriate jokes, and generally enjoys making a nuisance of himself in whatever ways possible. He is likely aware of his own ugliness, but still speaks of himself as though he is very attractive and can even be seen admiring his own reflection from time to time. Despite his quirks and annoying mannerisms, a very twisted and sinister intelligence lurks beneath his outer layer of goofiness. Everything he does, though at first it may seem frivolous, typically has some sort of purpose.

Likes: Confusing people, Controlling people, Extravagance, Wealth, Power, Food, Planning

Dislikes: Losing, Liars, Sharing

History: Gierig came from a very poor family, owning little more than dirt and the insults of every person above him, which was most everybody. As a result of this ridicule, he became angry, but more than that, he became greedy. Rich people got to have better educations, jocks had better physical skills, geeks could work with technology. Gierig wanted it all. He pushed himself to be faster, smarter, stronger, and more knowledgable than everyone, and he came close. Numerous scholarships, p.h.d.'s, honors, and more were heaped upon him from an incredibly young age, but it was never enough. He soon realized it wasn't skill he desired, it was power, so he began harvesting souls. A small time murder every here and there, eventually taking him to death city. After all, the last place anybody would look for a kishin egg would be in the very home of the Shibusen themselves, and he definitely had the know-how to cover up his actions.

AbilitiesDescription# of souls needed
HuskGierig's appearance has been warped by his transformation into a kishin egg. His body is totally hollow, meaning he is little more than bones and skin. This allows him to withstand conditions a regular human could not. Ex: Extreme heat or cold, poisonous gasses, pressure, etc.10 (maxed)
Light-weightA second consequence of a hollow body is great speed as a result of having less body weight. In addition, his skin has had to compensate for his lack of muscle, becoming rather thick and membranous, giving Gierig increased strength and flexibility, beyond that of a human. 10 (maxed)
FillingGierig's body is filled with a gas/liguid compound which, upon being cut, will leak out, either burning the attacker as a result of it being highly acidic or inducing powerful hallucinations.20
RepositoryGierig can open or close natural apertures in his skin, allowing him to store objects inside of himself, including other people.10
ResistanceGierig's skin possesses unique qualities, allowing it to be impervious to the elements which include Fire, water, earth, air, electricity, metal, etc.30
RubberGierig has gained highly malleable bones and tissue, letting him bend into all manner of impossible positions, and even allowing him to disappear through a simple crack in the wall.20
VenomousGiereg's teeth and claws carry an acidic liquid which eats through flesh and will infect the bloodstream if left untreated.20

More abilities will be added in the future.

Other: N/A

Have you read the rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Giereg, Kishin Of Avarice   Wed Jul 16, 2014 3:39 pm

While you really should specify that 20 soul are 20 new souls, I know what you mean. Approved

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Giereg, Kishin Of Avarice
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