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 Vex Lexington (WIP)

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PostSubject: Vex Lexington (WIP)   Sat Jul 05, 2014 3:57 pm

Name: Vex, Lexington
Age: 21
Gender: Girl
Weapon: N/A

Appearance: Vex is a 21 year old, 6'4 white skinned girl. She has amythest eyes, one of her front upper teeth are missing and she has jet black hair. Her hair is short and wavy, looking sort of like what people say a boys hair should look like. She wears a forest camo cap, a tank top that is white, forest camo pants and tan combat boots. She is normally very dirty, bruised and beat up but this is because she likes to pick fights with other people. She also wears black gloves that work as brass knuckles, the part where the knuckles are being the brass knuckle part of course. She normally has a combat knife in her pocket or a machete, depending on how she feels that day. Vex normally where a smirk on her face, she has no bags under her eyes because she sleeps very early and gets up very late. She occasionally carries a leather backpack around with her on adventure trips, this back pack carries food, water and rope. She is about medium in breast size.

Personality: Vex is weird when it comes to her personallity, she can be rough and tough always wanting a challenge and pickign fights with other people. She can be hard she will never back down, she likes it when she wins and will fight anyone who challenges ehr without a second thought. She often pushes ehrself to ehr limits, working as hard as she can to finish a task wether it be a mission or simply 300 push ups and sit ups or even more. Then there is that side to her where she is over the top and out going, she likes to make other peopel happy or just likes ot mess aroudn with people. She will sometimes annoy people on purpose or flirt with them in her own way, she is very soft and kind to those she thinks derserve it. Sometimes she can be a asshole but that is only to people she does not like or she doesn't trust, she also has anger problems often explodeing int oa fit of rage when someone pushes her far enough. She hates it when people talk junk about her and will often reply with a fist in their faces, she never wants to be submissive, she always wants to be incharge and dominant. Vex also has occasions when she is shy and timid, she will hide behind others and speak softly, this is the side of her she doesn't want people to see. She is very afraid on the inside but on the outside she tries to keep cool, cause the truth is she is afraid of death and does not want to die, she may act liek she isn't afraid but really she is scared out of her mind.

Likes: Cookies, Fighting, Friends, Fompanions,

Dislikes: Her friends being hurt, Her fompanions ebing hurt, death

History: what shaped your character’s life?
Other: something that doesn't fit in the other categories.
Have you read the rules?
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Vex Lexington (WIP)
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