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PostSubject: Ingo   Wed Jul 09, 2014 11:00 am

Name: Ingo
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Weapon: Ingo weilds his fathers rapier

Appearance: Ingo is a 5'6, spanish, male, he has tanish skin and brown eyes. His hair is short and black, it's fairly wavy and and messy but not all over the place. He normall wears a classic bandit mask that only covers the eyes.  He normally wears a pale brown vest with a white long sleeve undershirt under it. He has a dark brown belt with a golden buckle and pale brown pants that match his vest. He wears large black boots taht reach his shins, they two have a golden buckle on both of them. On the belt he carries aroudn with him is a sheath that holds his rapier, it is golden, with swirvy lines and pattern designs on it. Now for facial features he looks pretty young, he has a short pointed nose and thick eyesbrows. His smile is a bit crocked and he has a scare on his left cheek. Ingo has a faint hint of a mustache growing on his face too.

Personality: Ingo is not what you would think of a kishin, he is not kind or as he thinks kindness shows that he cares for the weak, but he is not entirely evil either. Yes he kills, but it's either because he wants to grow in strength or because he was givin a contract he needed to fufill. He doesn't care if he has to kill a Kishin, Meister, Weapon, DArk Weapon, Ect, if he was given a contract to kill you he will kill you. Ingo is very loyal to anyone who gives him a contract or assigns him to protect them. Ingo is a very patient man, he prefers it when his opponents are fully rested and are not tired, he will give them time to break and even speak with them. He tells people the reason why he is going to kill them, he feels people should know why he wants to kill them, if he is doing it for strength he won't say a thing. Ingo is not really that insane either, he will carry on a conversation if he wants to, though he won't be nice all the time. Ingo can eaisily be annoyed by people who are ignorant or who think dirty jokes are funny, he hates to be near these kinds of people. Ingo is a very intelligent man, he often plans out all the tactics of a battle before fighting and will never run head first into a battle. He is always aware of what could go wrong and likes to guess or think of the things they could do.

Likes: Getting the job done, fighting worthy opponent, coffee, his Rapier.

Dislikes: Annoying people, Dirty jokes, failing a job, flirtacious people.

History: what shaped your character’s life? Why did he/she/it become a kishin egg.

AbilitiesDescription# of souls needed
Weak point detectHe is able to detect any weak point of armor, people and things. The weakpoints pop up as read as the strong points are blue, sorta weak points are yellow10
ReflexesHe is able to detect the motions of people fighting him faster than normal, he can eaisily deflect one persons attack but not everyones attack that would make him too op. This also only works on one target intill either the target dies or he dies or the battle ends.20
Charged rapierHe is able to charge up his rapier with pwoer that can cut through concrete with ease if charged fulll, being charged full means 4 posts.40
Energy blastHe is able to shoot a beam of energy out of the palm of his hand that is small but can fire rapidly, these work like soul wavelength bullets and can be avoided and dodged50
TeleportationIngo can now teleport in a explosion of black smoke, he can appear anywhere in his sight range and only in his sight range60
Absorb energyThis ability allows him to absorb the energy of anyone her cuts with his blade, this will slowly drain them of their energy and give his blade a full charge30
Spectral shieldThis ability allows him to summon a shield thatg not only block attacks but if he cuts at with his own rapier parts of the shield turns into a swipe in the air that travel towards the enemy and cut them he can swipe intill nothing of the shield is left (6 swipes, the shield doesn't vanish but it's energy does). If he destorys all the sheild by this he msut wait 3 posts for it to come back.70
Spectral fencerhe is able to summon the spirit of a fencer know as Inigo that will fight with him in battle and will only fade away after 4 posts. It can come back after 580
Ingo's wrathThis ability allows ingo to summon ten ghost like rapiers to his sidethey can be shot at a opponent. They can also be used to block attacks but they can't attack themselves unless they are shot towards a opponet. 90
By my sideThis ability allows him to summon the spirit of his father as a blade, this rapier replaces his rapier for the time being, this is like a permanent charge and can only be used once a day. This ability allows him to use the ability of charge but instead of one swipe he is able to make multiple swipes in the time of 5 posts.120
Other: something that doesn't fit in the other categories.
Have you read the rules?
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