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 Toby Banks The Blind Weapon

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PostSubject: Toby Banks The Blind Weapon   Toby Banks The Blind Weapon Icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2014 1:33 pm

Name: Toby, Banks
Age: 17
Gender: Boy

Weapon Form:

Blade form:

Miester: N/A

Appearance: Toby has yellow, blind eyes, he has smooth white hair and it's fairly long but also well trimmed, normally reaching over his eyes. He is 5'6 and skinny, he has very pale white ghostly skin and it's very sensitive to sunlight. Toby wears a white dress shirt with a red tie, he normally wears a black, over coat that is normally opened up. He has black pants and black dress shoes though he does not really liking the feeling of them but thats to be expected from a child that was raised in the woods. Toby also has a wide smile whenever he smiles, his nose is short and straight and his teeth are abnormally sharp. Toby has a  weak frame and can be very underestimated in battle but he can be a good fighter. Toby has a scar on his left cheek along with a X scare on his back. Toby normally carries around a umbrella with him when he goes out side because his skin can't touch sunlight with out burning, thus why he prefers going out at night.

Personality: Toby is a very kind character, he always tries to see the good in people even if they are bad in the eyes of others. He will never say no to someone offering friendship but if he dislikes them enough he will. He is not someone to stay angry, often becoming bright and happy after a while but he can get angry. He is used to people getting annoyed of him because he is too kind or can be to happy. He will fight people who try to harm other people, though he doesn't mind if he kills them or not, depending on if he knew the person. Toby always tries to "look" on the brightside of life even though he is blind, he even makes jokes about his blindness. Toby can also be a nervous wreck and depressed at times, he was formally depressed all the time when he was 15 but he learned that he should enjoy life. Sometimes Toby when he is put into a situations where he is surrounded by bodies or when he is nervous enough, he will go into his less liked alter ego, he likes the feeling and smell of decay. He will often stick his fingers into flesh wounds or play with the organs of a dead body. Or if soemone is around him he will most often just cackle and talk about decay, flesh and bone, and ect. Toby is obsessed with ghosts, he even thinks of himself as a ghost often seen floating around looking kind of faded, he likes the thought of himself as a ghost and being Ghost walker he sorta is in his own way.

Likes: Being happy, Candy, Games, Decay, Ghosts.

Dislikes: Decay, Killing, People harming friends, people who think they know everything, being made fun of for being blind.


10 Souls: At ten souls Toby is able to faze through walls, he can also make a single blade appear anywhere on his body. He is also able to fade a bit but not alot.

20 Souls: At twenty souls Toby is able to is able to make two blades appear anywhere on his body, he can also fade enough to where he is hardly visible if looked on from afar. Toby is also able to fade through the ground of buildings if there is not earth under it.  

30 Souls: At thirty souls Toby is able to make four blades appear on his body but not only that he can make his nails into tiny blades. Toby is also able to slice at the air with his hand and make a sort of wave appear that doesn't cut but more of pushes the opponent back

40 Souls: At fourty souls toby is able to float, he can't completely lift himself off of the ground but he can still float a bit. He can now fully fade into nothing but only for a sort period of time, his foot steps are still loud and clear and he still be found if paint or something is put on him. At this amount his soul begins to grow stronger and two tombstones are on the top of it.

50 Souls: At fifty souls toby can float completely away from the ground, reaching the tops of buildings, he is able to make a more powerful slice into the air with his hand that actually cuts and he is able to make six blades appear on his body, he can also shoot a single chain from his palm to wrap around a target. Toby also has the ability to make a swirl of light blue appear around his hand that sort of looks like a drill.

60 Souls: At sixty souls Toby is able to make other people float without his meister having to hold him in blade form and hold them. He can also faze through walls with other people but his limit at the moment is one plus his meister. Toby can now make eight blades appear out of his body.

70 Souls: At seventy souls Toby's soul grows larger, multiple tombstones appear on top of it, toby is able to make two chains appear, one on from his right palm another from his left palm. Toby is able to make multiple slices into the air with all of his fingers.

80 Souls: At eighty souls toby gains the ability to gather energy from surrounding life forms that by making them decay and die. This does not include large animals, he has to be touching the life form for it to slowly decay. Toby can also summon ghostly hands from the ground that will grab anything that walks over them, but he must make a hex (basically like setting a trap)

90 Souls: At ninety souls Toby's soul is very large now, six tombstones in total are on his wavelength, this is only seen by meisters with soul perception. Toby is able to make ten blades appear on his body, he is also able to make others feel as though they are being watched from all angles. Toby is able to also able to shoot multiple chaisn from his body, making them wrap around a target and pull them close to him or just slam them into walls.

100+ Souls: Toby is now able to shoot chains from the ground as well as from his body, he can also able to posses small creatures, allowing him to have sight. He is also able to charge up his power and after two posts when he is fully charged he shoots out a large beam of fist, this beam is able to go through two brick walls, but it isn't very fast and at first it's just a small beam. Toby can also now make twelve blades appear from his body at any moment. Toby is also able to stay invisble for longer and his footsteps are silent, he also has the ability to make more than four people able to float and faze.

Toby's spiritual dimension is a graveyard, with a single dead, gnarled tree in the center of it, the smell of decay is strong in the area. In the graveyard toby is faded like a ghost, he wears a funeral clothing consisting of a pure black suit, with a black tie and black shoes.
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Toby Banks The Blind Weapon
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